Deja Vu-Jackson Media Manipulation

After all the years of watching the tabloids manipulate the stories regarding Michael Jackson it would be expected that we in the MJGlobal family would be intelligent enough to see it when the very same guile happens to his daughter. What happened today was a sorry spectacle and hopefully by highlighting it, it won’t be happening again.

A snippet of the interview Paris gave during her taping of the Ellen show to be shown Thursday, Dec 15th, was posted and BAM ! Deja Vu – A Jackson got targeted. Several of the tabloids took the words of Paris Jackson and wrote fictional articles by slicing, dicing and sparsing her word to make it appear as if she was ridiculing and disrespecting her father. Nothing could have been further from the truth but some people began immediate vitriolic attacks on this 13 year old. An appalling spectacle arose, as she was called names and brutally castigated repeatedly on twitter timelines.

The media manipulation of facts to create a sensational story is nothing new but certainly unexpected was the knee-jerk reaction by some within the MJ community.  The word “fan” will not be used because the behavior exhibited today  goes against every precept of Michael’s message of love he ever taught us, and fans, they were not.

These people who called his child hurtful names, can not actually believe that the man they claim to love would condone their taunts and evil demonstration against his own progeny. Surely, people who call themselves fans of Michael Jackson, would have more of an appreciation of what he went through himself with the media dissecting, twisting and bastardizing every action he took and every word he spoke.  Surely, people who call themselves fans of Michael Jackson would not behave in such a vicious manner. Surely.

MJJNews wrote a beautiful explanation of what Paris actually said and how the various media sources twisted her words. It’s imperative that this be shared in every blog across the MJGlobal family. We are deeply grateful to MJJNews for granting us permission to post her article here in blue.

Michael Jackson’s daughter recently appeared in The Ellen Show where she was interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres. The full interview will air tomorrow (Thursday) but a first clip was shown today. In this interview, Paris is asked about wearing masks when she was younger. Let’s take a look at what she REALLY says:

Ellen: And they [people at your school] didn’t know who you were because you used to wear masks all the time.

Paris: Yes.

Ellen: And when you would wear the masks, do you remember thinking — ‘cause obviously your dad did that to protect you so nobody would know who you are and you could go out and have a regular life… But do you remember wearing the masks, going ‘This is kind of weird’?

Paris: Yeah, I’m like ‘This is stupid, why am I wearing masks?’

Ellen: Right.

Paris: But yeah, I kind of realized the older I got, like, he only tried to protect us and he explained that to us, too.

Now let’s take a look at how the media misquoted her and made her say things she never said…
Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris tells Ellen ‘I felt stupid wearing a mask’ | 

“Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris has given an interview to the Ellen show – and says she felt ‘stupid’ in the mask Michael made her and her brothers wear.”

Paris Jackson didn’t like ‘stupid’ masks | Contactmusic

“Paris Jackson admits she used to get annoyed when her father Michael would make her wear a mask when she was out in public, but later understood his intentions.”          

Paris admit’s father Michael Jackson’s attempts to hide his children’s faces with masks was ‘stupid’ | Daily Mail

“‘The masks were stupid,’ admits Paris as she discusses father Michael Jackson’s attempts to protect his children on Ellen”

“Despite ridiculing the myriad of disguises on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the teenager revealed she understood why the King Of Pop had concealed his brood.”

The Daily Mail even changed their title, but the original title of their article was:
Paris Jackson ridicules Michael’s attempts to hide his children’s faces with masks

Please spread this to show the world how the media would do anything to trash Michael Jackson. They even distort Paris’ own words to make them fit with their negative views about Michael.

ABC News in their article Paris Jackson Recalls Wearing Mask: ‘This Is Stupid’ (note again how the title is misleading) chose another strategy. Instead of embedding the video clip from the interview directly in their article and allowing people to hear what she says in context, they chose to make their own video showing only 2 snippets of the interview and have a guy talking in the video to “explain” what she says — as if people needed guidance to interpret her words —, which allows them to put a negative spin to it. This is how the ABC News guy introduces what Paris says: “In an interview that airs Thursday, Paris Jackson says that she and her brothers now live a relatively normal life, a far cry from when they were younger and Michael had them wearing masks when they go out in public.” They also cut Ellen’s question, only keeping the last part (“Do you remember wearing the masks, going ‘This is kind of weird’?”).

Please spread this to show the world how the media would do anything to trash Michael Jackson. They even distort Paris’ own words to make them fit with their negative views about Michael.


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16 Responses to Deja Vu-Jackson Media Manipulation

  1. Shirley Alves says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this insightful blog!!!
    I am beyond disgusted! Livid actually! Damn Media!!
    It never ends… 😦

    And for “fans” to believe this garbage, and/or blame Paris and Katherine, OMG…I just hate it. SOOOO sick of it! Paris spoke like any 13 year old child does about her parent and their at times “over-protectiveness” … She was NOT belittling him!!!! GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she SAID in the next breath that she understood and respected why he did it…!!! Isn’t it just SO like Tabloids to just report half a remark..! grrrrrrr!

    I have posted the link to this blog on my wall and group walls, along with my commentary, asking them all to complain to the offenders and to NOT attack innocent victims!!

    JUSTICE4MJ FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Deja Vu Indeed. I am totally disgusted by the behaviour of whoever is doing this
    You would have thought…
    some would have at least learned something about this kind of disrespect
    It is totally upsetting for me to see this happen yet once again … to the same family
    No Way! What will it take?

    Media/tabloid have already done in &/or tarnished a lot of good entertainers/actors
    Can you really call yourself a fan &/or an honest caring person if you are doing such things?
    My understanding of a ‘real’ fan … this surely ain’t it
    How can you hurt someone so bad? We must draw the line somewhere … like come on
    For those involved, please take a long hard look in the mirror before you comment again
    Because where I am sitting I ain’t pretty for some
    Some of you say you do not like bullying or verbal abuse. What do you think this is?

    Where have all the good morals gone. In the hope of changing the World …
    Let me tell U … this is not the way to do it … and by the way … U are not helping a bit

    And here I thought some of you … (I was hoping for all of u) but perhaps that is too much to ask
    I am speaking for myself … but we as MJ-Fan-Family will not let this stand
    You have got to stop this right NOW

    With L.O.V.E.


  3. Sue Adams says:

    Anyone who says they love Michael and truly MEANS it would NEVER sink to the abominable level of trashing one of his beautiful children because of an immediate knee-jerk reaction to the media/tabloids attack on his character. People who are TRUE fans realise what the media were like at twisting her father’s words and so they will understand Paris’ words were totally taken out of context; not go bitching her out on Twitter and so on! I’m appalled; upset and disgusted at the behavior of these people – Michael and his children, frankly, DESERVE FAR BETTER when it comes to protecting his legacy!!!


  4. Cristina says:

    This is just disgusting. Is there something written in the Paparazzi handbook about tormenting Jacksons. They’ve already helped kill Michael now they attack daughter Paris, and sister Janet( you hear that stupid story about Janet having a secret kid somewhere? What bullshit). These paparazzi just go too far, and they should not be protected by the First Amendment especially considering the anti-bullying campaigns this country is taking on. That’s all this is…glorified bullying. Anybody that believes the twisted versions of the paparazzi’s delusional stories is a bonafide idiot. And if I were Katherine Jackson I would sue the pants off of whoever started this attack on Paris. And anybody who actually believed those lies and attacked Paris should never EVER say they loved Michael. They are not worthy to love Michael.


  5. New York, NY says:

    It really is ridiculous and sickening that some people continue to gullibly eat up whatever the media serves up to them and then uses it as justification for horrible cruelty–taunting, dehumanizing, judging and unfairly condemning others. Sound familiar? It should, as we all mourn this very thing happening to MJ. I am disheartened by the impulsive mob mentality that seems to characterize a number of people using Twitter especially. Anyone engaging in such immature, irresponsible behavior has no good rationale to call themselves admirers of Michael Jackson, period, full stop. They have NOTHING whatsoever to do with Michael Jackson.

    Thanks for your sane, and humane, response–it’s the only one possible. Media manipulation can only be successful with the ignorant and the hateful.


  6. MNLady says:

    I will never understand man’s cruelty to man, or in this case, a child. How can someone profess to love someone and then lash out at their children? I am 66 yrs old and I am still shocked by people and their lack of principle’s and plain human dignity. As someone once said. “You can’t fix stupid.”


  7. P says:

    This is truly disgusting, I expect this much from the media, but for a so called “Fan” of Michael to disrespect his very own daughter?? I am shaking my head in disgust, that person is no fan at all and should be ashamed of themselves!!


  8. Keita Sa'ad says:

    This is our beautiful girl and i really am not surprised that the media has done this but those who claim to love Michael WHAT? If you think about it this was apart of Michael’s life too. People who claim to love you and turn on you. Those so-called fans need to ask themselves just what they are a “fan” of. Is it the chance to let of their own steam of pain and ignorance or of the message that God blessed Michael to bring to us. If you say you love Michael and attack his children you are a liar plain and simple! But you know what it will take. Like more than this to turn around the mission. Like Paris said she has listen to everything that her father told her and so do i. It’s all for love.


  9. cawobeth says:

    I am grateful that I was able to change a work commitment “til tomorrow so I can listen to the entire interview of Paris for myself.
    “Dailymail is an outright insult to journalism as the put a derogatory spin on Paris’ actual comments with the word “admits” in their head-line.
    “contactmusic also makes me sick, as in this recent announcement-
    My comment to this- ” Why do you place a photo that has not to do with this announcement ? Why do you identify MJ as the “Thrller hit-maker” instead of shedding light on Michael’s humanitarian spirit ? ”
    The day will come when MJ is respected for the man he has proven to be.

    Meanwhile, fans need to realize that such trash needs to be thoroughly read & considered for it’s content, before sharing it, unless shared with fellow MJ innocence advocates.
    As per some ‘fan” comments, I’m flabbergasted. Fans need to remember that family has been1rst for Michael. I am so sick of coming across “fan” judgments of MJ’s family. I so wish such people were more empathetic and respectful of Michael’s spirit.
    As per bickering and hate amongst “fans” it’s deplorable and so disheartening.
    I agree here… and may some fans please remember that in order to carry Michael’s message of love, we must act in the name of love.
    WE need to unite in love & respect as MJJP does here by recognizing a fellow group.


  10. Anna Letícia Maso says:

    It’s unbelievable how people can lie ! This is a shame! Will it start all over again???? With a child??? OMG!!! Disgusting… So we CAN’T let this happen! It’s just the beggining and we have to ACT! We have to blame this kind of things and spread the true, don’t be tired never! I’ll be sharing this page everywhere!


  11. Kimberly Bonk says:

    I simply have no words right now. This just proves that we need to work much harder to change the narrative of the media and the entire planet. The fact that this is acceptable is wrong on so many levels. Keep the Faith! We must hold out hope that this will not be tolerated.


  12. Maria MJ says:

    Again, Michael was the target through his beautiful daughter. Thank you Justice for bringing this into sharp focus. We will watch Michael’s children grow up amidst a similar media frenzy like the one that surrounded their father and paved the way to his premature death. Let’s stay strong and insightful to refute the outrageous and ridiculous attempts to attack HIM post mortem and show the audiences the extents to which tabloids are willing to go to perperuate their untruthful and shameful source of profit.


  13. debra willis says:

    My my this is so piiful, that it wasn’t enough that michael was put through hell, now the media feels the need to have to hurt a precious child. A child that only wants to be like her daddy and try and contuine to heal the world, and keep spreding his message of love. Being a personal friend of michael, I know paris will be tough just like her daddy was. He taught her well, and she listened to it all. So the big ole media might just be messing with the wrong Jackson. God be with them & help them know, that all the media does is twist tne good words for the green. Love you kids, stay strong


    • Cristina says:

      Wow you knew Michael. You are so lucky, I’d always wished I’d get that opportunity to meet him. I’d like to meet sister Janet too someday.Where I came from Michael and Janet were ways of life to us growing up. I modelled a lot of myself to their influence. Michael was at the top of my list of people I wished I could’ve met right up there with Jesus and John Lennon. Even at a distance I feel like Michael still taught me valuable things even just beyond his untouchable music. I also learned from his deep philosophies, and his unshakeable compassion and love and even if only to say thank you in shaping my life with his teachings I wished I could’ve met him. I think we would’ve been friends had we met, you are so very fortunate. I never knew him personally but I admit his death hurt me a lot more than that of even some of my own family members. He felt like family in a way , and sometimes it still seems like a world without Michael Jackson is just a bad dream.


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