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Who is your Human Rights Hero?

Who do you think of when you reflect upon Human Rights?

Click “Michael is my Hero”  to Vote.

Some human rights activists are more vocal politically and publicly, though equally diplomatic as others. Over the years, a subtle voice gently showed us the way by example.

I voted for Michael Jackson because he was that quiet voice that demonstrated through actions, more than words, to promote peace, love and unity. It doesn’t matter that he had financial means to help others…an action can be simply giving your time and kindness to help others, or it can mean anything you do towards the improvement of humanity as a whole.

Michael’s actions were more than his lyrics in his songs, his way of being and living was by example in how he treated others. He was always kind, even when upset, and still, he just simply showed the way- a way in foundation from love.

Michael visited many children’s hospitals, orphanages, and other establishments often with gifts and supplies – if not, he would ask what the establishment needed and then, he provided. He often would sign pictures, autographs, and spend as much time as he could visiting every child he could.

Michael’s humanitarian work was extensive.  He had donated over 300 Million of his earnings towards many different charities in effort to keep his promise he made as a child.  The monetary figure is what we know, there may have been times where Michael donated anonymously.  Michael often gave entire concert earnings towards any cause to assist in relief to those in need.

Michael arranged for many artists to get together once more United We Stand: What More Can I Give was a benefit concert held in tribute to the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.

That is not to say that other Human Rights activists didn’t live or demonstrate universal and unconditional love with their time, effort, and or money… the difference that sets Michael apart from other humanitarians, is that the world has never known a humanitarian like Michael ever before.  No matter diversity, culture, region, or gender, Michael saw that every child has a right to each and every one of the human rights stipulations and more. He saw more than material necessities, he saw a child’s spirit and dreams are just as important as everything else. As a child, he always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life- somehow, anyway he could.

And he did. Many lives were improved or saved because of Michael.  Michael gave to another, often without hesitation, so THEY could live and love another day.  Michael knew the human spirit needed a lift at times, for he knew a smile and beautiful memories could last a lifetime.  All those he helped sure do remember the kindness and love Michael shared with them.

Cast your vote….throw your pebble….make the ripples….see the changes…


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10 Responses to Amnesty International Vote

  1. Melissa says:

    Michael jackson is a very great human being


  2. Bill says:

    He was the greatest, I agree wholeheartedly. We’ll miss him always. Truly unforgettable.


  3. yisley says:

    michael jackson the best!! in the world !!


  4. Mateo says:

    Michael Jackson is king of music!!!!The greatest singer ever born!!


  5. Kimberly Brent says:

    Michael, a true Heaven Sent angel from God. I truly love and adore you MJ with all my heart<333333 MJ FOREVER, LONG LIVE THE KING!!!!!!!


  6. lia says:

    Michael had a heart of gold and a limitless compassion for Children and their Welfare.

    We watched as Michael not only spoke for Change, but also gave his own money.

    Unlike today’s celebs, who donate by offering their faces or presence to the Cause.

    Sometimes I wonder who will take care of the Children of the World now that Michael is gone….

    and we know that today Africa needs him? badly again.

    With much love to Michael and around the world….Lia…


  7. mike says:

    I love u Michael ❤ 🙂 still voting!


  8. Michael JoToya says:

    Michael Jackson is one of God’s Earth bound ANGEL’s he is the salt of the earth ! An Angel sent by God and he is my whole heart ! Hello Michael if you see my comment give me a shout out babe ! I love you my sweet Soulmate you ! ANGELFACE you desire this Award you have my vote my love !


  9. DYKE says:

    michael is just soo incredible
    no one



  10. Patricia Paucar says:

    Michael is the most beautiful human being ❤


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