Stop Kony 2012




Michael Jackson’s main focus in life was the welfare, safety and health of the world’s children. If you honor him and his message then please take 30 minutes of your time to watch this video.  Then ACT. Just because this is an old story doesn’t mean it still isn’t relevant. The fact that this man has not been stopped makes it extremely relevant.

The MAIN purpose of StopKony 2012 is to keep government keenly aware of  the people’s interest and continue to take action.  The government  only took that decision because they saw the people’s interest in it and if the people don’t make enough noise this mission will be cancelled.

That is why STOP KONY is using social media to continue to spread the word and accomplish the big goal in stopping Joseph Kony once and for all.

Over 30,000 Ugandan children have been abducted in killed, brutalized, raped or mutilated by Joseph Kony and his rebel army.

The rebels often masquerade as military soldiers, or pounce as villagers gather together for occasions such as church services. They launch vicious attacks, killing the weak and the old with machetes, swords or stones, and cutting off people’s ears, lips and noses to serve as a warning to others. The rebels capture those who can be useful to them, including children strong enough to carry weapons. The captives are tied together and marched to camps where they are violently indoctrinated and turned into soldiers, porters, cooks, or sex slaves. Captives are often forced to kill or rape family members, making it impossible for them to think about returning home. Those who do resist or try to escape are tortured and killed.

How can YOU help?

If you have a blog.. create a post with Joseph Kony’s picture …  or feel free to use the contents of this post. This message must be broadcasted worldwide. 

UPDATE: Media is reporting on some of  the controversy of Invisible Children.. Be sure to read these links: Read Pro and Con articles, then YOU DECIDE

Also please look at the Financial Report of Invisible Children before you make up your mind to donate.  You can also spread the information and bring awareness regarding Joseph Kony without donating a dime. Follow your heart.

Other sources:

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4 Responses to Stop Kony 2012

  1. The Children’s shop contact cannot be found, and the Kony pledge address is invalid, I’m afraid.


  2. Please read our updates- media has been reported some inconsistencies and challenges regarding the Invisible Children organization.

    We also posted their Financial Report, please do not donate unless you feel comfortable with this organization. Access Hollywood is preparing to air a program regarding this issue we must watch and find out as much information as we can.

    We will continue to update as information comes in.

    You can still bring awareness to Joseph Kony without donating.


  3. stephanelehr says:


    I’m the photographer and you using an image without permission of the author Joseph Kony Leader representative of Lord’s Resistance Army. This photo comes from the following site
    I ask you to pay user fees or to immediately remove the picture of your site on page.


    • Notice to Subscribers – Please note we were requested to remove the picture of Joseph Kony from our original post that we had found on Google images- by the photographer who owns the image.

      We have replaced it with another picture of Joseph Kony found also on Google images.


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