Peace, At What Cost?

Peace in the community can only exist when the members of the MJGlobal family feel safe when giving money to charities or any sort of business venture that is attached to the name of Michael Jackson, the image of Michael Jackson or any words attached to Michael Jackson, like “Neverland.”

There have been attempts to blacken MJJJP’s  name since we started our investigation of Jennifer Jones of Applehead House, her Neverland Project and Female 500 pyramid schemes.  This we can handle, however, what we cannot tolerate or allow to go unchallenged are the attacks on Rev. Catherine Gross.

The debt issue between Dr.Catherine Gross and Jennifer Jones was not included in our initial wordpress post because we had made promises to two people that we respect to keep it strickly about the two pyramid schemes. .

However, in all of “her” responses, whether it be directly from her or indirectly from her posted by someone else for her – she has mentioned the debt and attempted to throw doubt on Catherine’s reputation. A common ploy when one has been exposed is to deflect attention from the topic at hand and attempt to create doubt about someone else.

We cannot allow any sort of rumors that Jennifer Jones or her Applehead House members are perpetuating about Dr. Rev. Catherine Gross to go on without a public response. 

They speak of  peace and allege that we are “harming” and “hurting” the community and all the while they are scheming to destroy a woman who has done nothing but attempt to work with MJAdvocacy groups since June 25, 2009.  Lucky for her, she has many contacts across the MJGlobal family, much like MJJJP, They KNOW her and they KNOW her heart and her commitment to the vindication of Michael,  promoting his truth and his true legacy.  The lies and the obfuscation of truth have forced MJJJP into a position to explain the issue between Rev. Gross and JJ to defend her good name.


The refund owed to Dr. Catherine Gross occurred because a trip that JJ was coordinating in late October 2011, was cancelled by JJ. Many private attempts were made to collect the refund from JJ to no avail and Rev. Gross stopped emailing when JJ became aggressive and called her “crazy”  (emails are available.)

From Nov-Dec 2011 -Dr. Gross had three radio programs focusing on scammers within the MJ Community and not once did she ever mention JJ, Applehead House, (AH) however, two AH members posted nasty comments on the A Place In Your Heart blog talk radio program- These comments also automatically posted to their facebooks. We took the liberty of screenshotting them just in case they decide to delete them.)

Three Blog Talk radio programs occurred:

1)Nov 6th  “Wolf Alert”

2) Dec 6th “Scam Bam Thank You Ma’am”

3)Dec 16th – OneRoseMJJ –

The third program illicited these comments:

Why in mid-December were her AH members launching an attack on Rev. Gross during a program that was focusing only on Sofie Strandberg who defrauded the one OneRose4MJJ group, UNICEF and the children who didn’t get their vaccinations?

Why these nasty comments when she had never mentioned JJ or AH publicly?

Because this was the beginning of the manipulation to discredit the Rev. Gross by blowing smoke and casting doubt about her creditials.

At that time, Rev. Gross was still attempting to get her money back by using mediators and then finally had to resort to obtaining a lawyer.  It wasn’t until this legal attempt failed that she asked MJJJP to intervene. JJ spoke to Jam and emailed her several times before she realized that she was a MJJJP team member. 

Jam sent address of Rev. Catherine Gross to JJ through emails four times and JJ kept pretending she didn’t get it..  so who exactly was playing games?

Then Jam gets frustrated and tweets MJJJP

It is not clear why JJ was refusing to accept the address that Jam offered four times by Jan 5th, but JJ did arrange partial payment thru other mediators.  A payment of $100 was processed to Rev. Gross pay pal from the “Female500”

JJ promised the remainder would be paid Jan 8th, as soon as the  “new cc” was opened to pay her and the AH website bill.  This remainder was not forthcoming on the weekend stipulated and so it seemed that more detour “games” were being played.  Two months had already elapsed since Rev. Gross was promised a refund.

Then quite unexpectedly the debt was assumed by a third party.

The debt was paid by a person wanting to make peace- Rev. Gross’s addresses the issue of the repayment of Jan 12th 2011–

“For quite a long time a person owed me $500.00. I did all I could to gain it back, I gave my PayPal, instructions on how to use Western Union via telephone, my address sent by a professional firm, and it was also given on numerous occasions by my friends. I had been met with some extremely abusive language. So I surrendered the matter to professionals.

 (lawyer sent letter to JJ’s known address) Sadly, this person never did call me or say anything to me about the matter. The reason it was sad is because I would have said, “Don’t worry about it, just take your time”. I have said that many times before, so it would have been okay. For me there must be something positive that comes out of heartbreaking things. So, it became a testimony. I tried to teach others how not to have such things happen to them.

 At no time did I ever even mention this lady’s name. I didn’t do it because I don’t want anyone to subject me to condemnation neither do I care to do so to anyone else. I think it would have been fine. I share a testimony, and we move on. However, that did not happen. Ultimately, she did send me $100.00. As I said, something good should come out of such things.”

“The lady never paid me back, but a friend of mine, full of mercy and full of grace… just gave me the last $400.00 that this lady had promised. I expect they made an honorable agreement. Like I said, this worked out fabulously. This money was hard fought and struggled for so greatly that I longed for someone to be blessed by it.”

Ultimately, because it was such a struggle to get the money back, Rev. Catherine Gross thought that some good should come of it, so she donated it to several different charities.

Because MJJJP had opened up independent investigation regarding “Neverland Project” and the “Female500” pyramid schemes, we were positioned to post what we had uncovered. Part of the expose detailed this CG/JJ refund issues with ALL of the emails to be posted but the debt being paid changed our approach.

Since, the debt was paid, MJJJP promised the mediators who had been involved that there would be no mention of CG/JJ money issue in our expose.   We are honest women and our word is our bond so we did NOT mention this issue at all in our initial wordpress post.  Yet, in her eagerness to prove us wrong – JJ’s response made through Laurie Tuller (LT) –  SHE  herself  brought up the issue.


“The person that started all of this – has been paid her reimbursement from a trip that a few of us were to attend and were ALL reimbursed immediately. And, had this person who started this NOT been playing such ridiculous games that SHE contacted ALL of us about – so we are privy to WHAT REALLY happened – then she would have been reimbursed right away as well and she knows it and so do some in this community who have not spoken out. BUT, WE ARE SPEAKING OUT as this has gone on LONG ENOUGH!” We addressed the lies asserted in this response – point by point in our twitlonger response of Jan 25th.

Why would someone who was due money play games to get it back?  It isn’t logical.  All Rev. Gross did was to ask for her money back, just like everyone else that JJ claims were reimbursed immediately.  Asking for a refund for a cancelled trip and giving several options to pay it back is hardly “playing games.”

JJ asserts in her Jan20th twitlonger to MJfam:

“So, Val and Mary of Cadeflaw and anyone else that wants this to end – will you PLEASE tell MJJP and Catherine Gross to END THIS NOW? To take down the horrible posts and stop the comments.”

Again, JJ brings up CG in an attempt to tie her into this investigation, but CG is not spearheading this issue- additionally and more important to NOTE:

 We have not been asked to take down our comments, nor our posts by these Admins and they have not removed their twitlongers and posts because all that has been stated is TRUE, and they support getting to the bottom of this pyramid scheme disguised as a “business plan”

An Admin wrote to JJ-

“I have know of you & your scheme since early last year. It was brought to my attention by a personal friend who you contacted privately on a fansite. She forwarded me an email sent by you containing documents outling your “Buy Back Neverland” business plan. After reading the doc’s a red flag was raised. It was blatantly obvious this was a Pyramid scheme which is illegal & which is a federal offense. There r no manufactured or manipulated lies here or slander. How can there be when the proof sits before us? A scheme is a scheme. MJJJUstice did right to be this to awareness, especially in light of recent events, but they did not mention names real or otherwise. You came forward & claimed it voluntarily as ur own. ”

This Admin even suggested a resolution to this issue to JJ:

“You say u r still working on and have changed the plan since its initial draft. Show the fan community the plan as it is now. Put to rest the fears & suspicions. Would that be so hard to do if it’s legitimate…?”

This “wouldn’t be so hard to do if it’s legimate” – but alas,  12 days have passed and JJ produces not one single piece of evidence that she has a “revised” legimate plan. Nothing.  In fact, while awaiting this information we received the 2011 Brochure that she distributed all of last year. Hours have been spent writing twitlongers, tweeting, spinning and weaving by talking to different admins and accusing MJJJP and Catherine Gross of malfeasance for exposing this plan, could have been better spent producing a legitimate plan.

Neverland is not for sale and by all accounts of legal documents it would appear the MJEstate owns 87.5% share of the property. She hasn’t produced a single link to show that is for sale.. secretly or otherwise.

The only thing she’s produced is rumor about Rev. Catherine Gross who is in NO WAY involved in this “Neverland Project” investigation.

In fact, she was never involved in the investigation at all. Budsgirl and JamLoveChange initiated the investigated once we ran across Bonnie Cox’s blog, which led us to her Neverland Project & Female500.

The bully tactics and aggression towards Rev. Gross is evident in the email correspondence between CG/JJ and in the remarks made by Applehead House members on Dec16th link given above. Also, we will gladly post those emails if this bad-mouthing of the Reverend, whose credentials are confirmed and attested to by the State of Illinois, continues.  It’s curious that JJ keeps crying “slander” when in fact she is perpetuating a defamation of Rev. Catherine Gross’s reputation.

Also, it is completely hard to fathom why JJ would offer a job position of “Education Specialist” to Rev. Gross on Jan. 24th if she believes her to be “crazy” and her members believe her to “a fake” and that she’s “pathetic” and they questioned where she got “her dr. degree” as far back as Dec.16th. Doesn’t this baffle the logical mind?

Pls see this job offer:

These attacks on Rev. Catherine Gross’s character have taken place as far back as mid-December and we may assume that they are continuing under the sealed walls of the Applehead House.  These tactics are just one more example of the subversive nature of JJ and her group and the way they manipulate facts.   These attempts are merely to deflect the attention of the MJGlobal family from the real issue of the pyramid schemes.

Please be sure to read our two posts listed below in Sources.

We want peace in our community, but Rev. Catherine Gross said it best:

“For the people who want peace in the community, you have my compassion. However without truth, there may be no community”


Twitlonger Jan 11th MB posted for JJ

Twitlonger Jan 11th MJ to CG/JJ DD note

Twitlonger Jan 12h CG

Twitlonger Jan 18th JJ to MJJJP

Twitlonger Jan 20th LT for JJ-

Twitlonger Jan 20th VO to JJ

Twitlonger Jan 20th JJ to VO-

Twitlonger Jan 25th MJJJP to JJ

Twitpic of Female500

Pls read post and comments

Pls read post and comments

We will address Shirl Moore’s allegation of losing $500, JJ’s refund policy, room rates, the all inclusive “travel package” as well as JJ’s tweets.

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18 Responses to Peace, At What Cost?

  1. Lori Golden says:

    #MJfam must not be bamboozled by obfuscation. JJ was running a Ponzi scheme and needed to be revealed. Does anyone else find it strange that the twitlonger by her so-called group has the same writing style or lack thereof, as JJs sadly composed business plan? Also no one signed their full name. Rose B. etc. JJ if ur reading u have bigger woes than MJJJP. The feds, particularly the IRS are gonna want to know about that income. Ever heard of tax evasion. Believe me they won’t give a rats behind about ur cancer. Matter of fact seems if u have cancer u wld be even more inclined toward Truth. Karma can be so messy. @LGluvsJ5


  2. satka says:

    Its a shame people arent more astute. In these coming times i`m afraid we have to be very “awake” & “aware”. Unfortunatly always be suspicious of the “people who approach you with words of light & love”-for it is not always the intention. My teacher used to say when people say”I love you” often it is a “hook” to lure you in. TRUE LOVE dosent need words it is expressed in ACTIONS. thanks for your work MJJP…dont be disappointed/surprised that you dont have 10,000 followers…In this age this kundalini master i studied with said “there will be many so called `gurus/leaders` on every street corner..people will be desperate and searching…the TRUTH wont always have many followers!!


    • “The truth won’t always have many followers” We agree, but that won’t deter us from sticking to it and speaking it to protect Michael’s people. And we also concur with being aware of loving words when the actions do not express that emotion. It does sadden us however, to think that the words “love & light” would be so misused that their true meaning is lost in our world. We believe Michael was an extraordinary lovelightworker … his actions were of pure love. His philosophy of giving to others to obtain joy is a lesson we could benefit from, the world over. – Buds


  3. Hello Lovely Ones!
    Well, I will tell you I am finally free to speak. Heavens! My name has been slandered badly about $500.00. I must confess, there is a wimpy side to me. I could take it if something was happening just to hurt me. Heck, I can take one on the chin with the rest of them. This was not working like that. I was quaking in my boots that if I did not give the money, as I had promised….other people I know and love would be hurt. My team, and another team that I love very much. One of my friends was told i she continued to communicate with me her organization would be destroyed. So, I coughed up the money. I never expected to get it back…even then. I just didn’t want hard working MJ Advocate’s to be destroyed.

    This is the really crazy part! I have never mentioned this woman’s name ever,in addition…I have not let anyone on my show mention her name either. If she had ever given me an apology…I would have said no problem. It was okay. If she had just been quiet, no one would have known it was her. I am not the source of her problem, she is. I never put this woman on front street. Nevertheless the cat is out of the bag, now. Check this new article. Oh by the way…I am a Reverend, and I am a doctor, do not be dissuaded by vicious gossip.Thanks!
    Love and Life Everlasting
    Rev. Dr. Cate


  4. MJ Brookins says:

    Peace, at what cost is the question MJJJP has asked the MJGlobalFamily. Now, as Administrative Director for Cadeflaw and another part of this Global Family, I ask the same question. I have been patient and have tried to act as mediator in this situation in the hopes that things would turn out for the better. However, that does NOT seem to be the case. This issue seems to be dragging on longer than what it should have. Why? It is simple, because of noncompliance and avoidance of the truth. I post this comment at the risk of knowing that a person with a big heart may not get the remainder of her money; yet, as a leader in this community it is time I came forward.

    I tried to steer clear of this because of Cadeflaw. Our mission is to get an “Anti-Defamation Legacy Law” authored and passed. We do NOT need to become involved in something that will shine a negative light on all the work that has been done to keep this project moving. I say I trust God and that He is the head of this project; so my confession is being put to the test.

    Now, it is my turn. I have done everything within my human power to get you to take care of this situation. I encouraged you to create a public blog and post your evidence to prove your innocence; and you have not done so. Instead you have continued to send out private tweets which are a waste of time. With the time, that has passed, you could have brought all of this to a close. It does no good to ask MJJJP to take down their twitlongers when you are not putting up anything or have brought nothing forward to prove them wrong.

    This team is NOT wrong for warning the community and you know that. If someone else, other than yourself, was guilty of this crime you would be in support of what they are doing. I’ve never been against their project to expose people who illicit the MJ Community by using their broken hearts to present scams. What I tried to do was to give you the opportunity to prove your innocence and you have, sadly, let me down. The God I serve has asked us to “Cover a multitude of Sins with Love.” That does not mean to look the other way or patiently bear the sin. It means we should hide it from view while we attempt to help that or those people to correct the problem. For those who have attempted to help you bring this thing to a close our hope was that you would make good on the debt and admit to the scheme or just disappear from the MJGlobalCommunity, quietly so that we could continue with our work. However, you have chosen to do something different. It was also my hope that you could be welcomed back in a joyful way.

    My time is very valuable and can NOT be wasted on BS. This problem has set some of the groups too far in reverse. Cadeflaw has much support in the community and other sources and we will NOT be connected to someone who has committed this kind of treason among the people. Now there is another MJ friend who has posted email messages showing us that she gave money for services she never received.. This woman receives social security benefits and that I DO have a problem with. She loves Michael so much that she was willing to pay you all of this money just to go to California. I feel you took advantage of this lady and she let it go to keep peace. I ask the same question again, at what cost. Those ladies at the AH love and adore you. Don’t take advantage of them. They believe what you tell them and they think that everyone else is mistreating you when that is not true. People love you. I’m one of them. My love for you is what took me so long and what caused me to go along with another plan to keep peace in the community. Remember the plan to pay off the debt.

    I’m sure this post won’t leave me with very many friends but I’m not looking for friends but people to support Cadeflaw, true supporters; not fair weather supporters. This law is very important to me and will benefit a lot of broken-hearted family members, including Michael’s family, and I refuse to let something like this hinder us from getting more support. I am a defender of the “Truth” and not “Lies” and I ask you to come forward and tell the truth. Let us wrap our arms around you in love and move on with this thing. MJJJP has all the evidence they need and has notified the authorities.

    These women aren’t trying to harm you. Their aim is to bring truth to the MJGlobalCommunity. I have met with them on your behalf and have found them to be righteous in their dealings with you. We have many worthwhile projects out here that need support and these projects won’t get the support they need and deserve because of this kind of foolishness. I don’t know anyone who is as fair and well respected as Valmi Owens. Even she reminded you of the scheme and called upon you to put an end to this mess, quietly. The answer is still simple. Since you continue to express purity in this matter then offer up your proof and let’s be done with this. I, personally, want you to be found innocent. However, at this point it’s not looking good.

    Remember Cadeflaw is about defamation of the deceased, not the living. You are able to defend defaming statements levied against you. Why don’t you file a defamation claim against those who are defaming you, if that is what it is? They are ready to go to court. That is what I would do. I don’t have the proper answers and am not in the position to judge anyone, but I do know that you are the only person who can fix this. I also know that I can’t sit, idly, by and allow this justice group to look like they are picking on you because of Rev. Gross. Rev. Gross is not a perfect person and neither am I. None of us has made that claim but it’s time to come forward with the truth.

    I will not take sides with you or MJJJP but I’m standing with the side of truth. I hope that you will still repay the debt to our MJGlobal friend; and if not I will pay it myself. This had to STOP NOW.

    MJ Brookins, Cadeflaw Administrative Director


    • editormjtp says:

      It indeed takes courage to stand up for what is right or what we believe to be right. and you Mary and MJJJustice have proven your courage in this. As with you Mary, I tried to steer clear of this also, because of my position with the MJTP and within the community. I try not to take sides or judge anyone, let alone condemn them, but with this situation, I felt I had little choice not to become involved, at least at the level of peacemaker, because of previous involvement and knowledge.

      I too was unindated with private messages at the very same time I lost my friend. I was asked to take down my tweets, because I was told a lawyer had been hired to go through everyone’s twitter line for slanderous tweets, and would be suing them forthwith. Yet the very thing I had asked for, public proof of no wrong-doing, was not forthcoming. I asked her again through a private message to show proof, show her plan and she said she would consider it, but nada. If I was in the same position, knew I had nothing to hide and was 100% certain of the legitimacy of my plan and business, I would have posted it in a heartbeat.

      As to any hidden agendas, the only one I can see doesn’t lie with MJJJustice. They like you Mary, stand on the side of Truth!


      • Thank you, Valmai,

        I surely do feel sorry that in your hours of grief over losing your dear friend you were drawn into this drama. I can’t imagine how you handled it and apologize for any emotional harm I may have contributed in this matter. Further, that you and Mary were bombarded with private messages pressuring you comes as no surprise and is also very much regretable. I totally understand why you and Mary wanted to resovle this issue in a quiet, peaceful and amiable way. We at MJJJP also did not want to become entangled in this intrigue as it is as unsavory a situation as we can imagine. We simply felt we had no choice.

        None of us want to have this kind of thing exposed in our MJ community but in the end it is GOOD that it happened, because now every member has been put on notice. These types of “business plans” that are clearly pyramid/ponzi schemes have NO PLACE in our MJGlobal family – or anywhere for that matter.

        We all want to honor Michael, follow his lead and be charitable but we MUST be smart about it. We must use our logic and discern just where we put our hard – earned monies.

        We must ask questions and if it there is malfesance, we are duty bound to alert others.

        Much love and respect to you. -Buds


    • You are a warrior and a woman of God…..
      Thank you Mary for such a powerful comment. I am so pleased that you know this was not a matter of just being mean. It is my greatest prayer that those who have ears were able to hear enough, to discern these things in advance.Prayerfully, they will be wiser. I learned a lot through out this all.To be sure,we cannot allow ourselves to conform to circumstances.

      Rom 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

      I love it…truly, all things work together for good to them that love God Thank you again for an unwavering statement, Just as freedom isn’t free, peace may not always be gained peaceably. It takes the stouthearted and sturdy spirit to stand for what is right no matter what..

      Love and Life Everlasting,
      Rev. Cate


  5. God Bless you Mary for understanding that MJJJP has no hidden agenda here, and no personal grievance agaisnt her. None of us even know Jennifer Jones personally and have no reason to try to “ruin” her life. From the inception of our group we have been cheerleaders for all the MJAdvocates with campaigns that champion Michael Jackson. We would have loved to support anything the Applehead House and their leader, JJ had done – IF it was an excercise in legitimacy.

    Our community just got a little bit safer with your affirmation of faith in bringing out TRUTH.. no matter what the fall out.

    much love- Buds


  6. MJ Brookins says:

    @satka said: dont be disappointed/surprised that you dont have 10,000 followers…In this age this kundalini master i studied with said “there will be many so called `gurus/leaders` on every street corner..people will be desperate and searching…the TRUTH wont always have many followers!!

    Great saying fro the “Kundalini Master” and I would like to add this: It is not the TRUTH which sets us free, but it is the TRUTH we KNOW. If the truth is not known there can be no freedom.

    @Buds: It would be wrong of me to continue to sit back and not say anything. A leader must NOT be a coward. God has NOT given me a spirit of cowardice.

    2 Timothy 1:7…For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    If we DO NOT exercise what was given it could be taken away. I choose to exercise my gifts.


  7. wyumkmfl says:

    What a mess ….
    What we have to remember is to follow the TRUTH. There will always be distractions that will try to lure us away from our main objective. The MJFam is Worldwide. I am sure any of us will help & provide strong advice in order to bring your focus back to the original task at hand. Yes there are many projects … one step at a time. Failure is not an option. With L.O.V.E. always …


  8. editormjtp says:

    Buds, please rest assured, you caused me no emotional harm, pain or grief. Again, I applaud your courage for bringing this to light. You did the right thing, and you did it to protect the community and those within it from becoming victims. No one should doubt your motives or your loyalties. They are firmly planted in truth and love.

    Much love to you- Valmai


  9. cawobeth says:

    Oh my… yes, what a mess. Excuse my delay in response here Buds as I have the utmost respect for all you time & effort confronting this issue head-on. Catherine, I recall you telling me about this and now I am so sorry to hear that you have been abused on top of having to repeatedly ask for your refund. Like Mary, I believe in unconditional love. However, I do not like everyone, I admit it. I do not cotton to seeing people who use other people, especially amidst a mission that is meant to bring truth into a brighter light.

    Best I could do when I 1rst noticed a proposal to buy-back Neverland is ignore it. Why ? Because it reminded me when I attempted to warn MJ fans of “HTWF” soon after MJ passed. Noone seemed to listen so I resumed MJ innocence advocacy work. When I discovered what this scheme had escalated to, best I could do was to warn more fans. This is so disheartening and yet I guess it was inevitable it get uglier before resolve. Meanwhile, we need not expend our energy any further over a situation that we allow to steal our time from the work we are meant to do. I just re-learned this the hard way dealing with someone who seems to lose sight of the essence of common purpose.

    The truth is out now and if the perpetrator(s) choose to not show humility, all we can do is pray that one day they see the light of a loving path. One can try to run & hide. and may get away for a while, except one can never run or hide from oneself. I do not see that we can do any more to resolve this other than leave it to legal proceedings. We need trust that harmony is the reordering of chaos. Valmai, wouldn’t it be so nice if more could be resolved quietly ? Thing is, we exist in tumultuous times and the tension tends to get the best of some people and it’s sad. Unfortunately, sometimes turmoil grows and needs to be confronted. We can at least know that love overcomes hate. I am proud to be associated with people who confront hate with love.


  10. MJ Brookins says:


    I have spoken to you in LOVE and I am finished with the conversation. PLEASE do NOT send me any more private messages or call my HOME. I don’t want to hear about it or read your messages.

    It is NOT up to you to question my relationship with God. I know who I am and WHO I BELONG to. I have alerted my family members about this and this is my only and last warning to YOU.

    If you send me anymore messages I will alert twitter to your harassment including the internet police and the FBI. I don’t make idol threats. I have tried to be loving and peaceful about this entire matter but you don’t seem to get the message.

    You have lied to me by stringing me along so that I would side with you against the Justice Group. I’ve given you a chance; more than what I should. I could have reported you a long time ago, but I chose not to.

    You tried to scam me a long time ago but I didn’t fall for it. You asked me to open up a bank account in my name for your business and deposit my own money into the account. You then asked me to turn the account over to you and I would be reimbursed. Once you found out that I was on disability you tried to scam me by trying to get me to believe that I could earn a lot of money every month and Cadeflaw could be helped, financially.

    Your intent was to have me open up a bank account for your business in my name. You would take possession of the account; take money from people and I would be blamed. I figured it out, otherwise why couldn’t you start an account using your own name and information. I didn’t want to accuse you of being a theft because I’m careful to accuse people without having proof. However, looking back on everything and with everything that has occurred I know now that you were trying to set me up.

    I thought it was just me and would have never dreamed that other people would become victims. I try not to think negative about people and that may be one of my weaknesses. I am too trusting of people and forget that everyone is not honest.

    Lucky for you that I wasn’t that big of a fool. I didn’t just come to America by way of a turnip truck and because of Michael I ignored telling anyone except for one person. We chose to ignore it and move on. I stopped visiting the AH after that. I had no idea this thing would turn into a nightmare. I am quite new at this sort of thing and just wanted peace to abide. Michael has been surrounded by bull crap all of his life and even in death he still can’t catch a break.

    I’ve suspected that you were a scammer for quite sometime. However, I thought I could be wrong and instead of creating a mess in the MJ Community I decided to let it go. PLus, I knew the ladies from the AH would not believe anyone but you. So I decided to keep up the work of concentrating on Cadeflaw.

    I thought if you were showed kindness and respect that it would make you feel bad and you would stop this madness. You are getting worse. I will not be afraid of you. If it is my time for God to remove me from this earth, then so be it. However, I will not meet my creator as a LIAR and a COWARD. I have been very nice about this entire mess.

    Now, I am tired and this test has become too difficult for me. Everyone must know the TRUTH. You attempt to use people like me who really love the Lord and His people. Well I love the LORD, my Savior, but I love His people, too. I question if you are one of them.

    Why are you tweeting me privately instead of cleaning up this mess? You have proven to me that your intent is not honorable. If it were you would NOT be wasting time sending me all those private tweets. NOW, I am going to block you and report you to twitter for harassing me.

    May the LORD be with you is my prayer.


  11. ( This is a responding Twitlonger)
    Hello Lovely Ones…
    I hope all this negative conversation isn’t getting you down Jennifer Jones sent out the most awful Twitlonger. She is speaking about Mary Brookins, JamLoveChange and about me in it. We are probably the only people who tried to protect her. As I said in an earlier Twitlonger, I had never revealed who she was. I never condemned her…neither did I discuss her with anyone. At some point I had to let others,(who had helped me get the money for Jennifer Jones) know that I could not give them their money back right away.

    With the exception of this Twitlonger…you can find nothing that I have written with her name in it. The truth is, she is not that important to me. What she did was wrong, but people like that are a dime a dozen…God forbid that I should chase everyone down.I let it go and never even spoke her name again…people asked me on many occasions, but I said no. I did a show for One Rose for Michael, in hopes that I would be able to help them.Jennifer Jones had her girls write nasty things about me. I do not believe it was their fault. They had no idea if it was about a sunflower or a rose. I think they were trying to help Jennifer Jones.

    It really is a shame, you know. I was fascinated by Jennifer Jones from the time we met. She is so outgoing, so personable, and so believable. I was able to remember her name with ease because an actress named Jennifer Jones died of breast cancer in 2009. It is really quite ironic, wouldn’t you agree? But, thats life. The post that have gone up about her have nothing to do with me. One post asks her to stop demonizing me. I have been called all kinds of fakes. Jennifer Jones does not have the power to say I am not a doctor or a reverend…..any more than I have the right to say her name is probably not Jennifer Jones.

    In any event, one of my friends paid me back the money. I hope Jennifer Jones did right by her, because she was a blessing to Jennifer Jones as well as me. I hope things will be well with Jennifer Jones, but it is my belief that she and I should not communicate. Nevertheless, it is my hope that one day that will change. I am going to repost the articles for you. You will see that I am not involved in her business. That is what everything was about.Well thank you for letting me rant.Following are the links. Be well Jennifer Jones.

    SCAM – 2011 Brochure for Neverland Project

    Neverland Buy Back Scheme

    Peace, At What Cost?

    Love and Life Everlasting.
    Rev. Dr. Cate


  12. IamSpeechless says:

    If anybody outside of the USA who has been caught up in these type of schemes please contact your local police station and find out where your local Financial Crimes Unit is. You will be required to complete a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR), you may even be able to complete it on line. The submission of SARs are very important because your complaint goes into an “information bank” worldwide and YOUR information may be the “vital link” to lead to a prosecution.

    NOTE: You can file a SAR anonymously if that is your preference.

    If the alleged crime has taken place in the USA you may wish to report it to the FBI and in addition if the alleged crime has taken place over the internet you may also wish to report it to the Internet Police.

    NEVER be afraid to report a financial crime, not only are you doing it for yourself but others too who may very well get caught up in scam schemes.

    Please everyone DO NOT part with your money unless it is a registered charity (research it first for its credibility) or it is MJ Estate approved.

    If is very easy emotionally for MJ fans to believe that they are giving something in the name of Michael Jackson.

    Us, the fans, are far too trusting and we need to become a lot more street wise as to how people will use the MJ Fan base.

    Sad I know, but true…


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