Why We Support Bad 25 Campaign


How do we know it is RIGHT to support the New Bad 25 Pepsi campaign?

1) Because in 1993, for two and half months after the press broke the news of the Chandlers false allegations, Pepsi continued to sponsor Michael’s concert dates.
2) They announced their relationship ended upon Michael’s decision to stop touring  & enter into rehab to address his addiction to pain killers.
3) It was Michael Jackson’s decision to partner with a Saudi Prince and initiate Kingdom Entertainment, which sponsored his HIStory tour.
4) Not only did Michael partner with PepsiCo in 2008 to promote Thriller 25-  He met with artists crafting the animation of the lizards for the commercial and he danced “Thriller” steps to show the animators how to make the lizards’ necks move more precisely, to closer match the famous video.

How do we know further KNOW Michael was involved in 2008?

Akon spilled the secret of the Michael Jackson being involved with something to do with the Superbowl in an interview. Kiss 96.7 in the morning prior to the airing of the Sobe commercial at half-time.  Try to ignore the irritating questions of the interviewers because even though they are seeking some juicy tidbit about Michael Jackson – they are typically snarky at the same time.                                     Partial transcript of what Akon says during interview.

:51 Hey, He has a surprise for you at the Superbowl.

:53 Yeah man, the guys about to come and take over in 2008

Akon speaks of a surprise that Michael was working on for the Superbowl, the interviewers assumed it was another half-time show….but Akon  says –

3:10 I didn’t say he was gonna perform –

3:19 I’m not gonna tell you too much, I may have told you too much already

3:41 Thing is, Mike has something totally different going on .. it’s just happening around Superbowl time. I’ll give a hint – his presence will be felt around that time.

4:07 There’s no body bigger than Mike.

4:18 Mike set the standard for everybody.

How was Michael going to make his presence felt?

In 2008, the promotion of Thriller 25 was accompanied by Pepsi’s roll out of their new energy drink SoBe – because Pepsi knew the Michael Jackson sold products and Michael Jackson knew a Super Bowl ad would yet again introduce his music to a new generation of fans …

That same principle is now being applied to the Bad 25 campaign by his Estate.
Pls read an Excerpt from Pepsico Sobe 2008 Press Release-

“SoBe Life Water will be supported by a major marketing initiative that will continue to drive home the message introduced during the Super Bowl. Featuring the song “Thriller”, on the eve of the album’s 25th anniversary, the spot starred Supermodel Naomi Campbell, who along with a cast of SoBe lizards, introduced the world to the concept of Thrillicious. 

As evidenced by results of several Super Bowl ad polls, SoBe Life Water made a huge connection with consumers. Three of the top Super Bowl surveys ranked the SoBe Life Water Thrillicious spot as among the best commercial moments. Leading the way, SoBe was tied for the 10th most liked spot in the USA Today Ad Meter consumer poll – the highest ranking of any non-carbonated beverage advertising during the game. 

The Thrillicious spot also hit the top 10 in TiVo’s list which measured second-by-second audience data. On the web, AOL’s Super Bowl survey has the SoBe Life Water spot in its top 5 picks by consumers.

SoBe will continue the Thrillicious momentum during the upcoming 50th Annual Grammy Awards, with relevant activities leveraging the connection between SoBe Life Water and “Thriller” — one of the most popular songs in the history of contemporary music.”

Please remember that Michael was an artist, highly intelligent, with a innovative mind and clearly, a marketing genius too. Akon explain that WAS Michael behind the Sobe Thrillicious commercial and the marketing of Thriller 25. 

The Estate is following Michael’s lead. Please read the PepsiCo  May 3rd, 2012 announcement. 

It is cleverly continuing the association between Pepsi and Michael…..and as far as we are concerned, it’s a much welcomed campaign to once again spark the interest of a whole new generation of fans for Michael to promote his legacy.

Possible China ad –

“His presence will be felt”



Thanks to Natalia for this link – http://boards.mjjunderground.com/topic/2418-michael-worked-in-secret-at-palms-studio/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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8 Responses to Why We Support Bad 25 Campaign

  1. SGAA says:

    We MUST keep his legacy alive and maintain awareness of what Michael wanted. The Estate is a wonderful example of how a legacy is kept alive on so many levels. We must raise our voice as one and follow Michael’s lead. I support the Bad 25 campaign!


  2. jason says:

    I was reading your comment the estate is wonderful and almost choked on my can of coke.


    • Don’t choke – We agree that the Estate, so far, has striven to follow the wishes that Michael expressed at his 45th birthday party ..pls read our post Promote MJ Music …the video is at bottom.

      BTW – everyone at Pepsi knew Michael drank Coke and they still wanted him to advertise their product.. it was Michael’s endorsement of Pepsi that spurred Coke to create that new formula … that failed miserably.. but it showed the power of Michael Jackson as influencing the market.


  3. Lee Gray says:

    I support this because Michael was an amazing artist and a genius and this type of campaigne will confirm that even more.


  4. Linda says:

    Moving forward…. I’m all for it!


  5. It also seems that Michael was really involved with the SoBe ad’s creation, giving ideas to the animators on how the lizards should move.

    Check this excerpt from an article about Michael working at Palms studio:

    “One of the best-received commercial highlights of Super Bowl XLII was the premiere of “Thrillicious,” PepsiCo Inc.’s Sobe Life Water spot starring supermodel Naomi Campbell and a cast of animated lizards busting out a series of fiercely choreographed dance moves to the tune of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

    During a third visit, Michael met with artists crafting “Thrillicious” SoBe Life Water advert. It was in this studio that Michael danced “Thriller” steps to show the animators how to make the lizards’ necks move more precisely, to closer match the famous video.”



  6. What a great find Natalia.. thank you so much.. We are seldom surprised but always appreciative of the soldiers who dig up these gems. As usual, Michael was very much involved.. sort of reminds me how he helped with the characteristic of those California Raisens.. lol


  7. You’re welcome. I’m always trying to spread the truth when I can, and I really appreciate your work. I’m sure Michael would be very proud of you!

    Liked by 1 person

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