Drawing Hope- Supporting Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Many Michael Jackson fans are very much aware of the artist, David Ilan, due                   to their participation in his wonderfully conceived 1 Dot= 1 person artwork at the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait site. Michael was a resilient man and rose above the tribulations in his own life as he always had hope and plans for a brighter future.

This month, David is hosting a Red Carpet Gala through his organization, Drawing Hope and the project Points with Purpose, that serves many thousands of survivors in over 150 countries. Drawing Hope helps survivors connect with their own strength, see their beauty and embrace their freedom.

The Gala will feature, Kai Chase, best known as the personal chef of Michael Jackson and his children. This is a wonderful opportunity to meet Kai who very much respected Michael and took extra loving care in preparing nourishing meals for his family. This is also a splendid chance to meet Kai as she will be available for discussion and enjoy her cultural fusion cuisine.  Additionally, she has donated a private cooking lesson for the silent auction to be held the night of the Gala.

More details regarding this event can be found on the Drawing Hope website. 

Please use this convenient link for Red Carpet Gala Tickets

If you have a group of Michael’s fan that would like to block a table, these options available:

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