Michael In Foreverland by Kim Kay Day

Reviewed by @iluvdepp

After reading 55 dedications at the beginning of Michael In Foreverland starting with Michael Jackson and ending with Actor Dustin Hoffman. I wasn’t quite sure why Ms. Day was doing so before I sat down and read this charming book.

Each one of the dedications is referenced in the book as it relates to Michael’s life. His vulnerabilities, loves, humanitarianism and love for life. Whether it be a character in a movie or his children it all revolves around Michael’s inner peace and the light that shone within him and continues to shine to this day.

Ms. Day brings forth Michael’s deep humility and love for nature, for our wounded planet, and animals. She explains how “Neverland” and Michaels world as a whole was based on his admiration for Walt Disney, a man who was kicked out of art school for having no imagination, and his empire “Disney World”. She frequently references the movies “Finding Neverland” and “Edward Scissorhands” both who starred Johnny Depp as a parallel to the difficulties Michael went through during his short life, Edward as the young man who was first accepted into the suburban neighborhood only to be cast out by those same people when he was viewed as odd and different.

Then as James Barrie, who like Michael, was a genius we see the connection of his love for children and how he believed we should all never grow up just like Peter Pan. Mr. Barrie too was scrutinized as being too close to children and spending too much time with them. He was outraged and could not understand why anyone could think evil things of such innocent children.

In the final pages Ms. Day writes a beautiful poem called “Foreverland” which brings everything together like the melody of Michael’s life.

Ms. Day’s short 78 page book is a delight and if you want to go back and look to find the child within yourself this is the book for you.

Michael in Foreverland is a thoughtful, inspiring and loving book which brings history and fantasy together for those who truly believe as Michael did.

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1 Response to Michael In Foreverland by Kim Kay Day

  1. Kim says:

    Michael Jackson will live forever in Michael In Foreverland. This is a legacy and tribute book on Michael Jackson’s World and life.


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