Promote Michael Jackson’s Music – Part Two

                               PROMOTE MICHAEL JACKSON MUSIC – NOW 

We respect the fact that people having differing opinions and we have no problem with them using Michael Jackson’s own words to support their theories, but we do take issue with misusing Michael’s words to support a faulty agenda.

This quote is attributed to Michael in an Alleged Interview with MJ with Chuck Dakota. – “What I want people and my fans to know is when you buy that junk you’re putting money in their pockets and it hurts me.” In this alleged interview, Michael was referring to tabloid magazines. We are not sure that this interview took place but it was used in the twitlonger below and we are simply demonstrating where it was found.

When he made this statement – “I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money”,  he was referring to people like the Chandlers who extorted money in 1993 and the Arvizo’s who were using the Chandler playbook and attempted to screw Michael over  again with false allegations.  Please read Michael’s complete statement made in 2004.

Now let’s check the spin on this twitlonger dated March 6th:

These quotes were grossly taken out of context and put here to stir emotions and get supporters for a cause that will hurt Michael’s legacy in the long run. Let’s dissect this.

Would Michael call his own music “that junk”?

Would Michael say he was “vulnerable” and say Sony wanted “money”?


Neither one of these quotes fit with the issue, but they are included.  WHY?

It is the misuse of Michael’s words that weaken the argument of the people who wish the fanbase to boycott Sony -which in fact, is boycotting Michael, since he owns 50% of the Sony/ATV publishing catalog.

In 2002, Michael held up signs that said “Sony Sucks” we don’t deny it. Sony, under Mottola’s reign, was not promoting his music, ergo, if fans are not promoting his music, They Suck. It’s as simple as that.

Some have tweeted proudly that they’ve been boycotting Sony for 10 years so they are stating that they had NOT listened to Michael when he said PROMOTE INVINCIBLE NOW.

These people who continue to ignore the reason behind the boycott and putting quotes in Michael’s mouth that do not truly reflect the correct context to what he was talking about, do him a great injustice.

Let’s examine this particular sign.  Notice it clearly says “PROMOTE INVINCIBLE NOW” along the bottom.  It has pictures of George Michael, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson ..  all have big red X’s  over their mouths ..  Why?  What do the X’s represent?

Being silenced.

1)George Michael –

George Michael sued Sony in 1994, and lost a case whereby he claimed that Sony restricted his artistic license and  “he also testified that Sony had sought to punish him by not promoting “Listen Without Prejudice” as aggressively as it should have, particularly in the United States. The album sold five million copies, a relative disappointment after his 1988 album “Faith” sold 14 million copies worldwide.”

2)Mariah Carey  –

Mariah Carey’s album Rainbow which was released on November 2, 1999 received the highest first week sales of her career at the time, however debuting at number two on the Billboard 200.  Sony felt Rainbow didn’t have any strong single to be released, whereas Carey wanted a ballad regarding personal and inner strength released. The difference in opinion led to a very public feud, and fearing to lose their label’s highest seller, Sony chose to release the song. Carey, soon found out that the song had only been given a very limited and low-promotion release, which made charting extremely difficult and unlikely. Carey left Sony in 2000.

3) Michael Jackson –

Early 2002, under Mottola’s direction,  Sony Music suddenly cancelled its promotion of Invincible. The third single, “Butterflies” was due for release in early February, but Sony pulled the single’s commercial release for unknown reasons. Michael protested this lack of promotion and demanded the ouster of Tommy Mottola.

January 9, 2003 Tommy Mottola was forced to resign from Sony.

For George Michael, Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson, it was an issue of  Non-promotion of their music by Sony.

What happened with these three  artists after their individual difficulties with this particular record company- Sony, were resolved?

George Michael – He settled up his differences with Sony and is currently advertising his music deal with them, on his website.

Mariah Carey – According to some reports, she is considering returning to Sony as soon as she fulfills her contract with Universal Music Group.

Michael Jackson –  Between November 2003 and August 2008, Michael released at least six compilation albums under Sony’s label, Epic or a division of Sony, some of which he was executive producers listed, including Thriller 25 in Feb of 2008.  Michael actively promoted Thriller 25, leaving a personal message on video expressing his excitement to his fans. Please read more information regarding the 2002 demonstrations in Promote Michael’s Music Part 1.

Why do we support Michael’s music ? –  He told us he wanted it to live on.

“I always want to do music that influence and inspire people, each generation.  I mean, let’s face it, no one wants mortality, everyone wants immortality. You want what you create to live, be it sculpture, painting or music or a composition. Like Michelangelo said, you know, “ I know the creator will go but this work survives. That is why to escape death I attempt to bind my soul to my work.” That’s how I feel, I put my all in my work ‘cause I want it to just live, and give all that I have, you know. Yea, it has to be that way.”                                                                                                 Michael Jackson

Listen 2:49



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One Response to Promote Michael Jackson’s Music – Part Two

  1. We only ask you to consider facts and think –

    Michael Jackson spoke twice in 2007 regarding of acquiring publishing rights as co-owner of Sony/ATV-

    This dispels the heavy rethoric of conspricay theorists who claim Michael boycotted Sony. He wouldn’t boycott what he jointly owns as it makes NO business sense.

    Even before that – During Michael’s very public and open complaints about Mottola refusal to support his album Invincible London 2002 the business of acquisitioning more publishing rights continued for Sony/ATV in July.

    July 2002 Sony/ATV Music Publishing buys country music publisher Acuff-Rose for $157 million. The venture includes publishing rights to 55,000 songs.

    Then TWICE in 2007 with Michael’s obvious approval-

    “Sony/ATV Music Publishing today announced that it has acquired the legendary catalogue of award-winning songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. The Leiber Stoller catalogue contains more than 40 Top 40 hits, including “Stand By Me,” “Poison Ivy,” “Is That All There Is?,” “Love Potion #9” and some of the greatest songs that are part of the Elvis Presley legend, including “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” Sony/ATV MusicPublishing is co- owned by Sony and trusts formed by Michael Jackson.”

    Michael said-

    “I am delighted that we were able to acquire the Leiber Stoller catalogue,” said Michael Jackson. “The songs of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller have defined an era, and the artists who have recorded their work reads like a who’s who of rock and roll.”

    Later in May 2007 – Sony/ATV acquired Famous Music as well-

    Michael said – “This is a milestone event for Sony/ATV Music Publishing. The diverse collection of songs in this catalogue range from timeless classics to contemporary hits, and I am pleased to add the acquisition of Famous Music to Sony/ATV.”

    Michael was “pleased” and doing business with Sony as a partner in the Sony/ATV acquisitons of more publishing rights because this increased the value of his portion of the catalogue.

    Also, Michael never said Sony was racist – he said Mottolla was racist – please do read HIS WORDS via transcript and by listening to the video in our post.

    Michael Jackson’s children will inherit Michael’s holdings as specified in his Pour Over Will and Trust – So his portion of the Sony/ATV catalog inevitably will belong to them.

    Why then, should any Michael Jackson fan boycott Sony projects associated with MJEstate that promote his musical legacy when they only contribute to the inheritance of his rightful heirs?


    Sources: and · Reply


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