Be the VOICE of the children.

Be the VOICE of the children who will not receive the vaccinations though UNICEF due to some callousness and deceptiveness of someone using the love of Michael to scam many in our MJGlobal family.

You are duty bound, as an MJ advocate and his representativ to take this responsibity seriously. Anyone who attempts to cheat children in the name of Michael Jackson MUST be exposed and brought to justice.

Soon after June 25th 2009, the Better Business Bureau sent out a notice warning the grieving fans of Michael Jackson against the possibility of scam artists preying on their emotions.  Excerpt:

“BBB warns, with Jackson’s various investments in charities as well as his personal foundation, scam artists are also trying to fool consumers into donating money to false charities in hopes of running off with the cash. Shortly after his death, scammers started an online campaign to scam people into sending donations to the so called “Michael Jackson Organization.”

Please be careful with donating to ANY charity but especially charities claiming to be representing the generosity of Michael Jackson and asking his fans to demonstrate their love of him by giving. Many people give who don’t even have financial stablity in their own life. When this help earmarked for a needy child has been deflected then it is even more heartbreaking, and it must be addressed.

OneRose4MJ is an organization within the MJ community that has been involved in succesful fundraising campaigns but now have encountered this problem within their ranks.  The members of this group put their trust in one person and their organization’s reputation is at risk. They have publicly brought this issue to the forefront so that MJGlobal family members will be aware and more careful in the future.

 Please listen to the group members who spoke on this issue on Friday, December 16th on A Place In Your Heart Radio with our Communications Director, Rev. Catherine Gross.

It is not clear what has happened to Sofie Strandberg but she has dropped out of sight and has not communicated with the group regarding the $10,600 dollars that she solely collected, that was earmarked for UNICEF Sweden to purchased vaccinations.  UNICEF Sweden has not received the money.

Please read the three detailed xltweets linked at bottom written by the OneRose4MJ group regarding this sad situation.

“As a group, there is a greater potential of successfully finding out whether or not the money meant for the immunizations arrived at the appropriate parties. To do this, we would all need to make sure we put forth every individual effort to report this and find the answers we’re seeking. We need to remember, this group is not made up of Sofie alone and any mishandling of funds can reflect badly on us ALL as a group. Condoning this type of behavior leads to everything One Rose for Michael Jackson stands for becoming tainted.”  OneRose4MJ

It is crucial for ALL of the people who donated to this cause to submit complaints so that the monies can be recovered and the children who need these vaccines will receive this much needed health assistance that UNICEF offers.  Complaints should be made to the ALL of these entities —   Mayor of Karlskrona, Swedish Authorities, PayPal and Interpol.

Mayor Camilla Brunsberg                                                                                                       Phone: 011-46-455-30 30 01.                                                                                                Mobile: 011-46-709-31 30 01.                                                                                                  Email:

Mats Lindbom – second to the mayor.
Phone: 011-46-455-30 30 02.
Mobile: 011-46-708-79 52 82.

Josephine Lindstrom – Asst to the Mayor.

English link to the Swedish police web site where you can report this situation-                                                             Please also CALL  the Swedish Police at 011-46-77-114 14 00 and report it briefly-            Sofie Strandberg as committing fraud with over $10,000.00 collected worldwide for UNICEF to rescue children lives. Money was never received by UNICEF Sweden.

Next, if you or anybody you know donated for the vaccines that were to be purchased through UNICEF, please file a complaint with the following agencies.

Police Authorities in Sweden
Internet Fraud Email: for
Local Swedish Police: &



Include the following information or as much of it as possible:

  • An explanation of what has occurred. Try to be brief. Please try to refrain from using insults or offensive language towards Sofie in your email.
  • Include Sofie’s full name, both maiden and married: Sofie Strandberg and Sofie Jansson
  • Include the email address Sofie used to collect the PayPal donations:
  • Provide them with your name and PayPal account email.
  • Inform them of the amounts you donated. The dates you donated and then provide them with the “Unique Transaction ID#” for each donation.
  • Include a link to One Rose for Michael Jackson’s page:

UNICEF Sweden:                                                                                                                           Per Westberg, Deputy Executive Director/Vice generalsekreterare UNICEF Sverige Box 8161, SE-104 20 Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden Phone +46 8 692 25 00                                                                                             Direct +46 8 692 25 05 Mobile +46 708231606                                                                   Email


There may be some people who are going to aggressively push back against this announcement by OneRose4MJ, Rev. Cath, and MJJJusticeProject. Surprisingly, there were some negative comments left on the blog talk comment section. We believe that ANY legimate group or individual will welcome scrutiny.  If an individual or organization is acting in accordance with the law and ethically operating with the love of Michael Jackson in their heart, they should not have any issue with validating what they do.

“Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means you stand alone. Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes. Never regret doing the right thing thing, no matter what the cost may be. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel small or guilty for doing anything of these things. Don’t shrink away from standing, or speaking, or doing for fear of the repercussions or personal price. It takes a strong person to not turn the other cheek, to not look the other way, to not just simply walk away.”  OneRose4MJJ

Please read these source links from NEW-  OneRose4Michael

Twitter: @OneRose4MJJ  and  Facebook: One Rose for Michael Jackson

Stand up and BE A VOICE– throw your pebble.   …

Video of Michael performing at UNICEF fundraiser in 1980  provided by DailyMotion

DONATE directly to UNICEF in Michaels Name-

Horn of Africa-

Help Haiti

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2 Responses to Be the VOICE of the children.

  1. Thank you for joining our efforts and raising your voice with ours for these children!


  2. God bless the beautiful people that have worked so hard and so ethically towards helping these children. I support your goals and am very proud that One Rose for Michael came forward with the truth and handled it in a way that Michael would have. Let’s hope that the person(s) responsible for the deception finds it in their heart to come forward and repay what is owed. God Bless you all! xxxx


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