Believe Foundation

Michael Jackson was a champion for the underprivileged, underserved and highlighted the injustices and inequalities within societies across the globe.

He introduced the world to music, interpretive dance and entertained millions while promoting a message of justice, universal brotherhood, compassion and global connectivity. He supported the United Negro Fund and other educational charities, among others,  because he understood the importance of knowledge and that it is the key to understanding the world.

Because of his philosophy – We feel that Michael would have been very much involved in the Believe Foundation.

The program within in the California school system regarding art, music, film etc… are the first ones to be cut due to budget crisis within the state. School libraries are hit hard and also fewer field trips to art museums are possible.

The Believe Foundation is a registered organization under 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with a mission to impact urban communities through innovative social and arts programming.

Valmai Owens, from Michael Jackson Tribute portrait, interviewed Gregory Smith founder of Believe Foundation – Please read the full interview.

To find out more information to this worthy cause please use links-

Believe Foundation Facebook

The Board of Directors

Michael Bearden – Chairman

Jeffery Weber

Sean Holt

T.J. Stafford

Mindy Coates Smith

Charles Ragins

“If one person just helps one child – they’ve done so much. ya know.. if you can do that, it  would be beautiful. Just to help one person would be ALOT, a big step forward.. because  there’s a lot to be done.”  Michael Jackson 

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4 Responses to Believe Foundation

  1. I agree with Michael, this would be one of our greatest accomplishments in life and affect tons of others’ just by trying to help one child. We have to stop having children, that we don’t want to raise
    correctly. There should be a basic manual in raising our kids, some parents are really clueless, and need to realise everything they do with that child will affect the child and them forever…


  2. Lee Gray says:

    Michael was an amazing person who did a lot for children around the world and I support this foundation.


  3. We wanted to thank you for this article that you have done on Believe Foundation! It is very much appreciated!! Thank you for your support!! We just saw this for the first time today.
    Believe Foundation


  4. Great News!! The public hearing for the establishment of the Los Angeles School of Arts and Entertainment (LASAE) has been set!! The hearing will take place Wednesday June 27th, 2012 at 7pm at the Inglewood Unified School District offices. The address is 401 S. Inglewood Ave, Inglewood, CA 90301.

    The public hearing is a part of the regular School Board meeting for the Inglewood Unified School District. Their meetings tend to run very late, sometimes until midnight, so bring equal amounts of enthusiasm and patience.

    After the public hearing the district has 30 days to approve or deny the petition.

    We need everyone to come out in force on the June 27th at 7pm to support arts education and the Los Angeles School of Arts and Entertainment!!

    For more information go to

    The Los Angeles School of Arts and Entertainment is a project of the Believe Foundation. The mission of LASAE is to use high quality arts education to increase academic achievement and to be a bridge between urban youth and employment opportunities in the creative economy.


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