Analysis of MJJSunflowerjj’s twitlonger to MJJJP

This is an analysis of mjsunflowerjj’s words directly from her twitlonger to MJJJP. MJsunflowerjj has accused MJJJP of slandering her, but that is simply not true.

The definition of slander is:



1.defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2.a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.

However, by definition, it is NOT slander when “it” is true and especially NOT slander when the person ADMITS wrongdoing on their own.  Mjsunflowerjj admitted that she owned the scam outlined in one of our articles, which by definition, is not US slandering HER.  She implicated herself by voluntary public confession.

This article is to analyze Mjsunflowerjj’s twitlonger response to MJJJP.  From this point further, MJsunflowerjj’s words will be color-coded in black.  MJJJP analysis is coded to RED.  Just as her Neverland Buyback scheme outlined in our previous article, her twitlonger has NOT been edited either. 


Well, in bed sick and ANOTHER night I am contacted by loving people telling me what you are doing to me again.

This is a common ploy of using an emotional and sensitive issue to gain some public sympathy, especially to those who have no idea what is going on. Here, she is creating some kind of emotional consciousness that we are somehow more of a guilty party than the guilt she has regarding HER OWN charade and of course, less than loving people than those telling her “what we are doing to her” as she phrased it. She uses these words to cause drama, confusion, with the purpose to divert the attention from what SHE was doing to what she will come to describe as “what we were doing to her”. 

But you see, no one did this to her but herself.

NO one mentioned her name in the wordpress document. We simply wrote about the subject of a scam pyramid scheme without saying who was responsible. SHE admitted accountability and responsibility for the scam all on her own.

Additionally, for the second time, she has admitted wrongdoing without anyone calling her out by name. She consciously identified so closely to the content of our wordpress that she could not refrain from response. Behaviorally speaking, she knew she was guilty of devising a pyramid scheme, and so recognized “the plan” because SHE wrote it. The public at large would not have known who was responsible (only those she had pitched the scheme) if it were not for her own confession!

I am going to address this one-time and one-time only because my health cannot take these vicious attacks and it is obvious you are out on a mission to destroy me and ALL because I asked you to simply reveal your name if you were going to be attacking people. It is only fair.

Such strong words she paints here to gain public sympathy by targeting on basic human compassion. She dramatizes by saying we are on a “mission to destroy” her “all because she asked us to reveal (our) name”.

First of all, she confessed her own accountability and responsibility, so we did not destroy nor attack her. She destroyed and attacked herself. Logically, there is no way we can be accused of attacking or destroying her since we never identified her in the article of question and the very fact that she confessed on her own. This diversionary tactic (by saying we were out to destroy her etc) is a classic way of turning the table of focus and anger towards MJJJP instead. It is important for the public to understand that SHE exposed herself, so it is not possible that we attacked her since we never mentioned her name anywhere.

It is silly to say that we attacked her “ALL BECAUSE she asked to reveal our names”- as if we have never revealed our names to the public in the past. Our names are on the corporation papers, which is public information. We revealed our corporation number a few times, so again, this drama she created is to raise emotions doubt and suspicion against us. By saying “it is only fair” implies that she is the only one with fairness, however, where do you see her identify HER name via legal document? The members of MJJJP have long been identified in radio shows AND on twitter besides, so really, her name as mjsunflowerjj is as identifiable as “lovelightmagic” or “budsgirl11954”.

Our mission was simply to educate the MJ fan community to the kinds of scams targeted toward them. If we were going after her, we would have identified her as we have others as by example “stonegrooved”….Diane Dimond…and the like. She wants to give the impression that fairness equates to revealing our names. Her statement of “fairness” is misleading, and extremely inappropriate in this context. After all, is it fair for her to twist the truth, intentionally mislead and misdirect the public’s attention from the real issue at hand?

FIRST OF ALL – what you have posted was from SO LONG ago and NEVER implemented and, YOU KNOW IT is what is so very very sad.

Here, she is saying that we are aware of how old her scam-that-she-never-implemented is, however, that is untrue.  FIRST OF ALL, IT WASN’T SO LONG AGO, as proven on Bonnie Cox Blog.  It WAS implemented (brochures were sent to selected ones) as per the same blog. Some people may not give credence to Bonnie because she has made some pretty outrageous blogs about many but in this particular instance, Bonnie, or should I say, Mimi, was spot on. 

She keeps on adding “YOU KNOW IT” to key phrases as if this repetition makes what she says the truth.  She is using repetition in effort to shift responsibility and accountability from her to us. She knows that if she creates doubt at least in the public’s mind, she can weasel her way around accountability and confuse the “facts” enough so that people are not focused on her actions or words, but rather someone else. This is known as turning the tables, smokescreens and diversions.

She was pitching her scams in 2011 which is just this last year….really, it is NOT “so long ago”- look at the dates on her proposal. Here she is trying to re-write history by adjusting what was done when and declaring as it “long ago” in effort to diminish importance and influence while increasing the time between “incidents”. This is a deliberate misrepresentation to confuse the public regarding details. We only know what was implement when we learned of it and not a moment sooner, which is not the same timing as her plans’ inception.

Back when Michael first passed – we were all so struck with horrific grief and that was combined with a tremendous desire to do SOMETHING to make this all better for ourselves and everyone else.

Now she begins to speak about the grief of losing Michael to appeal to the masses emotions. This is an attempt to transfer the grief to anger towards us as if we were stopping anyone from doing any good for the community. We have advocated for LEGITIMATE charities and have tried to get people involved in helping make real changes for someone who needs their help. Part of our mission is to help bring change in the world that will benefit everyone and we do not look for anything for ourselves. We are here to support MJ and his legacy first and foremost.

Many different theories of what happened to Michael was floating around in those early days. I was led to believe, at the time, that people wanted Michael dead so they could profit. I was also led to believe he may not have been dead at all. I surfed the net and talked with friends in the community who also knew he had sadly passed but, the information was so convincing at times and we wanted it to be so true that we were clicking on the evidence that he could possibly still be alive. This was ALL a long time ago and much has settled and much has been revealed to all of us since those horrible first few months.

So, to take my state of mind WAY BACK then and apply it to now – is highly unfair and cruel. We were all in a tailspin and did not know exactly what had happened to him or why.
To survive the HORRENDOUS grief – I decided to pour myself into something that would be helpful instead of dwindling away in a grief that was horrible I did not know at times if I would survive it. I had to GET BUSY and try to pull up out of this sadness as well as help others by doing something productive!

Now she explained her mindset “at the time by saying she was not sure whether MJ was dead or not”.  She implies that the only ones who benefited from MJ’s death were those who “profited”.  Here she says that not only did the estate PROFIT, but implies they were responsible for his death.  This is SLANDER directed at the MJ estate.

First of all, if MJ was alive, and seeing this, he would be greatly disheartened with the scams and certain events that have happened. To spark up these emotions is with the purpose to excite the public and possibly redirect that anger, upset and frustration towards us. MJ’s “passing” has given rise to scammers out there and that is the ONLY relevance in this scenario, as the article we wrote was to warn the community of a type of scam targeted at MJ’s fans.

Instead of using her grief towards something LEGITIMATE as say a charity that MJ donated to, she ADMITS she devised the plan- the very one we wrote about in our wordpress and yet calls it something productive. Her plan is ONLY productive to HER needs rather than the community. Her choices of words to make her “work” legitimate and honorable are an exploitation to the fan community’s emotions and wishes to be productive and do something good (such as participate in charities). She said she “decided to pour (herself) into something that would be helpful instead of dwindling away in grief” – again, which is to help herself more than anyone else. MJ’s community would be more than willing to do good in the world and makes for a vulnerable target, which is EASIER for her to complete her agenda. That is what she means by “productive”.

Like many others I was magically INSPIRED to do something BIG. I heard from tons of people that were also inspired and felt spiritually-inspired to be creative and do good. But, no one had any funds to do anything. Therefore, I presented a WAY that I believed if we ALL pulled together with the tremendous amount of love in the world for Michael – that we could make a HUGE impact on the world. If we took ALL THIS LOVE and each did A LITTLE – we could truly “Heal the World”.

Here she states that she was INSPIRED TO DO SOMETHING BIG through hearing from tons of people who had “no funds to do anything, but together they could “heal the world”. She is exploiting on the good nature and compassion of MJ fans who DO want to heal the world and put their energy to good use. Here she does nothing more than to re-pitch her scheme, but disgused, while focusing on compassion in order to exploit on it. She is striving to and to establish “legitimacy” and good intentions for her “Neverland Plan”. Her keyphrases in the paragrgaph is regaring money, for her plan was to raise a crazy amount of money in a short time, which would alleviate her own lack of funds. All the love she is talking about is reinforcement to motivate towards her cause as well as provide the energy of the fan base to be motivated to help HER as she helps herself.

But, I did not have a CLUE that there were such cynical and cruel people that would call themselves Michael Jackson fans that instead of saying – “hey – this is a good idea – but, let’s tweak this. or, hey, i love this idea – maybe if we pulled together and did this. or, hey . . .this is a good idea but, maybe seen as this type of marketing so we should approach it differently.” I truly had NO IDEA.

Here she attempts to exploit on these negative emotions in preparation to turn it towards MJJJP as she sets it up. This is known as a bait and set up behaviorally speaking. She is also using this scenario as to explain why she created “her plan” based on the reasoning and desire to “do good in MJ’s name” because she is comparing the previous paragraph to this one, which is also part of her set up of BS. Notice how she ties her paragraphs together and entwines them to reference one another? This is to give the appearance of legitimacy, but all this does is provide congruency in proving her method of deceit.

And, really the majority of people were and ARE very much about us all pulling together and doing GREAT things or at the very least – just being loving toward one another.

This plan was never implemented as it was floated to see what people thought and if we could pull together and do something with it. And, YOU know this to be FACT.

****Please view the comment section from someone named “Ash”. here:

Ash stated: 


So many friend so mine went to LA last year with this group Neverland buyback scheme.Its a shame.It seemed too good to be true for me.Thanks for posting this.

So it seems by Ash’s comment that there are MANY witnesses who were pitched the Neverland buyback scheme this past summer – a clear contradiction of MJsunflowerjj’s claims that it was ONLY a “floated idea”.  NO, Neverland Buyback was a PLAN, with details, that WAS pitched to scam the MJ community THIS RECENT SUMMER- which is NOT SO LONG AGO, now is it?

What we do know for a fact is that there is nothing we can’t do when we raise our voices as one, but we would like this effort to be used in legitimate projects and for the good of humanity as well as MJ’s legacy. We would never advocate for an illegal pyramid scheme nor for any false charity- and we certainly would NOT condone anyone using funds raised for personal gain. We are here to protect the community, MJ’s good name and legacy. Here when she states: “YOU know this to be fact” is actually in reference to unity, but she wants YOU to think it refers to the plan while she imples that we knew when she created “the plan”.   We knew NOTHING of the sort.  She certainly knows how to confuse the issues and details.

Next she explains why people may have heard of the “Neverland buyback” because she wanted to “see what people thought”. This is a diversion to hide the fact that she has pitched this scheme to people as a real “project”. If anyone were to come forward to say otherwise, she could simply refer to her statement here and say “they must have misunderstood”. This is not only a set-up for the opportunity to backtrack and provide her own source of legitimacy and “alibi” for past and future references. Most schemers know how to create loopholes for this very reason. Most people do not research deep enough and she is counting on that for her BS to have substance.

Also, at the time, I nor anyone else knew what would become of HTW Foundation or that anything was even wrong with it as it was. All I and others knew is that we wanted to do ALL we could do to HELP!

She really emphasizes the “wanting to help” because after all, that IS part of the MJ communities’ behaviors as desire to do good in the world.  By saying she “wants to help” in this manner, she is pairing herself with the ones who REALLY want to do good in the world, thus attaching their integrity and legitimacy with HERS and by doing so, it  gives the impression that she is of the same integrity and moral character as those who have done good.

I had written the old HTW foundation to let them know that there was a possibility for us to have funds raised for Healing the World that did not USE Michael’s name or take ANY funds from ANY fans in his name. AND, this does NOT – if you read carefully.

Here she admits that she wrote to the old HTWF (to provide a sense of legitimacy and honor). She claims that the fundraising does not use MJ’s name or “to take any funds from any fans in his name” but the plan used “Neverland” which is completely associated with MJ in the fan community. Neverland is part of MJ’s “likeness” but yet she wants you to believe that because no money was to be raised USING MJ’s name or from his fans “in his name” that it could not possibly hurt his image, his fans or the community. Nothing could be further from the truth because regardless the reason, Neverland is MJ’s likeness AND owned by the Estate at 87.5% and furthermore, you cannot sell what is not for sale or otherwise owned by someone else. She very cleverly put her phrases together to entice emotions, create an establishment of honorable intentions and to establish legitimacy as she weaves one paragraph to the next.

Everything is proposing HOW we could affect-positive change and NOT use a penny of any funds raised by fans but, HELP creative fans and organizations stay financially viable so they could do ALL the great things that they felt inspired to do but, stopped by lack of funds.

Here is some lovely confusion-type tactics. Are you ready for this mind blowing reality?
She claims that:

“everything is proposing HOW we could affect positive change….
and not use a penny of funds raised while helping organizations stay financially viable
so they could do ALL the great things that they felt inspired to do,
but stopped by lack of funds”.

(I separated the statement so you can see each point she made clearly and see the key phrases she used so effectively. )
So logically speaking, if her purpose is to help creative fans and organizations (who lack in funding) STAY financially viable, how can they STAY financially viable when they lack in funds to already BE financially viable? So where will the money come from again to help these “creative fans and organizations” in dire need to “stay viable” since she said they would not use a penny of the funds raised?  She cleverly places the POSITIVE CHANGE and the “do all the GREAT THINGS THEY FELT INSPIRED TO DO” phrases together to get the donator excited about the possibilities of HOW MUCH their money will help others for POSITIVE CHANGE and to emphasize ALL THE GREAT THINGS those organizations want to do if they had financial help.  All of these key words are meant to exploit the MJ community in every way possible.

Well since “not a penny of funds raised” will be used, will the money just MULTIPLY as it sits in the bank?  And somehow, that will allow the people being helped to “DO ALL THE GREAT THINGS THEY ARE INSPIRED TO DO” just by sitting in the bank, and really, now, that IS amazing.

It’s simple, it is a PURE BS statement written by a true con artist. The sentence is written so creatively and with such diversion so you do not catch what is really being said. They want you to believe that funds are going to be raised, but insists that “NOT A PENNY” of the funds raised will be USED and yet miraculously, that money will go far and inspire the organizations to such good IN THE WORLD. Furthermore, she wants you to believe that your money is going towards a good cause that will bring “positive change”. This artificially gives the people she is targeting a false sense of security simply by using choice KEY WORDS in key strategic well placed phrases. 

However, the ONLY thing that will be “positively changing” is the financial “viability” of “their” own pockets. She is saying that the “funds that will be raised by fans but only to HELP CREATIVE fans and organizations STAY financially viable” for the purpose that “THEY could do all the great things they felt inspired to do, but couldn’t because of funding”. A near impossibility considering she said that not a penny of the money raise would be used, huh? Yes, that will surely bring the “positive change” they propose for EVERYTHING.

I have NOTHING but PURE love for Michael and his family, and his mission for the world.
Surely she does, because it is this lovely community that she will target pitching the “positive- change-but promises to not spend a penny of the funds raised” and she must love the community for positively changing her personal bank account so effectively and quickly.

This plan is a GREAT plan to heal so many things in the world. It just had not evolved yet into a more workable plan.

So she admits how she feels it is a great plan and that it has potential, but understands it needs revision -possibly now because we posted her whole plan in its entirety and HAS to change it so it is NOT recognized within the MJ fan community as a scam. Her claim that she ONLY passed it around to gather people’s thoughts about it is just a cover to validate just in case others come forward to say they have seen it. 

*****Please see the comment section regarding MJsunflowerjj- some people have come forward to tell us that the NEVERLAND scam WAS PITCHED on the June TRIP in 2011 hosted by MJsunflowerjj.  The very plan she said a few paragraphs ago:

“FIRST OF ALL – what you have posted was from SO LONG ago and NEVER implemented and, YOU KNOW IT is what is so very very sad.

This plan was never implemented as it was floated to see what people thought and if we could pull together and do something with it. And, YOU know this to be FACT.”

Please note that her own words expose her lies and deceit ALL on its own.

Regardless, she clearly states her intentions: she will revise it to something “more workable” and will use her “great plan” in the future.

I am not scared of a DREAM. I am not scared to turn a dream into reality. I am not scared to reach for the moon as Michael has taught us.

In other words, she is not afraid to be creative and turn her dream of making a lot of money from the community in MJ’s name for her own benefit. Michael did not teach us to take advantage of people. He taught us to have compassion for mankind and to take care of OUR WORLD genuinely and from our hearts and souls as he did. Michael did not do his charity work to benefit himself or to raise himself in esteem of public minds, he genuinely cared for the welfare of another human being. Michael would want us to be all we can be to our greatest potential, but he would NOT like that potential to be used to scam or harm others. Here she is using Michael’s words and vision to gain the support of the MJ fan Community.

I STILL hope that we can ALL pull together with more open minds and hearts and innovative ideas of how to “Heal the World” through the many many many ideas out there to make this happen.

Here again, reiterating her intentions that she hopes to continue to scam the MJ fan community.

What do you stand for other than going after people and working your every hour to harm them? How is this helpful to our community and the expansion of ideas and love in our community?

WE stand for protecting the MJ community from scammers and con artists and that IS helping the community and MJ’s legacy and good name by not allowing them to be prey to illegal and illegitimate causes. Her other words are a simple projection and displacement of “love of ideas” for HER to receive so she can target the community with her scams. She turns this around so that her motivations and intentions appear genuinely good while trying to put MJJJP down as a negative entity.

I have an email from you accepting to come together to discuss HOW we could all pull together. I had this slated as something to present and discuss and tweak and make workable with help of other’s such as yourself. And, you know this is TRUE.

Now by saying multiple times “YOU KNOW THIS IS TRUE” is her effort to establish that we were aware of what she was doing then when the truth is we knew nothing of the sort.  Furthermore, MJJJP as an entity WILL NEVER allow ANY MJ fan community member to be bamboozled or tricked by illegitimate projects and schemes. WE as MJJJP encourage the fanbase to participate in legitimate charities/projects ONLY, and we encourage unity as a community to accomplish LEGITIMATE goals.
She uses this method to establish legitimacy, validity and reliability so her story appears BELIEVABLE.

But, I began to get weaker and weaker and more and more tired and things came to a halt for me ending up in hospital 3-times and diagnosed with cancer the last time and into surgery the very next day.

Here she is trying to tie in an “email” from last year- when Budsgirl received in February 2011 a itinerary for a June 2011 trip. MJsunflowermjj’s “cancer episode” was “announced” after a different trip was cancelled sometime in October 2011. The article incident we wrote about has NOTHING to do with EITHER trip for the time between the itenerary, the June and October trips and cancer episode were MONTHS apart. But how MJsunflowerjj puts her information together here makes it appear as if it was close together, all the same incidents and events and as ongoing. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are ALL separate incidents occurring in different months over the course of 2011. WE just happened to uncover certain TRUTHS about mjsunflowerjj while trying to obtain a refund for Catherine for the October 2011 trip.

Now, you have accused me of faking cancer. You have NO IDEA what it is like to have this “hideous” disease as you called it and IT IS.

What was really said was that if she claimed she had something as hideous as cancer, she had damn well better have it. In no way did anyone said she was faking cancer.

I reach out to EVERYONE with LOVE and try to do all I can to be helpful.
We’ve seen you in action and we politely beg to differ. WE will have to agree to disagree on this one because we DO know how things went down. It is surely NOT as you have told it.

PLEASE stand for LOVE and not be attacking people like this. You are truly killing me with these “mean girl” tactics.

Most thought – and, I did as well – that Michael’s community was full of spiritually-enlightened and loving people. And, MOST are. It is the few self-appointed people like you who do not reveal their name but, go after people unfairly, harassing and taunting and going through everything in their personal lives – that tears our community apart instead of bringing us together with love to do great things.

Trying to pull the victim mentality and stance here to gain sympathy.   She also uses the religious/spirituality angle as emotional blackmail.  Remember, no one from MJJJP ever mentioned her name- Sunflower exposed herself BOTH times all on her own and by her own decision to own up to things we never put her name to in print or on the air or on twitter before SHE owned it. Now here come the personal attacks against our characters, integrity and social reputations and yet she says WE bullied, attacked, harassed etc HER? Really now.

You have tried to lead people to believe that I profited from trips to LA – which is a lie. You have tried to make people believe I was selling things to purchase Neverland – NEVER ONCE HAPPENED. You have tried to make people believe I am operating a scam – NOT TRUE! You have spread around a LIE that I was co-embezzling with William Wagner. I have NEVER met William Wagner.

WE never said any such things.  MJSUNFLOWERJJ tweeted all her guilt in response to general tweets MJJJP made about scammers. MJsunflowerjj effectively tied all those tweets with the subject of what she wrote in the above paragraph, and incidents on her own twitter account to confuse the public about the real issues when we were trying to collect money owed to one of our members. WE never accused her of any of the other things, but mjjsunflowerjj owned it on her twitter account.  We do not know of any such issues with Mr. Wagener.
The article written on MJJJP’s wordpress was about a scam for the fans to purchase Neverland to give it back to MJ’s children. MJSunflowerjj put HER OWN name as to owning that scam. Not in ANY place on that wordpress document did we ever mention MJsunfowerjj’s name or that it belonged to her.

What has happened in your life that you are so bitter and so mean and see bad in people instead of good?

What is WRONG with us all pulling together to figure out away to eliminate hunger, to care for those in need, to volunteer our time to heal our own communities from a plan that comes from a funding resource that is NOT donations or using Michael’s name? What is WRONG WITH THIS? Wouldn’t this have been ideal and the PERFECT way for all of us to heal our grief and be able to realize our inspired thoughts for good?

Sure, helping the community wherever MJ fans live or whatever LEGITIMATE charity or project they wish to participate is a wonderful idea and very productive step in the right direction. That is providing that the cause is legitimate and with integrity. THAT IS part of Michael’s legacy. WE are part of his legacy when we carry on his true meaning and intentions of his legacy and everything he stood for. There is quite a difference between legitimate charities and projects/ and donating in MJ’s name to help people of the world, versus scammers targeting MJ’s community to obtain money to pay their personal bills or for their own personal use.

And, you did too at one point until everything about you became so political and territorial and exclusive. This is all so very sad. I think about looking into Michael’s eyes right now when he was being so lied about by Brashir and Grace and Dimond and the entire world knowing that an “establishmment” of judicial and journalism that he had committed the most vile act ever and I HURT! I hurt because NOTHING was learned by this by some.

Here, she is so bold as to try to compare herself to the likeness of MJ??? MJ was an upstanding citizen, honest gentleman, and man of honor, dignity, and integrity- characteristics that she does not possess as a confessed scammer.  MJ would NEVER scam his fans nor approve of ANYONE doing so.

Bashir and his ilk have NOTHING to do with scammers trying to harm MJ’s community fanbase. Those you have mentioned directly harmed MJ for many years. The only difference is that Bashir and his ilk destroyed MJ personally for years, and scammers within the MJ community have been targeting and taking advantage of MJ’s fans. It is all similar deceitful behaviors and just as dispicable. See how she uses charged up subjects that are irrelavent to the situation at hand? This is a ploy with the purpose of causing the community to pair those events and anger regarding those events and projecting their anger and frustration regarding those separate incidents towards MJJJP for this event. Want to talk about fairness now?  She uses emotional blackmail very well against others.

But, I have a VERY strong faith and understanding of Michael as well. As much as he said NOTHING was wrong with what he was doing – it was just demented minds that saw it differently – I also understand his faith in God and his belief that MOST people were good people and that those were the people who would see him through.

Considering church groups are a vulnerable group frequently targeted with the same intensity as the MJ fan community, it IS the demented minds that chose to scam good folks out of their hard earned money and to abuse their trust and kindness. The scammer preys on good folks who want to make a difference in the world and they use their passion, compassion and vulnerabilities against them to gain from them the most. That is sheer evil behavior because their scams are well reasoned through its division with the purpose to abuse the trust, love, kindness, finance, and soul of someone in order to personally gain.
Now she brings up FAITH, religion and “understanding” again to play upon the vulnerabilities of the community. A person of GENUINE good character, faith, unconditional love etc are not the kind of people who devise SCAMS to harm a WHOLE COMMUNITY. When she calls on these “cards”, she resorts to creating more emotional drama in the hopes to gain or keep support she anticipated losing.

I STILL believe we can work together to do great things! In spite of this humiliating beating you are doing to me.

Victim mentality and role play, remember, mjsunflowerjj was the one who owned up to the article, MJJJP NEVER mentioned anyone’s name to identify the scammer. She has humiliated and beat herself up by owning up to the identity of the scam in the article. And yet in her grandiose mind, she feels that we all can work together to do great things. What she means is that she still hopes she can pull the wool over the communities eyes so she can continue to scam and deceive, while creating divisions once she exposes herself of wrongdoing.  Also, for a “plan that was never implemented” and a plan that was “only an idea” sure is VERY detailed AND there is evidence of it having been implemented as early as August 2011.

I still strive to get well and make this happen! And, if it is not Neverland – another location where we can all come together. I have just been slowed down because of my health and THIS IS THE ONLY reason!

I would NEVER present this as something viable unless I had done my homework. And, I can promise you I DID MY HOMEWORK.

A demonstration of personal Ownership to the content in the scam of our MJJJP wordpress post…and if she really did her “homework” she would know that Neverland was not for sale to have been in a position for “buying back.”….the only homework she did was to ensure that the MJ community is confused with details and that her emotional blackmailing skills are sharpened.

I have never done ANYTHING to you but ask you but be kind to you and then when you started attacking others including me – to reveal your name.

No, sorry we have proof otherwise of mjsunfowerjj’s “kindness” -amongst other evidence of proof that she has committed all she has accused US of.  And we have revealed our names on LEGAL DOCUMENTS that are PUBLIC RECORD. Here MJsunflowerjj stated that we have attacked “others” as if true. These last few paragraphs are personal attacks towards MJJJP in attempt to achieve: confusion in the community for those who do not know details, as to attempt to provide some “validation” to all she has said in her twitlonger, and to imply that MJJJP is guilty for all she has written.

Again, I am stressed out by YOU and beyond exhausted. This is the cruelest thing I have ever seen to see women going after a fellow woman with breast cancer.

MJsunflowerjj stressed herself out by owning up to now TWO events that were MERELY written about – no one identified Mjsunflowerjj as being the owner of any event of complaint, but like we said, we just wrote about the content without assigning her personal or twitter name to those events. MJJJP is NOT responsible for those who OWN UP to generalized subjects written on wordpress or on twitter accounts and therefore we are not responsible for her stress and exhaustion. Mjsunflower brought this on herself not only by admitting ownership to a general contented article and tweets written by us. SHE identified HERSELF as the culprit…remember that.
Again she plays the health card to gain sympathy and create disharmony within the community by trying to turn people against MJJJP.

Leave me alone. · Reply

This is said as to ensure that people interpret the communications between the parties as us being the aggressor. Mjsunflowerjj’s post is filled with aggression, accusation, anger, resentment, and misrepresentations to truth for something she herself is the only one responsible and accountable for. SHE created the scam. SHE targeted MJ’s fan community…..and WE are the “bad guys” for exposing her when we did not even name her?

OMG.. I need some lavender tissues and a shovel.


The bottom line of FACTS are these points:
1. MJJJP NEVER mentioned the culprit’s name in the wordpress article. The article content included details of a specific scam so the public could read what a real pyramid scam looks like.
2. All on her own, MJsunflowerjj admitted to writing the pyramid scheme thus identifying herself as the owner of the scam that we had written about.
3. MJsunflowerjj said herself in her own twitlonger that she thinks “the plan” she wrote is
“This plan is a GREAT plan to heal so many things in the world. It just had not evolved yet into a more workable plan.”

4.  The plan was not “so long ago” nor was “just floating an idea” as Mjsunflowerjj claimed.  Bonnie Cox’ blog details Mjsunflowerjj’s Neverland scam and LA trips here:

specifically:  email #2….how a brochure was circulated for the Neverland project.  Clearly proof that it was not “just a floating idea” to have been written with such detail with a brochure to boot.

Which means, regardless, all Mjsunflowerjj’s BS and smokescreens between, she loves her “plan” and will use it after she revises it- which further proves that she intends on USING IT to scam the MJ fan community in the future.  She has cast herself as afuture threat as a scammer all on her own WITH HER OWN words and actions, NOT ours.  No matter what MJsunflowerjj said in between the rest of her twitlonger or twitter account, she exposed herself as a threat to the MJ community TWICE now without us identifying her as one.
Believe as you will. We will always keep our proof and continue our mission to protect, defend Michael’s legacy AND the MJ community.

References  Original MJJJP post including a screenshot of Mjsunflowerjj’s twitlonger. Bonnie Cox blog Bonnie Cox Blog : specifically note the comment section where MJsunflowerjj was involved in scamming people under Appleahead house.

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4 Responses to Analysis of MJJSunflowerjj’s twitlonger to MJJJP

  1. Coleen4MJ says:

    Unbelievable that this twitlonger was sent in response to a discussion regarding Wagener’s proposed documentary to expose Sneddon and to buy back Neverland at the expense of fans. No one mentioned MJsunflowerjj!


    • The post “Neverland Buy Back Scheme” on our wordpress was meant to alert the MJGlobal family about pyramid schemes circulating – We attached NO NAME to it..although we had some indication of who had circulated it, we needed concrete proof.

      If no one owned up to it.. at least the community would have been on alert and that would have been the end of it.

      We had a feeling that Human Nature would take control.

      Sure to form – MJsunflowerjj aka Jennifer Jones identified with it and “owned it” herself.

      Since it’s posting, we been informed that emails exist that she did indeed promote this Neverland Buy Back scheme, ever so privately and under ‘confidentiality’ AND coincidentally at the same time William Wagener spoke of it at Gardner Elementary in June 2011. There is no indications that she and Wagener worked in concert on this Buy Back Neverland Plan and we have never made that assertion either.

      Since this posting and her responsive twitlonger ..she’s circling her wagons, she’s been harassing other prominent members in the MJGlobal communtity and asking them to intervene on her behalf, telling them half-truths. Two of these people have asked us to resolve the issue for the sake of “peace in the community”. This is not high-school and as grown adults these matters should always be resolved with discussion – OPEN discussion between the parties not going about in the shadows making assertions that we “changed or edited her ‘business plan” We did no such thing and she knows it. Whenever she was approached she’d blocked us so she can’t now tell these would be intermediaries that she wants to “resolve” the issue. That’s false.

      For almost two years we have been ACTIVE MJ Advocates.. We have held hands, cried and worked side by side with many of the most generous and heart-led Admins & MJ Vindicators in our vast MJGlobal family in campaigns that promote, protect and defend our brother, Michael. Our goal is to focus on media bias and we merely stumbled upon this issue to Buy Back Neverland. First of all Michael’s children, by all indications, own a large percentage of it, and secondly it would have to be up for sale for anyone to buy it and it isn’t. Let’s dispel the rumor that Neverland Ranch needs to be bought back once and for all.

      We hope our reputation precedes us and everyone knows that we are not in the habit of fussing and creating division in our community that we’ve worked so hard with the cry of UNITY. We have never stated that Jennifer Jones doesn’t have cancer, because we feel it has no bearing on this issue. Whether she is ill or not, Illness should never be used as a shield to cover nefarious activities. “Don’t ask me questions because I’m sick with cancer” is used to make the questioner seem heartless and cruel. We’ve all had people in our lives who succumbed to cancer, it’s painful, physically depilitating and emotional draining for the person stricken and their family. We are not cold hearted nor are we cruel but feel it’s not pertinent to this issue at hand, whether she has it or not.

      We ask you – Shall we turn a blind eye to this issue that harms the community, because the person who perpetrated it is ill?

      We ask you- Should we NOT expose pyramid schemes that have the potential of financial ruin to anyone in the MJGlobal family gullible enough to think they can make a fortune on an investment of $25? (especially if that $25 dollars is precious to them.)

      We ask you.. Should “peace” in the community supercede the “safety” of the MJ community?

      We think not and we urge the people who are too afraid to speak publicy for fear of recriminations and attacks on their names and reputation to understand ..if you don’t stand up for something.. then you stand for nothing.

      We would appreciate some feedback on this issue. Frank and open discussion regarding this issue is welcomed.

      Much love- Budsgirl


  2. faeraemae says:

    Dear Buds, Light & co.

    I am aghast, appalled and quite frankly sickened by this scandalous misappropriation of ethics!
    It is hard to believe that anyone could’ve been taken in by this scheme, having their good nature and desire to do good manipulated by this monstrous scheme, though of course somehow there are some who, as you say, are gullible. And that is why you all are to be commended for your sterling work in defending the barricades of decency.

    Our beloved being associated with toilet roll ~ give me a break!

    Keep the faith ❤


  3. Shirl Moore says:

    Get her yall. This is good stuff. I’m glad Jennifer’s bitch ass is being shown for the fraud she is. Excuse my french. LOL. Keep up the good work. ❤


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