Jennifer Jones/ Female500 (Female5000)

UPDATE 9/5/12 :  Jen Jones took Female 500 and  morphed it into Female 5000  Same scam .. Same scammer – pls read our latest twitlonger that details how to report her to authorities –


We are posting the information regarding Jennifer Jones, aka mjsunflowerjj,  owner of Applehead House for the sole purpose of forewarning the MJGlobal family of nefarious schemes perpetuated in the name of Michael Jackson. We can’t force anyone to believe it or read it as it’s up to each individual to protect themselves from being used and abused.

Every time she responds to our post she gives us a little more information to prove her a great actress and manipulator of facts.

Dispelling some erroneous assertions:

JJ claims in her twitlonger dated Jan 18th-

#1 “You have tried to make people believe I was selling things to purchase Neverland – NEVER ONCE HAPPENED. You have tried to make people believe I am operating a scam – NOT TRUE!”

If she wasn’t able to lure anyone into the  ill thought out Wholesave2sale gimmick it’s not our fault but she did indeed PROMOTE the scheme of selling things to purchase Neverland.  See our wordpress “Neverland Buy Back” scheme – Asking for donations to buy Neverland when it was not for sale and proposing selling “yellow bricks” is a SCAM and she sent out a 2011 Brochure complete with pics of the the Giving Tree and others.

#2 “You have spread around a LIE that I was co-embezzling with William Wagner. I have NEVER met William Wagner. ” 

In our wordpress we never mentioned William Wagener being in league with Jennifer Jones, not even once. All mention of William Wagener was made in Bonnie Cox’s blog –  Bonnie Cox was also threatened with a “slander” lawsuit if she did not immediately remove her posts. We are more than happy to share Bonnie’s posts since there are still viewable on her blog.

“Emergency blog- Michael’s fans getting ripped off” 

AND comments on this post: “Tell The Angels No” 

Focusing on the Female500 

JJ says on Jan 2oth twitlonger –

“My business that is my living has NOTHING to do with our project. And, the people that are on payroll do not even KNOW I am in the MJ Community. It is NOT a pyramid AT ALL. We have a team structure of base paid workers whether in accounting, HR, management or whatever.”

The Female500 is a “new business plan” very much like the Neverland Project and is ALSO a pyramid scheme.  Curiously enough the unbelievable $375,000 4month compensation of the Female 500 is amazingly similar to the unbelievable $325,000 compensation that had been projected for the Neverland Project.  Imagine that.

Additionally JJ adds:

“As far as our group – we are not working on the Neverland project. We have NOT worked on this project for a very long time. We are working outside of this community AND NOT EVEN mentioning Michael’s name – to eliminate hunger as our country as 1 in 3 children who go to bed hungry every night.”

On Feb. 4th 2012, Mary Brookins posted a comment directly to Jennifer Jones on our post entitled, Peace At What Cost?  Pls read this bit of it:

“You tried to scam me a long time ago but I didn’t fall for it. You asked me to open up a bank account in my name for your business and deposit my own money into the account. You then asked me to turn the account over to you and I would be reimbursed. Once you found out that I was on disability you tried to scam me by trying to get me to believe that I could earn a lot of money every month and Cadeflaw could be helped, financially.” 

Let’s just imagine the amount of unabashed gall it takes even ask somebody else to open a bank account with their SS#, and all pertinent private information and then hand it over! To make it even more egregious, JJ goes after Mary’s limited disablity income. Is there no depth she will not sink?

Furthermore,  Mary Brookins IS part of the MJ community in fact a very prominent part of it and well respected. How can Jennifer lay claim that “we are working outside of this community” but all the while soliciting Mary Brookins, Rev.Catherine Gross and others to work in it?  Dangling this pie in the sky -$375,000 financial gain in monthy ‘bonus” checks. Confirmation of this comes in the form emails.

JJ email to Mary dated September 28th 2011

Please read this letter above again.. notice all the emotional tugs she uses to pull on Mary’s heartstrings and then puts the “urgent” pressure.

“Can you help me out with something that is urgent by accepting this business proposal or part of it? No money will goes to me at all  You take care of this with credit card and then I pay you back but pay you bonus checks as well.” (Details attached) 

Reality check – “YOU take care of this with a credit card” and then I leave you holding the bag when I don’t pay you back and you end up paying interest on the credit card balance.

JJ used a different approach on Rev. Catherine in Sept. 17th 2011 email as she tells Catherine she wants to help her. 

But again the sense of urgency is there:  “If you take care of today- then I will offer you something extra. I am raising my funds for the Female500 kickoff right now. I am doing as business loans paid back in 60-days with earning a bonus check for next 4-months. I am attaching this information for you as it is something I would REALLY like to do for you.”

Now let’s examine this email to Catherine a little closer. It’s dated September 17th 2011 and JJ says she’s raising funds for the Female 500 “kick off” so this means this NEW plan just getting underway.

But hold on just a second –  in Mary’s email just a mere 11 days later.. JJ says  “You know how long I’ve been working on my project   and I have my entire team put together with Directors trained and training this weekend for the Crew.”

Surely JJ can’t be speaking of the Female500 as the “project I’ve been working” for so “long.”  11 days is not “long”  Notice that the term she uses is project… and the only project JJ had been working on for a long time was the Neverland Project. These two emails prove that up to at least mid September 2011 the Neverland Project was in full swing. (perhaps still is)

Now to confirm this we have yet another email dated 8/7/2011 from JJ that has two attachments “LA Trip” and “Neverland Project”

So Aug 7th, 2011 JJ was sending out Neverland Project with the LA Trip Schedule and yet another job offer with a request to keep it all hush hush.

“With that said, I want to request of you that you keep this information completely confidential not emailing or copying or sharing with another. This is very important to what we are doing in the initial stages to be successful. “

She targets the love that the fans have by saying she is “guided from beyond” Please note while attempting to sweeten the pot by bringing in one of Michael’s closest friends, JJ making a major blunder here – “Like Elizabeth Taylor, tweeted just the other day, he is a Modern Day Prophet”  Ms. Taylor died in March so how would she have tweeted “just the other day”?  The manipulation of the emotions, it seems, never ceases.

We have other emails dated as late as  October 2011 that also speak of Neverland Project and we know from the 2011 Brochure that the ‘Global Dance’ was scheduled for late November 2011. The dates don’t lie.

Jennifer Jone’s website for the Female 500 is very slick but talks in very broad terms about how women are gonna change the world. It’s a feel good website filled with all the warm and fuzzy buzz words and then it baits the reader to “register” for more information.  But, WAIT,  to access this wealth of information and the cure for all the ills of the world is a $25 fee that must be paid. How convenient, a toll of sorts before the Promised Land.  It is a sure way to make some easy bucks prior to allowing any interested party to actually see the “business plan” and decide whether or not they want a position in this scheme.  It’s a glossy scheme but a scheme none the less, a pyramid scheme.

We would be less inclined to continue to post an expose on Jennifer Jones every week if she would just merely have the decency to apologize to all the people she’s lied to, return any ill-gotten gain, through either the LA Trip debacles, the Neverland Project, the Female 500 and the ever secret, “Sunflower Fields” and actually begin to work for the good of  Michael Jackson’s legacy.


Jan 20th TL JJ to VO

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33 Responses to Jennifer Jones/ Female500 (Female5000)

  1. Thank you for posting the above information regarding Jennifer Jones, owner of Applehead House. It is very important MJGlobal Family be aware of such malicious actions in the name of Michael Jackson.

    A plan to buy back Neverland. Like come on …. If it doesn’t make sense it means it is not real. Please investigate prior to providing support &/or committing yourself to a cause.
    Ask to see &/or research the charities registration number. It is your right to make sure
    If they refuse to provide the information then don’t provide the financial support they are requesting. Just the fact they become angry …. should be a given ‘clue’

    There are far too many misleading actions out there. I for one … I have had ENOUGH
    Very good investigation work. Thank you for keeping us up to date on this matter.
    How dare they use Michael Jackson’s name to a cause that is not ‘real’. I hope there are plans going forward to bring this to JUSTICE
    With L.O.V.E. always


  2. UPDATE: <- This website is down. .. And we have yet to be served with any kind of slander petitions by Jennifer Jones. Its now called Female 5000 –


  3. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know where this lady is?


    • anonymous says:

      Metairie, LA.


      • She has told some people she lives in Austin, Texas and told others she lives in Metairie, LA….so no one knows for sure.. but rumor has it that she and her little band of Applehead House members will be in Los Angeles, June 2012 … . Have you had any issues with her and if so are you willing to present evidence of such … She has removed this Femaile 500 site and we’ve been sent numerous emails regarding other money-making schemes since we last reported on her. If you have information to help in the complete exposure of this woman will you please email


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  5. Amber Wilson says:

    This woman lives in Austin, TX. She actually tried to hire a group of girls, including myself, to get Female 500 off the ground, but the whole thing was a huge scam. We each paid $25 for our work uniforms and were given outrageous tasks that gave us the impression that either this woman knew NOTHING about starting a non-profit or was batshit insane. When we tried to get her to meet with us so we could discuss what we needed to do, she avoided our calls until she claimed that she had come down with a sudden case of breast cancer and would be in the hospital indefinitely. She then said that her illness was too much for her to handle and terminated our contracts. When we asked her two days later about being paid for the incredible amount of time we’d given her, her cancer was magically healed and she wanted us to work again. We told her no, that we’d rather be paid for the time put in and move on. She responded with a series of rude, aggressive and practically illiterate text messages about what little thieves we were. We tried to take her to court, but unfortunately did not have enough information on her to process a claim. This woman is a devious, disgusting scam artist with a terrible hair dye job on top of it. I would seriously love to see this woman go down for using potentially good causes to be a manipulative, thieving toad.I’ll be emailing you guys ASAP to see if I or any of my former coworkers can help.

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    • Jessica says:

      Well, this is pretty appalling. This woman needs to be stopped. She is obviously taking advantage of people with good intentions to her own benefit. She utilized employee resources and time to fund “Female500” and it is pretty outrageous that she is continuing to plot. I will send an email. I may have some information that will help out.


    • roly8 says:

      I agree this is pretty appalling. This woman owes me US $750.00 from money I lent her back in November 2010 in good faith. I wont go into the details as MJJustice are now well aware of what happened and I have sent them the details, including copies of chats, emails going back and forth, etc etc between Ms Jones and myself. I was shy and embarrassed for a long long time about this and for a long time only about 3 people knew about my plight, but no more! I was hesitant at first to put my name forward to Mjjust with all my details but now I’m certainly glad I have. I may not get my money refunded, but I most certainly want to see this woman brought to justice and stopped from scamming anymore unsuspecting people and I feel that the more people who have been duped or scammed by Ms Jones that come forward, the closer we shall get to this happening.
      I am pleased that more and more letters/ posts are coming in now to help expose this woman. Keep them coming, please.
      If I can be of any help to anyone, please dont hesitate to contact me.


  6. Beverly says:

    Hello, I too was scammed by Ms. Jenn Jones. I worked on projects, accounting, payroll contracts and website design. I also recruited others to help and of course; never received any compensation. When one day out of the blue she asked for a loan to move into a new house that she needed because she was apparently living with her parents. I refused to loan her any money because I had never met face to face with her or received any kind of payment for the work that I had completed. She did have me setup a new website “Female5000”. She thought that no one would be able to track her down if she changed the name just a little. LOL……


    • Day by day more and more people are telling their stories and it is apparent that Jen Jones has continued to push this Buy Back Neverland scheme even as late as the ill- fated June 2012 trip whereby Nora Moya and her companion were both ripped off, mistreated and left stranded in Los Angeles with no driver, no room and no funds.

      Anyone who has lost money to this woman needs to file with their local authorities – Take the time to go in a make a FORMAL complaint.. and also fill out an IC3 form to the FBI for internet fraud.. She won’t be caught unless her victims stand up and say “ENOUGH”


  7. melrawls says:

    I am sad but so happy to find this page she got me for $5,000 my bank was bought out but surely they keep records of bank transferred to her. I was so stupid….all over MJ things she is good wow horrible to see this I thought after me she stopped.


  8. melrawls says:

    God I am sick to think I deleted things from her but she sent me logos to choose from had me believing I gave more my perecentage would be higher then I knew it was too good to be true. I gave money for June2012 trip and I never went..I paid more for a private room..I will think hard for the next day or two because it was so degrading I forgot so much of it but I will look at my emails…


  9. melrawls says:

    She tried the bank thing with me too, in my name give her control etc..cant remember details, then she wanted my personal address to use as a reference to get a new place….I new she was scamming me to get a mortgage on my house..I will be up for days trying to go back and see what I find..


  10. melrawls says:

    I even called Michaels spiritual advisor June I think is her name and she said she had spoken to this crazy women and for me not to give her money to give to MJ charities directly too late at the time it was 2,500.00………………….lets get Cooper or some media to help find her and expose her.


  11. melrawls says:

    I have 110 emails from her but the latest ones to verify my biggest transfers to her I deleted damn…but bank of america should have info even though Arvest bought them out…I wonder because that is wire fraud on her part..I am sick I had everything to nail I even have a new phone dont have her text anymore bullying and using MJ good heart disgraceful


    • Please contact your bank and get all the pertinent information Fill out the IC3 form online, Also Call & Fax or mail your complaint to the FBI in Los Angeles -Address: 11000 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024 – Phone:(310) 477-6565 Tell them or right a small cover letter This is regarding a major internet defrauder Jennifer Jones aka Twitter name MJSunflowermj Also Sunflower777 “Neverland Buy Back Scheme” Also send it to your States Attorney General’s office


  12. BelindaBee83 – BelindaO- twitlonger August 4th distancing herself from Jen Jones / and explaing her connection to Taaj Malik

    I want to state that before I get into this situation, I am not trying to start anything with Taaj Malik or Jennifer Jones or whoever. This is my account of what I have went through with Jennifer Jones aka RealJustice4MJ.

    I usually do not follow fans just to follow them. At times, many of the MJ fans are off and I do not have the patience to deal with the foolishness. I followed RealJustice4MJ because I really thought that she was about what her moniker was about. I did not know any of the things that I now know about her. If I knew, I would have never followed her.

    There are fans that unfollow me because of two reasons: 1. they do not like what I state, 2. they cannot handle what I state. I know that I can come off as a total bitch because I can be real honest. If someone does not want to follow me, just don’t follow me. Do not state that you wanted to unfollow me because I am not a supporter of LaToya Jackson. I have my reasons and that is my right to do what I want on my own twitter account. (BTW, I do not hate LaToya Jackson or any Jacksons but I do have issues with some of them.) RealJustice4MJ confessed to me that she did not want to follow me at first because I was not a fan of LaToya Jackson. However, she followed me anyway.

    She claimed to me that she was a medium and we all know or should know what a medium is. There was even a show on NBC called “Medium” and there is a reality show on the TLC network about a medium from Long Island, NY USA. Yes, RealJustice4MJ claimed to me that she was a medium and being a good natured person, who for some strange reason maybe because I am a bit naive, believe this woman. I have always wanted to communicate with a medium because I wanted to know how certain family members who I loved were doing in heaven. I asked RealJustice4MJ about how my beloved sister, named M, (I will not give out her name) was doing, if she met the grandparents and aunt and if she has met Michael because she, like me, was a huge fan of his. RealJustice4MJ told me that M has met these people and even told me that I do not communicate with M that often in the living world. RealJustice4MJ told me other things as well but I was believing this woman and even wiping tears at times because you have to understand that M’s death was horrible and was the worst day of my life. For this woman to tell me this helped me a lot because I needed to know for sure that M made it safe in heaven and she has met my mother’s father and sister and my father’s parents.

    To find out that RealJustice4MJ was a woman name Jennifer Jones and that this woman was scamming fans in the past was horrible to know. I read this blog post –

    and I was disgusted. It reminded me of what RealJustice4MJ told me via direct message on twitter about MJJusticeProject and Catherine Gross. RealJustice4MJ told me that she hired a private investigator to look up those two people because those two were harassing her on twitter and were reporting her or something. I cannot remember. She also told me that she believed that those two were the same person. When I read the blog post last Monday from MJJJusticeProject about Jennifer Jones aka RealJustice4MJ I was like, “no wonder she was telling me that nonsense. She scammed these people in the past.” I am telling you, I had no idea what was going on. I do not follow up on what fans who support the Estate executors do. Wow, is all I can say.

    I did email RealJustice4MJ after Taaj Malik outed her, in a way, on twitter weeks back. I logged on twitter and I saw the tweets and it was weird. After reading everything, I did get that email RealJustice4MJ sent but I was not interested in what she was saying. I might not like a lot of things the Estate executors supporters do, but I will not call the roses “blood roses”. That was mean and wrong. Some of these fans who brought the roses are probably not interested in the fan community drama and wanted to do something nice for Michael. Anyway, I emailed RealJustice4MJ and asked her about her side of the story and she never could give me her side. I even told her to communicate with me on Yahoo Instant Messenger and she acted as if she did not know what I was talking about. I emailed her again and he never responded and then I emailed her for the last time last week after she told me months before about being a “medium” and how she had to take tests to be a medium. I looked that up and there is no such thing as one taking a test to be a medium or to sharpen their skills. That should have been a dead giveaway to me but at times, I can be very simple.

    So, when I read what Marco was stating on twitter for the past few days about Taaj Malik knowing about Jennifer Jones returning to the fan community and not notifying the fans, it got me thinking. I want to state that I do not hate Taaj Malik and she is not to blame for what happened to me regarding Jennifer Jones. I do think that Taaj should have warned people ahead of time because even though the fan community is very harsh to her, she still should have notified the fans and made it their decision to forgive Jennifer Jones and follow her or ignore this person altogether. Maybe Taaj was not trying to get involved in any of those things because it was probably not her concern. I cannot judge her for her lack of concern for the well being of the fans online. I do believe that all of us: fans or not, should be careful when we are willinging telling people our personal lives to total strangers. There are people, like Jennifer Jones, who will find something to gain from someone personal demons, struggles, faults, tragedies, worries and pain.

    I remembered when Michael was murdered and I stated that I have decided to end my personal beef with any fan that I had beef with because it was time to come together. When you lost a loved one, one of the first things you do or state is talking about uniting people or trying to unite people. I do mean what I state but at times, there are some fans I want nothing to do with so I blocked them. I am a individual fan and I am not a member of ANY group. I support fans who about justice for MJ and fans who do not support the criminal estate executors. I am not a supporter of any type of fan division because one does not have to divide fans because of a difference of an opinion. At the end of the day, we have a right to believe what we want to believe. If some fans want to use my beliefs on what happened to Michael in order to get me to reveal personal things about my life, to contribute in bashing his fans because we are not on the same page or to gain from my personal pain, those fans need prayer and Jennifer Jones is one of those fans that needs prayer.

    I want to also state that just because I follow Taaj Malik on twitter does not mean that I support everything she states or does. It means that I follow her on this website. I think for myself and just because I do not support the Estate executors does not mean that I get that from Taaj or anyone from the Jackson family. It was Michael who stated that conspiracy was all around him. It was Michael who fought against Sony/BMG. It was Michael who fired John Branca in 2003 and wanted nothing to do with him. I go by what Michael stated when it comes to the situation regarding Sony BMG, the Estate and the executors. I do my blog by myself and at times, I do ask Taaj or any fan for additional help or information. However, for the most part, I do my blog independently. I am not stating any of these things to trash Taaj Malik but I am stating them to let people know that I should be judged as a fan of Michael Jackson and not because of who I choose to follow.

    After what happened with Jennifer Jones, I have to be more alert than ever before and just ignore anyone that claims to be for justice for MJ. If you are for Michael, then you do not need to make a big deal about it. Let your actions speak.

    Peace and God bless. ·


    • Bleery says:

      We actually don’t know whether this person’s real name is Jennifer Jones. Also, this person isnot a fan but rather an opportunistic criminal.


      • You are absolutely right. We have no idea who this woman really is except for the fact that she is most definitely NOT a Michael Jackson fan but rather a shark preying upon his community. Jan 2009, She had a business called Sideline Boutique ( link ] whereby she ripped off people by selling merchandize and then not delivering – she had an assistant that we spoke to who told us she had been stiffed for all the work she did for Jen Jones. She asked us not to use her name and would not give us any details because we are told her we are not authorities and she only wanted to deal with legal authorities.


      • Bleery says:

        You know there was a photo of her with her Applehead group in front of the gates of Neverland in 2011. So her face is known. It’s out there. It makes me wonder if her assistant actually reported her? I dare say not as Jones is still active. What a shame…


  13. Great twitpic of Taaj Malik denoucing Jen Jones and also stating clearly that she KNEW of her scams – Thank you Sarrah-


  14. t2designt says:

    Her scams never cease! Four or five years ago I had the misfortune to answer a Craigslist ad for freelance website development for her bogus ‘Sideline Boutique’ business. After seemingly weeks of rush design work, I submitted my invoice. Then when the check never appeared but requests for work kept coming, I stopped. She promised the check would be overnighted…several times. Then she started playing for sympathy…how stressed she was…she had the check with her but had spent the night the emergency room with a panic attack…finally I pulled the site down and deleted the cached archive. She threw a fit via email and then just disappeared.

    I worked it out and the only thing I can think was that she needed a web presence to scam independent boutique owners to pay for orders that would never be shipped…and to quote the little girl from the old Shake-n-Bake ads, “And I haylped!”.

    I hate conmen/women like this. They prey off of the naive and desperate, as I was at the time. I am not a religious person, but sometimes I wish there was a Hell just for people like her.


    • We did investigate her Sideline Boutique and it was reported to BBB and graded “unsatisfactory” .. This kind of person relies on the gullibility as you say of her marks as well as their soft heartedness. A long time grifter way before June 2009, she found the MJfanbase a easy place to work her con magic – it didn’t hurt her at all to partner up with other people who added and abetted her activities within the Michael Jackson community – We just recently found that Taaj Malik of TeamMichael777 was knowingly allowing Jen Jones, her longtime friend to appear under a psuedonym RealJustice4MJ twitter name as they joined hands in an attempt to discredit MJJJP. This clandestine relationship was finally exposed when Jen attempted to get into the donation gathering of Taaj’s own pocket – it was only then that Taaj exposed RealJustice4MJ as being Jen Jones.. but just the act of covering up for a KNOWN scammer leaves many to question Malik’s honesty – The Jen Jones saga and her secret operatives is still unfolding .. unfortunately this story is not yet over.


      • t2design says:

        Thanks for the update. I just stumbled across this site because I occasionally do a search for her to see if Karma had caught up to her yet. Keep up the good work!


  15. Karissa Carimi says:

    I know this is late to reply and years later, but I am just finding this site. Has anyone filed with their local police company or does anyone know if there are charges against her?


    • We have not been informed of any legal ramifications against Jen Jones. We do know that many of her victims were from foreign countries and therefore unable to file with US authorities. The victims in the United States were too embarrassed of being taken in or too afraid after she harassed and threatened them to report their victimization. We notified the FBI but as far as we know, no one has been able to locate her whereabouts to press charges-


  16. Mary Helen Luna says:

    I am a former member of the Applehead site and I like an idiot trusted Jennifer Jones. I was a member of her original site before Jen shut it down and opened AppleHead House. In July of 2010,Jen found me from MJ Portrait Tribute Page. All I had to do was pay a $25 one time only membership fee. At that period of time she was trying to start her MJ Farm scam, though I didn’t know it was a scam at that time. This supposed farm was to be built near Waco Texas. To make a long story short. Jen told us that there was not enough interest and money to get it off the ground. Later she tried to get us interested in the Whole Sale U Save. Thank God, I didn’t give her any money for that !!

    It was around the Christmas Holidays that Jen had us work on some research to start her Buy Back Neverland for MJ’s Kids. Never realizing that this was a scam. She had us quite busy with silly researches that didn’t make sense in how that was going to generate money for these so called Causes. Oh, by the way, we were supposed to be paid for all the work we did, which never appeared. The 2011 L.A. trip was coming up, Jen kept us busy in chat with meetings and phone calls. All we had to do was deposit money in her Chase account to reserve our rooms. To her credit, why she paid for my room and a few others I’ll never know. Meanwhile, membership at Applehead started to fall. Summer came, we went to L.A. but not without drama. We were suppose to be greeted by Special Staff member of the Hotel, given special ID Badges, T-Shirts that never materialized .
    When I and my roommate and several others from AH checked in, our rooms were not ready or not paid for. The staff put in a call to Jen and she in turn had them charge it to her credit card. It was later that we learned that her card was maxed out and never paid…. We arrived on a Sunday, Jen joined us late on a Thursday. We were at Disneyland by this time, so we didn’t see her until the morning when we went to Neverland on a chartered bus she had hired (and never paid for) Her excuse to us for not being there to greet us at the hotel, why she was late in joining us, was that her credit card was stolen, couldn’t buy her plane tickets to L.A. until it was replaced but it was going to be mailed. Not in time for the trip, so her ex husband let her use his card for the trip & expenses. So many little details that just didn’t add up. So many things that we were supposed to do MJ Related, but never materialized. I like a trusting fool gave her the benefit of the doubt. I wasn’t aware at this time of the others having trouble with Jen with money they had given her and never paid back.
    After the L.A. trip, Conrad Murray’s trial was coming up. Jen wanted us to go to L.A. in support of Michael and his family by showing up at the courthouse with signs & flowers for the family. We had to like before forward money to her Chase acct. to hold our rooms. I had forwarded her $350 dollars. It was during this time she was having trouble on Twitter from disgruntled people who she scammed earlier. It was at this time she told us about her breast cancer and had to cancel the trip. Meantime I had bought my airline tickets for $375, reserved my transportation to and from the airport. She told us we could go on the trip to L.A. without her or she could reimburse us our money for the room and plane tickets. I opted for the reimbursement, which never came. Her excuse, she was in the hospital having surgery. I had started to avoid Jen by sometimes not answering her calls or logging out when she logged in.
    By this time, membership at AH was at a all time low. One day, I logged in and noticed I could see things at AH that was privy only to the Owner and Administrators. So, I called her up and asked her how come I was seeing this kind of information. As it turned out, she made me co-administrator without my knowledge and permission. I told Jen I didn’t want to do this, but she begged and cried to please do this for her. It was only until Dec., after all she did pay for my room in 2011 ( Ah Huhhhh, there you go !! ) She even offered to pay me. I told her no, I’ll do it only until Dec, no payment was needed. But she insisted to pay me. So, I took her up on her offer. Well, Dec. came and went. By late May of 2012, the reimbursement didn’t materialize for what she owed me for the trip for the Conrad Murray Trial and I can’t begin to access the value of my time to keep AH going and interesting.
    One day sometime around late May of 2012, I tried to log in & couldn’t. I was blocked unless I paid up for the money owed to Ning for running the site or have the owner come up with the money. I called Jen, she asked if I could pay half, I said I couldn’t afford it. She said, don’t worry, I’ll find a way. Somehow she came up with the money. The 2012 trip was in planning stages, very few members signed up for it. I knew that Nora and Anne had signed up for the trip. It was later that we found out what happened to them. Thank God, I didn’t go on this trip due to family emergency or I would have been in the situation like those poor ladies. By early July, AH was shut down for good. Jen did not call us, emailed us, to what or why, but I suspected due to no payment to Ning.

    We rarely saw Jen on AH from Sept of 2011 to July of 2012. When she did, it was supposedly her calling or logging in from her hospital bed. After AH closed, I was on twitter, I started to see tweets from people she had scammed looking for her. Then I saw Marco and Taaj Maliks tweets. WOW, I was totally shocked, but not surprised. By shocked, I mean I was shocked by how many people she preyed on, taking advantage on our grief of losing Michael.
    One day back in Sept of 2013, she “bombed” my phone, repeatedly calling me. I ignored her calls. So, I went to twitter and tweeted this message …… 2 a certain person from the past, stop bombing my phone. I don’t want 2 hear from you ever again. It has been drama free ….. I think she saw my tweet as I never heard from her again. I strongly suspect she is on twitter and facebook under an alias. I learned a very expensive lesson. I’m not rich, I save all year just to do MJ related things in L.A. and Las Vegas. I pinch every penny I can find to be able to do such things. I learned NEVER to trust anyone again claiming to Pay Forward MJ or send money for Charities for MJ… Before I do, I now thoroughly research any group or causes for MJ before I send money to.
    I am well rid of Jennifer Jones and I hope she will be caught soon. In case you are interested, the last known address I know of she lived in San Antonio Texas. … 800 IH West, Suite 608, San Antonio, Tx. 78230.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Senshee says:

      I am really sorry for what happened to you. From now on, if you want to help, give your help directly, then if you want you say a prayer for Michael being your inspiration. He doesn’t need his name being used. If you want to help, just do it. Just make sure your help goes in the right hands. Much love to you and what you have done.


  17. Senshee says:

    How stupid is this. I can smell the scam from the other side of the world.


    • Karissa Carimi says:

      Hi, I am Just receiving this email. Is there new information besides what I see from 2012? I am trying to figure out how many scams she is into recently. This is with the utmost importance! Thank you, Karissa Carimi

      Sent from my iPhone



      • We know of no other scams by “Jennifer Jones” – If she is using an alias within the MJfanbase community or groups and continuing with these ruses within the community we have no knowledge of it. If you have current information regarding any sort of scam and wish for us to investigate please email us at – Subject line please type- New JJScams


      • Karissa Carimi says:

        I’m sorry I don’t know of any right now, but please keep me informed if you hear of any others. Thank you!

        Sent from my iPhone



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