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Because Michael Jackson made it his mission to update and equip hospitals around the world while touring, this month we honor him by hightlighting Doctors Without Borders.

This organization has been offering humanitarian medical help to people all over the world since their origination in France in 1971. Please watch this information video for a detailed history of this group.

This organization epitomizes Michael’s vision of health care for the least among us. At a very young age he told his mother, Katherine Jackson: “I know I can’t heal the world, but I can help.”

He helped tremendously by donating millions globally and he is loved and remembered for his largesse, by people in every culture, religion and creed.  He believed that no one in the world should be without hope and without competent medical care.

The Doctors Without Borders website allows contributions to be made as a Tribute to anyone you choose. Use this Donation link to honor Michael Jackson with your generous donation to this worthy cause.

If you would like assistance with your donation, please contact Donor Services                   at (212) 763-5779.

To make a gift from outside of the United States:












Hong Kong






South Africa




United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States

International Office

Access to Essential Medicines Campaign

U.N. Liason Office (Geneva)

Rue du Lac, 12
Case Postale 6090
1211 Geneva 6
Tel: +41 (22) 849.84.00
Fax: +41 (22) 849.84.04

U.N. Liason Office (NewYorkCity)

333 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10001-5004
Tel: (212) 679-6800
Fax: (212) 679-7016


Video of Katherine Jackson Quote begins  3:57

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1 Response to Doctors Without Borders

  1. It is painful to think of babies who are amputee’s or to visualize the picture of children drinking water with animal waste in it. Most of us do not was to think of children who look like skeletons…with swollen bellies and flies crawling on their faces. So… we block it out. We are here together bearing the spirit of Michael’s love. This is the thing Lovely One, you cannot keep love unless you give it away. So give. Donate because it is the right thing to do, donate because it’s the one thing we can do. Do it for yourself, do it for us….more importantly, do it for the children and Michael. That means do it for love. God is LOVE, dear Lovely One….you know it.
    Love and Life Everlasting, Rev. Cate.


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