Alleged 2008 Interview w/MJ

Alleged Interview between Chuck Dakota and Michael Jackson 

There is No Audio available to confirm whether or not this interview ever took place.

CD: You are without doubt the greatest entertainer that ever lived. Looking back did you ever think you would be the king of pop?

MJ: (laughter).. Wow.. Thank you so much… That’s wonderful of you to say. I don’t think I ever really had a grip on what we did until Thriller. When I was a child I didn’t understand it all. Joseph would give us checks each week from Barry and I was ten, eleven years old and had hundreds of thousands of dollars handed to me each week and all I wanted was a friend to play ball with and a pack of bubblegum. I can really tell you with all honesty that when I was younger I wanted to stop and just be a child with the astonishment of the world.

CD: You say that it came to life for you with Thriller. What do you mean by that?

MJ: A lot of people don’t know this but thriller was mine. I had it in my head from the days of being with my brothers playing clubs at two or three in the morning. Because I could never play with children or join a baseball team I would stay up late into the night and write poems and stories. I remember I would fantasize about what I wrote and I guess a lot of what came out was my dreams of what I really wanted. I kept everything I ever wrote and when I was making Thriller I took some of what I composed and adapted it into the album of which I’m very proud of. Because Thriller was my own creativity, it made me really fall in love with the music because for the first time I was able to express myself and release all these emotions and if you listen to the album and I mean really listen you can hear that I wrote most of those songs from the soul.

CD: Michael you were the king of the stage since day one. You didn’t have to work at it, you had it and gave it to the world. Do you have any regrets?

MJ: Again thank you for such kinds words. That’s wonderful. I was talking with one of my dear friends the other day and we were I guess reflecting on the past and I think if I could have changed anything it would have been the chance to be a child for just a little while. I remember going to and from the studios and seeing children play and how all I wanted was to be one of them. I would have traded anything in the world to change places with them just for the day

CD: Michael you’ve lived your whole life in the press. Everything from the elephant man bones to having alien babies. How do you cope with it all?

MJ: (laughter).. The elephant bones was one of the top ten. I’ve always said the bigger the star the bigger the target and by no means am I saying that I’m better than anyone else but because of the way I live and choose to live and what I’ve accomplished the press for the most part feel they can make anything up and as long as it has my name on it, it will sell.  All I can say is don’t by that trash. That’s all it is, trash and what I want people and my fans to know is when you buy that junk you’re putting money in their pockets and it hurts me. I’m a human being, not a freak show or Wacko Jacko, just a man trying to raise his children and live in peace.

CD: Michael how has your children changed you?

MJ: (deep sigh).. Oh wow.. Everything.. Everything has changed. I’ve always wanted children and I’m so blessed by the Lord to have that kind of love in my life and I will do anything and everything I can to make my children lovers of the world and not spoiled brats with the silver spoon. I want them to see the world with wonderment and not be afraid and to have goals and to live life at its fullest and with each step they take I see that in them and I wake up for them and go on for them. For the first time in my life, all of this has a purpose and it’s my children. The hell, the pain, the loneliness was leading to them all along.

CD: Let’s talk about the 90′s run. You had huge success in that decade but the press down played it. You sold millions of albums, had huge hits and I’m wondering if that’s why you slowed down with putting out more music?

MJ: Without question. I was so irritated the media said those albums were utter failures. They sold millions of copies like you said and had massive air play and it still wasn’t good enough. They wanted to focus on other things and I think we know what those are without having to indulge but the point being it goes back to making news out of nothing when I gave them so much to make news from that was true and honest like selling 7 or 8 million copies, debuting at number 1, I could go on and on but it’s the same Ol’ story.. If Michael does it, let’s burn it into something else.

CD: Do you have plans for new music or maybe a tour?

MJ: Well I’m going to tell you something you may not believe..(laughter).. I have several hundred songs already laid down that I go back to when I want to release a new compilation. When I’m in the studio I sing until I can’t sing anymore because I write all the time. I get beats and rhythms and work on new dance steps all the time but people don’t see that side of me. I do want to do a new album but it has to be right. I want it to be bigger than Thriller and I know I can do it. We’re talking about some concerts but right now that’s still private information but we’re talking and it’s coming.

CD: That my friend will be the biggest show in the world.. I can’t wait.. I remember I was just a young DJ when you played Arrowhead back on 84 or 85. How much work goes into a new album or concert tour?

MJ: (laughter).. Kansas City right….

CD: Yea.. Where the Chiefs play…

MJ: (With excitement) Yea.. Yea.. I remember that.. I had Kansas City ribs for the first time and made Joseph buy me four or five racks to eat on the plane. (laughter) It’s really a lot of work. I’m not one to say let’s do a tour and hire someone to put it all together regardless if it’s just on MTV, with my brothers or a world tour. I develop every detail and it takes years. That’s why I don’t do it all the time (laughter)

CD: Speaking of MTV.. How does it make you feel knowing you are the one.. The only one.. Who broke down the barriers and made it into what it is today?

MJ: They say imitation is one of the biggest form of flattery and some of them just can’t do it.. (laughter) Chuck don’t you air that.. People will get mad at me.. (laughter) I was just kidding…. I do consider that one of the biggest achievements I’ve done and I’m so proud of those artist that come in my footsteps and take it into a new direction. I often wonder what music would be if it wasn’t for Thriller. I know what it did to the world and to music and sometimes i just wonder how different it would have been without it.

CD: Michael, in all the interviews I’ve ever heard or read you always go back to thriller.. In my opinion you’ve had so many great works of art.. Not music but art.. So why do you use thriller as the example?

MJ: That’s a great question chuck.. Wow.. Well I guess because it was mine. It was the first time I had complete control from start to end and it allowed me to bring everything that was buzzing in my head to life.. (laughter) now people will think I hear voices (laughter) be quite, I’m talking (laughter).. Sorry I get carried away sometimes.. It’s my Genesis. It’s the start of what I consider the career of Michael Jackson. The others before it, I’m very proud of but it had other hand prints on it when Thriller was mine and it paved the way for what my music would be. It’s like a road map and I’ve followed it every beat from then until now.

CD:That is so cool… I’ve read what your favorite song is and what you like to listen to but what is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

MJ: Good grief.. This is like final jeopardy..Do the questions get harder as we go (laughter)… I have many that are special to me. Each song represents something so special in my life from charity work I do to love to relationships to peace in the world so I can’t pin down one because each one has come from my soul.. Not just pen and paper with a lyric that rhymes…

CD: Let’s talk a minute about charity. You have a Guinness World Record for supporting the most charities from the entertainment world.

MJ: Yea.. It’s pretty neat.. My children told me that we’re going to get one for eating the most fried chicken (laughter).. My dear mother instilled in me very young to give back and as I grew in God I knew what I had to do as a believer in Christ. I hate to see suffering, I hate to see people in need and I feel God gave me a gift and I have to use it responsibly by giving back and I’ll do it until I have pennies left or the good Lord calls me home.

CD: You’re not only like that with charity but also with your fans?

MJ: I love my fans.. I mean I really love them and if I could meet every one of them I would. I watch television and see shows that follow other celebrities and how they get so mad about fans wanting to say hi or get an autograph.. They made me.. So if I can give them two minutes of my time and a friendly hello it’s well worth it. I’ve lived my life by the fans and I’ll die by the fans.

CD: Michael give me a typical day in your life?

MJ: Well.. It’s very boring.. (laughter).. After I visit with the aliens (laughter) don’t air that..I can see them writing that story now…. (laughter) …I start the day around 6:30 or 7.. Take a shower, get my children up and we have breakfast… I fix them what they want and then I’ll have a meeting or read while the children play and then it’s about lunch time and we eat and spend the afternoon maybe playing a game or watching TV or a video and I get them ready for dinner and at night we might stay up late to go shopping or something fun for the children. I tuck them in, read them a story, and then I spend the rest of the night catching up on mail and stuff like that. Just a typical dad.

CD: Finally Michael.. What is one thing you want the world to know about you?

MJ: Well..For one don’t read everything you believe (laughter) .. I just want my fans to know that I’m not done.. I haven’t thrown in the towel and I’m coming back bigger than ever before… I owe it to them, I owe it to myself and I owe it to my children. I want them to see what their daddy can do, not read about what he was and had to put up with 20 years from now.

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4 Responses to Alleged 2008 Interview w/MJ

  1. This interview was reported to be fake. If you read this introduction piece written by Chuck Dakota, many suspicions can be raised.

    First he is using the Associated Content, which means anyone can write on it. Also he is spelling the contract “rider” as “ryder” which is a truck company. Not to mention that this “rider” is very strange.

    Dakota writes that this “rider” says that he had to sanitize his hands before entering the room and that he had to refer to Michael as “King Michael”. I don’t think Michael would require to be called as “King” on a informal basis.

    Dakota also says that this interview was broadcast for Armed Services Radio on hundreds of stations and yet you can’t not find any references of this interview unless it’s on MJ fans foruns. He said the audio of the interview would be posted and to this day no such audio surfaced. Instead he was asking MJ Fans to contact him and donate money for one of MJ’s suported charities and get the audio in return. Which is in my opinion rip off MJ fans of their money.

    And not to mention he uses “angel” and goes into so many accolades and uses words about Michael that most men wouldn’t use.


  2. jevi23 says:

    Simply beautiful!
    When I read this, I got tears in my eyes….
    “I’ve lived my life by the fans and I’ll die by the fans.”
    Thanks for posting this!:)


  3. This was greatly discussed when it first came up and the majority of the fans came to the conclusion that this was fake.To me the biggest clue was Dakota asking the fans money in exchange of the audio. And also the Ebony interview was in 2007 and not 2008:


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