Protect Yourself BEFORE You Donate


Charity Registration

Every official charity, whether they are a large International
Organisation or a small local charity will have a Charity Register Number.
With this number you can find out information about the charity.

THE PRINCES TRUST, a charity set up by Prince Charles in The UK their charity number is 1079675. The
Princes Trust, like all official charities has this number on their
website. With this number you can go to a charity search website. For
England and Wales you can search
Just put in the number and you can find all the information about The
Princes Trust, from their contact information and aims and objectives to a
break down of their finances in both percentages and money terms.

In America official registered charities / tax-exempt organizations with
incomes of more than $25,000 are required by law to file Form 990 with the
Internal Revenue Service annually. This form is searchable on

You can also search Registered Charities on the IRS website by their EIN

EIN number is 01-0966974 which you can find like all Registered Charities
on their website.
Search for them on the IRS website and you find them on this LINK.

Financial Transparency 

When you donate money directly to an Official Registered Charity, either
over the phone, online or from a fundraising event your details will be
entered onto their internal data base. Each charity will have a different
data base & software but the procedure will be the same. They will create
a profile for you on their database, which will include your contact
details, the date of the donation, the reason for the donation, and any
other relevant information. Your profile will have a unique tracking
number, which will be used in all communication between you and the

When your donation is processed by the financial department of the charity
you will be issued with a paper receipt which is sent in the post to you.
This receipt will contain the charities contact details, official logo &
registration number, your unique tracking number, your contact details,
the amount and reason for your donation and a unique receipt number.Before
you receive this in the post, the charity will make a photo copy of this
receipt, which will be placed in a filing cabinet. The receipt details,
date it was issued, receipt number will be added to your profile on the
charities internal database.

All money received by Official Registered Charities must have a paper
trail, and be accounted for. Official Registered Charities are required by
law have their files available for checking by financial auditors at any
time. Charities are required by law to keep their financial files for a
minimum of 5 years.


1. Find the charities registration number, either on their website or ask
the charity directly.

2. If there is no registration number on the website and or when the
charity is contacted & they refuse to give this information or become
angry and defensive when you ask for this information, then DO NOT GIVE

3. Make sure the charity has a proper postal address, a land line phone
number and a bank account in the charities name. If the bank account is in
a persons name, or there is only a mobile phone number, or there is just a
post office box number or a PAYPAL account, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY

4. Make sure you receive a paper receipt in the post which details
everything about your donation.

Much appreciation to  @MJJStreet who works for a major charity for providing this important information.

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