World Record 100K MJ Thread Attempt

Ran across this group the Michael Jackson Filipino Fan Club Worldwide on facebook  who are attempting to create a world record of a continous 100,000 comment thread.

Current count 64, 804 as 9/8/13

They began the thread on November 25, 2011, with this is facebook banner. Could it be any more Michael-like? We were immediately drawn in.

We think this is a grand concept and urge all members of the MJGlobal family to particpate in this endeavor. Without much advertising of their effort, they have already accumulated a total of 27,507 posts on one thread.

Not only would this be a great accomplishment it would be a very nice way of demonstrating Michael’s concept of love, connectivity and universal brotherhood.

We, the MJGlobal family are Michael’s family. We honor, defend and protect him and we have a much easier time doing this, being unified.  Unity will allow us to make great strides in bringing a proper presentation of this beloved brother of ours.

It’s easy to participate. Simply join the group, then locate this RED “live chat” box.

Then leave any kind of posts you wish. Perhaps a Michael Jackson video, article or a link to a charity, a campaign or picture.  It doesn’t really matter as long as the number keeps going up.

Ivy Lim posted – “MJ Fans bonding session on-going, everyone’s welcome to join in.”

“Members of this group are attempting to get the WORLD RECORD for MICHAEL JACKSON’S LONGEST THREAD ON FACEBOOK by reaching 100,000 comments. Join us to discuss anything about MJ, bond with other members or simply talk about anything under the sun.”

“Bond with other members” sounds like something Michael would have wanted us to do.

Since they’ve managed to get over the quarter mark of their goal in such 6 months with very little advertising of their attempt, the more that get involved, the faster they will reach the desired 100K.

Wouldn’t it feel great to know that the love we all share for Michael would be woven into these 100,000 posts?

Michael traversed our world and entertained thousands with song and dance but along the way he brought so much more than mere entertainment; he brought a message of hope and love.

He has brought us together from all parts of the world ….there isn’t a country in the world where the name of Michael Jackson is not known.

Let’s join together, talk, share and laugh All the Way to a 100K.

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8 Responses to World Record 100K MJ Thread Attempt

  1. mabel1717 says:

    Wow I was fascinated! I always think it would be wonderful to unite us all in one place to show how many have been influenced by the immense love that Michael has given to this world! And taught us to love ourselves for real! I have pedidp join this wonderful project for kids Fiipinas


  2. I am so happy to see such positivity…this is healing!


  3. Nice 😀 i love it


  4. Waheeda bee says:

    This is so wonderful.Remember Michael was always nbr one. We r Michael’s soldiers of love so we gonna break the record.R.I.P MICHAEL


  5. Cindyluvzmj says:

    It’s all for LOVE coz Love Lives Forever…Mabuhay!!!


  6. If we really believe in Michael’s message we will bond in this endeavor … we will show the world that all nations, all cultures, all languages, all customs can CONNECT across the globe in this goal for Michael Jackson …. Much love to all the MJGlobal family members.


  7. Nancy Chiu says:

    Good to be here!


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