Man In The Music by Joseph Vogel

Review by Marcellus Altschuler

I just read the Man in the Music by Joe Vogel, and it is superb. It a glossy, highly finished, beautiful product that does justice to Michael, on many levels. First of all, it covers his profound genius and his in depth analysis of every solo album, from Off the Wall to Invincible, with lots of photos.

The book is very illuminating, and covers all the production details that went into the albums, including all the edits, mixes, use of Andre Crouch choir, rock guitarists, etc. The book is organized by the albums, with a chapter for each album, and a decent amount of biographical material in each chapter.

Moreover, Vogel completely deconstructs the media and critics who dismissed everything Michael did after Thriller, as a combination of cultural bias (white rock critics used to Dylan, Stones, and Beatles), plus the entire media feeding frenzy that attacked Michael’s personal life. For example, Vogel correctly points out that HIStory is his best album, and completely dismissed/overlooked by the critics, especially in America.

All in all, this book is a great step in the posthumous acceptance of Michael Jackson’s genius and innocence.

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One Response to Man In The Music by Joseph Vogel

  1. Gloria Christopher says:

    Very nicely written and I agree with every word.


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