MJ Haters 101

“The press has made up so much…God…awful, horrifying stories…it has made me realize the more often you hear a lie, I mean, you begin to believe it..” 
Michael Jackson

Please watch Man In The Myth –  

The MJGlobal family is spread out vastly around the world and within it is a myriad of individuals whose thoughts, opinions and concepts based on their cultures, religions and individual principled tenets and are as infinite and unique as their fingerprints. We are bound by one single affinity- our love for our brother, Michael. It is normal to want to defend Michael against the lies perpetuated by the media and parroted by MJ haters. We need to be aware of the tactics and be wise enough not to fall into their emotional traps.

This is a simple tutorial for dealing with Michael Jackson haters found in the comment sections of YouTube, Huffington Post and other news agency websites. These haters will go so far as to seek out twitter, facebook and other social media sites of Michael’s fans, forums and chat rooms merely to instigate a verbal assault. It is critical to understand their strategies so that we can challenge their usual erroneous diatribes against Michael, without getting caught up in their mind games and manipulations.

VindicateMJ has just recently posted an extensive 5-part series regarding this very same topic and we suggest that if anyone plans to embark on the front lines as Warriors for Michael Jackson’s truth, that they begin by educating themselves with solid indisputable facts that you will find there. Additionally, just recently one of the admins from VindicateMJ opened a  Twitter account, so please follow them @sanemjfan.

Generally speaking, MJ haters are merely immature bullies who’ve taken their socially retarded behavior to the internet playgrounds. They verbally push, tease, curse, belittle and attempt to humiliate a targeted person. Diane Dimond is one and she uses her station as “journalist” (using the term loosely) and self-proclaimation as MJ “expert” in an attempt to present a case that has no merit. When challenged she pulls some of the same diversionary tactics as these anonymous haters.  This section will not focus on a professional hater like, Dimond – but on the comments of a random hater, that a MJGlobal family might meet on any given day.


1)They want to be noticed as their real lives are perhaps sadly lacking.

The most important thing in dealing with them is NOT to address them personally. Even after they have deposited their oft-repeated MJ lies, responding WITHOUT mentioning their name in particular, drives them mad.

2)They want a reaction, they seek an antagonistic atmosphere.

Knowing this is half the battle, so don’t give them the satisfaction.  Just let their ridiculousness roll off of you. Take nothing they say to heart. Stay factual and then move on.


*They post the regurgitated spiel regarding Michael Jackson, without having any facts to back up what they say.

*When cornered with fact, they quickly jump to another ‘accepted’ but total falsehood regarding Michael, as a diversionary tactic.

*They divert the conversation by personally assaulting the character of the MJ supporter so they become defensive and retaliate in kind.

*Accuse the vindicate MJ advocates of having multiple identities when in fact, they do.

*They use multiple identities to make it appear as if there are many in their ‘pack’ so that the MJ supporter will feel outnumbered.

*Use vulgar, demeaning and/or foul descriptions of Michael Jackson to incite anger and hostile responses- so they can point the finger and say “Look how crazy/hateful  MJ supporters act!”

Krackerjacks aka Stonegrooved, 1stonegrooved, IamStonegrooved

To demonstrate some of the tactics just described we will once again highlight our favorite troll/MJhater ala “Stonegrooved” who has been posting anti-MJ propaganda for awhile. He has gone by several names but is currently using “IAmStonegrooved” on YouTube and “Krackerjacks” on Topix Michael Jackson Forum. (Please note that this new identity, Krackerjacks was created the day we posted our expose on his nonsense on YouTube as Stonegrooved, March 23, 2011. Guess we sort of hit a nerve.)  ‘He’ has been around for at least 2 years, perhaps longer,  and with no signs of slowing down this alone clearly demonstrates a serious sort of obsession.

Quite ironically, he recently gives the appropriate definition for the very behavior he repeatedly exhibits as seen in our first example.

and then:

This is an attempt to put the MJ advocate on the defensive by calling them names, “fickle finks” and accusing them supporting pedophilia/molestors. Challenging their compassion too.. which is always such a nice touch!    (Note: The next comment was flagged as spam but revealed so that the screenshot could be taken.)

Again, notice the sarcastic word “worshipers” to make it appear that our MJ advocacy based not on truth but on a blind following. This tactic has also been used by Diane Dimond on her blog when she is challenged. Then, like clockwork he inserts a incendiary  comment that reinforces some image of rabid dogs, with the “drool” remark. At times he has used the phrase ‘pee soaked’ as an insult, which would infer a loss of mental faculties.

These types of baits are especially effective in stirring the MJ advocate to personalize the insult.  Angered, they feel the need to defend themselves and their defense of Michael gets derailed.  He behaves in this purposefully manipulative manner because it has worked successfully 9 times out of 10. Understanding his schemes is critical to avoiding being sucked into an emotional free for all.

Here’s a slight variation on the the theme of describing MJ advocates as haters of “children”, to turn the tables on them and make himself seem the rational one.  This person is a pro at this kind of thing and clearly demonstrates the manipulation and mind games we mentioned.  For two years this person has instigated confrontations, harassing, degrading and pushing the limits of the most patient of MJ supporter and yet he has the audacity to infer that we hate “anyone that doesn’t think the way [we] do”  Quite illuminating that he projects his own angst on us.  This post most likely came about from someone calling him names after he pushed all the right emotional buttons. As we mentioned earlier this is exactly the kind of thing we should try to avoid.  Notice how the last sentence he lays the blame on Michael by sarcastically using the phrase “a wonderful man of peace”.

In this scenario he is correct in making note that if we represent this man of peace then we should certainly act in a civil manner even when attempting to participate in discourse with the likes of him.

     This example is yet another one of his comments that have been marked as spam. Apparently, YouTube, by some miracle has become to actually take notice of the reports from others and has deleted some of his comments.  Apparently, his accounts too, because as we mentioned before, this is the third identity he’s been registered under since last we wrote about him. Notice he doesn’t have any qualms explaining how he will get more identities so that he can continue on with this obsession.

This next part can easily be shot down if the MJ advocate stays calm and presents the facts. Here is where we take the information gleaned from VindicateMJ site and use it to our intellectual advantage.  Stonegroove has not changed his modus operandi in two years, so it is clear he won’t have anything NEW or surprising. He is indicative of most haters, as none of them are truly interested in reading FBI files, CPS reports, or court transcripts to seek truth.

Truth is not their goal.  Now for mother lode, as they say.             In these next sections, he presents his nuggets of half-assed lies and his usual spiel regarding the molestation and “paying off” Chandlers to drop charges,  the appeal and “lure” of the Neverland Ranch, and Michael’s ability to miraculously continue to abuse countless boys and get away with it. If we didn’t know any better, we might think this was Diane Dimond, herself as she also drags these same ragged reasoning to bear.

First, it’s the District Attorney who brings criminal charges not an individual and after TWO grand jury hearings, one in Los Angelos and one is Santa Barbara neither of the DA in either county could find enough evidence to do so. Secondly,  it is illegal to offer, give, receive, or solicit something of value for the purpose of influencing a sworn testimony. It’s a Federal Offence and both Jackson AND Chandler would have been brought up on charges had the settlement been considered any kind of  “pay off” or “hush money.”

Neverland Ranch was built as a safe haven where Michael Jackson might live in peace and safety away from clutching mobs and invasive paparazzi. It has been documented that it was built also as a respite for underprivileged and sick children as thousands of children have walked through those gates. All the rides were retrofitted with handicapped accessible ramps and fully equiped hospital rooms where built so that terminally ill children could also enjoy some small bit of joy in what was left of their sometimes shortened lives. Watch the joy on this young man face when he meets Michael and they exchange “i love you” in sign language at 3:09  

Ryan White was another  such boy that visited Neverland who understood what Michael was all about. He understood the discrimination of being  treated as if you are ‘different’. After her son died, his mother, Jeanne,  explained his time spent at Neverland and his special relationship with Michael Jackson –  

Other testimonials have been made by many others who have visited Neverland who have basically said the same thing: Michael was an extraordinarily generous human being. Michael Jackson did not spend millions to build and maintain Neverland to put smiles on the faces of innocent children in order to immediately crush that innocence by being a sexual predator. Additionally, the average pedophile usually has over 200 victims because it is a sickness of the mind and those abnormal feelings are almost impossible to suppress. With easy access to thousands of children why was it the authorities could find not one else to substantiate any claim of molestation?  Tom Mesereau said it best –

” Well remember, in the world of Michael Jackson, there were so many con artists, and exploiters, and imposters showing up and trying to take advantage of Michael Jackson. He was the best known celebrity, he was fabulously wealthy, and so many people would show up with their hands out, trying to get something…”  Chandler was one of those with his hand out and when Michael refused to fund his screenwriting career – the false allegations soon followed.  Next stop? Eyewitnesses.

             Of course, he throws in some actual facts regarding Ralph Chacon testifying in 2005, this is also commonly used by Dimond.  We don’t deny he testified as that is a fact. But this insertion of a fact is his effort to bring credibility to his claims is contradicted when he wants to focus solely on direct testimony but not the cross examination of Tom Mesereau. He merely scoffs at the idea that Chacon was discredited by Mesereau who proved that  Chacon was a disgruntled ex-employee who had every reason to grind an axe. Tom Mesereau assertions  were “instantly accepted as truth” because it is a matter of public record that Chacon was sued,along with the exhousekeeper, McManus and they both lost in a case where Michael Jackson was awarded a substantial amount of money. This is all a matter of public recored in the 2005 transcripts.

Michael  Jackson was awarded 1.47 million against them both and Mesereaus exposed their motives for their testimony in court, as correspondent, Mike Taibbi reported for NBC news-

“The jury had decided that they both had stolen from Mr. Jackson. . . Chacon had to stipulate that he acted with fraud and malice against Mr. Jackson”

LunaJo67 has a YouTube channel that is extraordinary expose on the 2005 trial, witnesses and many facts regarding Chacon and McManus can be found in this one:

There are MJ advocates out there asking the right questions. Please notice how the person “bella5072” asked a great question that he totally ignored.

                 Why indeed would Chacon NOT contact authorities immediately, if he’d actually witnessed such a heinous deed?  Better question-  Why would this Chacon, who is no shrinking violet, not immediately stop the molestation the minute he looked in the “bathroom window”? Surely this epitome of virtue and honesty could have saved the child from Michael’s crazed sexual clutches. Why does IamStonegrooved not answer? Because it isn’t logical to assume that a man who he assumes to be of stellar character, would witness such an act and NOT immediately stop it, that’s why.  Logic is not a strong suit of MJ haters bent on re-writing history.  He is not here to listen to anything that won’t fit in his nice tidy little anti-MJ package. Next stop on the fallacy train route is the Arvizos.

       Janet Arvizo, matriarch of this unscrupulous bunch of freeloaders and grifters, is old Stonies ace in the hole, so to speak.  Let’s examine her history of scamming the system.  In 1998, she accused JCPenney security guards of sexual assault and then a three years later she forced her children to accuse her ex-husband of molesting his own daughter. This all just prior to attempting to pull a “chandler” on Michael Jackson. Read Anatomy of this Scam for full details on these two incidences.  Again this is all a matter of public record and Tom Mesereau made sure the jury understood the facts, as they applied to Janet Arvizo.

It should also be noted that JCPenney actually paid Janet money to settle that case, even though the guards did not touch that woman and she was found lying? Why did they settle?  Because it was easier for them to pay her off to just make her go away, exactly the same logic Michael Jackson’s legal advisors took way back in 1993. Settlements are often negotiated by innocent parties that specify no admission of guilt.

Janet Arvizo was Tom Mesereau’s dream witness. She couldn’t keep her story straight and sat on the stand claiming that she was “kidnapped” even though she repeatedly left the property for extended periods of time, for hair appointments, eyebrow waxings.  God knows what else, but somehow could not find a way to ‘escape’ once off the property and contact the nearest law enforcement office on her hours long freedom jaunts?  Not a paragon of truth, this Janet.  What IamStonegrooved “believes with all his heart is [not only] weak” but baseless.

This was just a small demonstration of how the MJhaters operate. It it critical to be completely knowledgable regarding the Michael Jackson truth and along with the Vindicate MJ site we suggest you read Deborah Kunesh’s “Debunking the Demonic Deception; the Truth and Michael Jackson”   Here’s just a little taste of what you will learn in her extraordinary expose on greed, avarice and loathsome total disregard for a man’s reputation and good name.

We urge more of you to become vocal Michael Jackson advocates. With so many of us speaking out in the same voice the public with soon realize they were duped into believing media stories about a Michael Jackson that truly did not exist.
Join us as Warriors for our brother’s truth..  Be Part of the Project ….
Stay tuned for more MJHaters 101..
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11 Responses to MJ Haters 101

  1. This is the kind of article I like to receive. They are very useful not only for dealing with MJ Haters but also we can probably put into practice some strategies in our lives. One thing I can say is … don’t feed the fire. Get informed not only for this topic but for anything that concerns u

    I know myself, I have had enough. I will no longer try to change anyone’s mind. It takes too much energy out of me. Besides it is preferred some place else

    With L.O.V.E.

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  2. M. Shelly says:

    Who hasn’t fought with Stonegrooved? He is on every single one of MJ’s videos. I actually got farther with him (or at least I believe) than other defenders have. I told him that he has severe issues and that if he needed someone to listen to his problems, I would. He called me a vulgar name, and then deleted it and said, “never mind, you sound like your a pretty ok kid.” (although I am not a kid…) And we agreed to have a “civil” conversation via YT messaging, where he revealed to me that he’s middle aged and randomly cited that he believed in physical punishment towards children and told me that “the only reason you like MJ is because you feel bad that his dad beat him,” Which leads me to believe that this man is was beaten himself as a child and is mentally screwed up. When I told him he should spread peace instead of hate, he said “I grew up in the 60s with the peace & love movements. If anyone is peaceful it’s me” (an obvious lie as evident with his online rages) and went onto say how much he loves the Beatles. This lead me to believe that part of the reason he hates MJ is because MJ bought the Beatles catalog. My idea was confirmed when he started ranting about how “MJ stole the Beatle songs,” and etc etc. Our conversation was going civil until he (what i thought was a genuine question) asked why MJ “bleached his skin” and why “he thought sleeping with boys would heal the world.” I kindly but thoroughly wrote him long and detailed facts about both of these questions, including photos, testimony, and vitiligo treatments. These facts obviously hit a nerve with him. He began trolling me, yelling, and trolling all of my videos. He even said he thinks “Martin Bashir is a brilliant man with talent” and said he respects him. (that is an obvious was to p*ss off an MJ fan and that’s exactly why he said it.)

    I started to melt his cold little troll heart, and it was working for awhile, until of course I presented him with hardcore facts. This mentally ill man has over a dozen accounts and is unhealthily obsessed with Michael Jackson in a negative way (spending over 3 solid years on the internet targeting MJ and his fans…), and is literally targeting children on Youtube. I pointed out to him, “I don’t understand why you believe being friends with children is wrong, but preying on them via the internet isn’t.” Which is exactly what he’s doing. The majority of the people commenting things on Youtube are kids, and he specifically acknowledges them as such by calling MJ fans children, kids, and even kiddo.

    What a sad, sick, twisted, ill man.


    • M.Shelly .. You have Stonegrooved pegged 100%. He is a Beatlemaniac who thinks it was horrible that a black man was allowed to buy their catalog. Never mind the fact that Michael actually spoke with Yoko and McCartney before the purchase to get approval. Never mind that McCartney has said publically many times that he was happy that someone like Michael owned the music because he respected it. Never mind that for years and years black musicians, singers etc were not allowed to own their own work nor profit from it, much less own anyone elses. That racial discrimination line was crossed by Michael when he bought that catalog.. Michael was a civil rights leader without a placard or march. He protested the accepted norm by his actions using his talents to push the racial barriars; MTV for instance. His lyrics, which are just now being analyzed question injustices in our society. He challenged bigotry, greed and avarice and spread a message of peace and brotherhood. Michael Jackson was able to touch hearts all over the world because he didn’t look at race, religion, culture or creed.. he loved unconditionally.. and this is what resonates around the Globe.

      Stonegrooved is a white middle-aged man with issues. He thinks that admiring Michael Jackson for his life’s achievements is somehow dishonoring his maniacle love for John Lennon, Yoko and the Beatles. I grew up with the Beatles and love their music and appreciate the message in their songs too. Love only begets more love…but for this guy .. hate is his motivation.

      We only highlighted him for his responses that are the cliched ones that most of us hear in our journey through the saga of Michael Jackson as seen through the eyes of some who’ve duped by the mind-numbing salacious sound bites of media talking heads. We are under no delusion that he can be “reached”.. he’s just an example.

      Thank you for attempting to explain reality to Stonegrooved, as we tried as well to have civil discourse with him. As you noted, once facts and truth is presented he becomes irate, belligerent and total out of control.

      Thank you for your comment.

      Much love- Buds


  3. Raven says:

    What is most disturbing about people like Stonegrooved is the sheer amount of dedication and study they put into analyzing MJ fans. For example, his comment about fans having to know how to “hate all the right people” bespeaks of someone who undoubtedly spends a good deal of time lurking on fansites and paying attention to fan conversations (perhaps even an infiltrator who “poses” as a fan to get access to some of this info). It also denotes as you pointed out an unhealthy obsession-I daresay, one far more unhealthy than that of any fan, who is at least using their energy positively and productively.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Raven says:

    I checked out this guy’s Youtube channel after I left here. Hmmmm, very interesting. While he has the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” on his channel, other than that, there is not a hint of anything that represents love or devotion to the Beatles on his page…but a ton of stuff proudly displaying his hatred for Michael Jackson! If you look at his list of “favorites” there is not one beatles vid or clip to be seen, but boy, he sure has a TON of Michael Jackson videos on there (mostly of the hateful and negative variety). So yes, what this represents to me is a very neagtive person who has ZERO interest in pursuing anything positive (i.e, his own love for The Beatles) but every interest in wallowing in hatred. Ironic for someone who “claims” to be a John Lennon fan-a man who would never have supported this kind of hate! (Luckily I do not stoop to stonegrooved’s levl in judging all JL fans by the actions of a chosen few, as he so delights in doing to MJ fans).

    John Lennon’s “Imagine” is a song basically declaring that religion has caused most of the miseries and suffering of the world. “Imagine there’s no Heaven…nothing to kill or die for” means without religion, most of the wars of the world would not be fought, and we could live as one. But I think some misinterpret those lyrics to justify agnostic and atheist beliefs (not exactly what Lennon had in mind))-unfortunately, Mr. Stonegrooved seems a man with a cold, agnostic and very cynical heart.While Lennon may have been agnostic, he was never without hope for humanity. He wouldn’t have been proud to call Mr. Stonegrooved a fan.


  5. Mado says:

    Thank you for everything. Best wishes for a Happy and Blessed New Year. 🙂


  6. ILOVEMJJ says:

    ”Prejudice is ignorance”–MJ
    Very truly said!People around us ; the haters are actually ignorant.They don’t know or don’t want to know the untold’ the unsold TRUTH…They believe in tabloids and such junk stuff.We don;t need to give a damn to such fickle minded people who can believe everything that’s in print.
    I love Michael Jackson endlessly and not only because he touched my life with his music and dance but his sweet heart.His care for the children in agony all around the world.To make a long story short;I wanna thank MJ for making me a better person and showing me the one in the mirror…


  7. lynande51 says:

    Yes we have had to deal with Stoney too at VMJ. I wonder do you think he will ever get over the purchase of that catalog long enough to purchase one of their songs. One thing that Michael was instrumental in was raising the percentage of the royalties that went to the artists. I think people are unaware that when he bought the catalog the remaining Beatles or their estates still get their percentage. That never goes away it is always there. It is just that Michael gets a percentage too.
    I wonder why if he is so sure that Michael was guilty he doesn’t mention Sean Lennon who the police questioned in 1993 and he clearly denied it. He spent time with Michael at Neverland too. As a matter of fact he was in the Movie Moonwalker. This person is just a hypocrite that is all he is. He gives all kinds of reasons for hating Michael except the real one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, he has a serious unnatural obsession over anything Michael Jackson. As soon as he was alerted to this post he rabidly posted three separate comments in quick succession. We will assume that his feathers have been substantially ruffled.


  8. Sandie says:

    even the haters on topix are turning against him now and J-J-Jina Wild is attacking him every day. Still waiting for her filthy boyfriend InDaHouse to join in but they must of had another row because he’s saying nothing much yet, Maybe he lets her fight her own wars or maybe he agrees with Krackerjacks/Onestonegrooved that children being hit is cool. I linked the Krackerjacks What is the United Nations thread on my twitter page because everybody needs to see him being shrunk down to size.Loving this.

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