Messages from the Heart to The Mind

A learning style is a student’s preferred way to absorb the lessons he or she may be presented with. Learning styles are not really concerned with what students learn, but instead, how they would rather consume the lesson. For many years teachers were allowed to teach children in accordance to what they were able to understand. It was as though every child received special services. It worked well because it was personalized. Viewers from without saw this, and attempted to categorize the results of what was a person to person style of learning.

Fleming’s VAK/VARK model

One of the most common and widely-used categorizations of the various types of learning styles is Fleming’s VARK model (sometimes VAK) which expanded upon earlier Neuro-linguistic programming (VARK) models1)  visual learners; 2)  auditory learners;3) kinesthetic learners or tactile learners.

Fleming claimed that visual learners have a preference for seeing (think in pictures; visual aids such as overhead slides, diagrams, handouts, etc.). Auditory learners best learn through listening (lectures, discussions, tapes, etc.). Tactile/kinesthetic learners prefer to learn via experience—moving, touching, and doing (active exploration of the world; science projects; experiments, etc

Whereas the educational arena concedes that it is necessary for teaching endeavors that connect to diverse learning styles, the value of such labeling is questionable. Researchers agree that students do have sundry learning methods; they also agree that it is not really significant when creating learning programs. It is far more important to match the presentation with the nature of the subject and to offer appropriate learning methods and approaches, as opposed to any corresponding distinct choices

Why doesn’t it work?  Chiefly, the dream is often missing.  That dream is the child’s aspiration.It develops from stories your mother or grandmother read to you. It is the hope of becoming something special. It is the reason that you can made decisions. Does the child relate to Goldilocks, the wolf, or the three little pigs? Which pig? Children learn a lot from stories and fables. If the teacher isn’t building on that dream, the child may well not acknowledge the message, despite the learning style. They can be inspired by something else that is not necessarily positive. Therefore, a flat Neuro- Linguistic format may not work. Some children learn through the heart not the head. We have to remember that all education is Special Education, because all children are special.

Michael Jackson sang us the stories that touch our lives. He gave us hope, he let us know that we can love, and that we are loveable. Michael told us that we could change the world…and we can. We know that today. When our beloved brother left us, it was only physically. The spirit of him whom I choose to call The Honorable Michael Jackson stayed. His spirit lives in us, and generations who never saw him have been endowed with Michael’s spirit of love.

You might want to ask at this point, “What does that have to do with education?!” Well, for many, learning is through the heart and to the mind. I was amazed at the things I was able and willing to bear and do for the love of Michael. Each of us found the fire that lived inside of us; we decided to make that change. I am so proud to be part of the MJJ Global Family. There is no classroom that has taught me as much as I have learned here. Michael taught me the greatest thing of all. He taught me how to love. Yet, it is you who compels me never to stop. Let’s stir up the gifts that have been given to us. The creativity that we were endowed with must never end. In truth, there really is no creativity; it is all in you through the grace of God. It is your gift. Michael said it and it is true. You know it, you know it, you know it…”Make that change”. If we didn’t know it, we know it now. Yes… let us stir up the gift. There is no education better than the wisdom that God has endowed you with!

“No matter what, the most powerful thing in the world is the human mind and prayer, and belief in yourself and confidence and perseverance. No matter how many times you do it, you do it again until it’s right. And always believe in yourself. And not matter who’s around you that is being negative or thrusting negative energy at you, totally block it off. Because whatever you believe, you become.” MICHAEL J. JACKSON,2001

Rev, Dr Cate C.P.C

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3 Responses to Messages from the Heart to The Mind

  1. cawobeth says:

    Nice post Catherine, Dr. Cate (I like that). You’re a Rev & Doc of love to me.
    What you bring up here is so significant to what Michael stands for which is to me one of the greatest innovators of creativity, You hit on something that is so powerful & means so much to me.

    “We must use our creative talents to help others use their creative talent.” MJ

    We are each & all creative and Michael has showed us the value of creativeness in so many ways; how creative expression may be used to heal ourselves & others, awaken to what matters, shed light of what matters in life, amplify the wondrous sights & sounds from within us, celebrate life itself and so much more. I believe that it is his creative expression that not only gave him a sense of purpose but has healed him to a great extent throughout his life. Of course love is the ultimate healer and Michael expressed his love with his creative attributes.

    Children need both (we ALL need both !); to absorb creativity from the outside-in, but more importantly, initiate one’s own creativeness form the inside-out.

    Children need to be encouraged to explore from the inside out. We have a problem here in the USA.The Arts are treated as secondary education; either as reward or recreational. The Arts need to be an integral part of education !
    Many, many case studies have proven that children that study music and the other arts are more apt & do achieve better in all subjects.
    There are many such orgs. trying so hard…

    Michael is so right with this quote as he too became a master and one who earned the declaration of master himself.
    “The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” MJ
    So, whether it is the author of a fable that has transcended centuries or one of Michael’s record-breaking songs, these classic gifts are here for us to be further inspired.

    To truly learn is to learn from the masters is to absorb the information, imitate, study, actually apply what one has learned and utilize these gifts of information to develop one’s own unique creativeness.

    Cate, thank you so much for posting this because “it’s just what the doctor ordered”. You helped remind me of my purpose (as I tend to get distracted & discouraged these days).
    I am dedicated to The Arts for healing, enhanced learning and heightened awareness of cultural diversity.


  2. cawobeth says:

    Hence, Michael prevails as a power of example that can be seen in so many ways.
    The new music lab, at Gardner School, in Michael’s name is a prime example.
    May this help more & more & more children to have opportunities to develop their creativeness.

    Me too Cate, “I am so proud to be part of the MJJ Global Family.” as we share in the opportunity to enlighten Michael’s love.


  3. ISAURA says:

    This article is wonderful, thank you for sharing – Michael was a very unique human being an incredible person that God sent to this World – I now his spirit is with us at all times but I still which he is her with us – I know we are possessive with our love ones and yet I know MJ is at peace and he deserves that and more, we are selfish sometimes and we don’t want to let go – I just miss him so much – and want the world to know once and for all the real Michael Jackson, not just the artist but the person, the humanitarian – well I love my MJ family – thank you again PEACE AND LOVE AND “YOU KNOW IT – MAKE THAT CHANGE””


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