MJ Book Reviews

There are many books written about Michael Jackson that are on the shelves of bookstores by authors that have no real knowledge of the man and also some with a clear agenda to only present the tabloid version of him.

There are also books that do approach the topic of Michael Jackson with a discerning eye rather than a skewed salaciousness that has surrounded him his whole life. We wish to promote books that have been written with first hand knowledge and or indepth research and impartial agenda.

We would like to invite anyone interested to choose a book written about Michael Jackson and then submit a review for us to post here.

We request only that the reviewers not only present a clear analysis of the particular book but also describe their thought process in their critique.

Please submit you book review, the name you want it posted under by email to mjjjusticeproject@gmail.com

We reserve the right not to post anything vulgar or obscene, so do please keep it clean.

Once a review is submitted the book title below will be hyper-linked to that post. We will be please to receive MORE  than one review per book.

This list, by any means, is not a complete list of books written about Michael Jackson and if you wish to add a title and review it – we will be thrilled to add it to the list.

Some Titles Suggestions:

In The Studio With Michael Jackson- Bruce Sweiden

Michael Jackson Conspiracy – Aphrodite Jones

Redemption- Geraldine Hughes

Man In The Music- Joe Vogel

You Are Not Alone, Michael- Jermaine Jackson

My Friend Michael-Frank Cascio

Michael Jackson: The Book the Media Doesn’t Want You To Read- Shawn Henning

Remember the Time:A True Intimate look at Michael Jackson – Theresa Gonsalvas

Michael In Foreverland- Kim Kay Day

Remember the Time: A True Intimate Look at Michael Jackson

Never Can Say Goodbye: the Katherine Jackson Story – Katherine Jackson

Be Careful Who You Love- Diane Dimond

Michael Jackson:The Magic,the Madness, the Whole Story -Randy Tababorelli

The Secret: The Story of Brilliant, Beautiful, Handicapped

Keep Moving: The Michael Jackson Chronicles- Armond White

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7 Responses to MJ Book Reviews

  1. yours4ever says:

    I think this is a great idea, but why in the world would you include a book by Diane Diamond, a woman known to spew misinformation and outright lies about Michael?


    • Well, we thought that it’s better to read what the open enemies of Michael write so that we may discredit their BS. Since, Dimond is one of the biggest liars when it comes to Michael Jackson, analysing and deconstructing her anti-MJ rhetoric is a must. Chandler’s and Halperin’s books are guarenteed to be filled with an equal amount of venom as Dimond but we feel it’s necessary for the education of the MJGlobal family to read these books for research on how to debunk the falsehoods they perpetuate. It’s a disgusting job but somebody’s got to do it. – Buds


      • yours4ever says:

        Hmmmm, I see. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. What a depressing thought though, to have to wade through that quagmire.


  2. @ yours4ever~I read her book…and there are so many discrepancies that you will not believe it! We have to to expose Dimond who is nothing more that chipped or battered cubic zirconia. Worthless being that she is, she has a true lack luster.
    Rev. Dr. Cate


    • yours4ever says:

      Dr. Cate, Kudos to you for being able to actually survive a read through her book. I’m sure I couldn’t handle it and I don’t know how Michael survived all the disgusting hate and lies thrown at him throughout his life. I just read an insightful quote from Albert Einstein: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” There seem to be quite a number of mediocre minds out there in relation to anything having to do with Michael….


  3. ultravioletrae says:

    If anyone truly feels they MUST read Dimond’s garbage to be prepared for how to deal with it, PLEASE buy a used copy. Do not let Dimond profit from her vicious lies and half truths. You can buy a used copy very cheaply on Amazon, I’ve seen it for as little as a penny (still a bit steep if you ask me).


  4. sreyashi says:

    How is the book called music and the madness? Everyone describes it to be the most authentic. Is that so? If you had to suggest just 1 book which one would it be?


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