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Topix is a social swamp, where MJhaters gather at the cesspool and post salacious allegations and perpetuate falsehoods with impunity. We request the MJGlobal family members to participate in this urgent call to action by Sabine Faustin. Please sign her petition, but more importantly WRITE to the advertisers of Topix, Attorney General and Topix bigwigs.

Petition Excerpt:

For years the internet community has been up in arms, complaining about the forums on which allow people to use their site anonymously to abuse, slander, harass and engage in illegal activities such as drug sales, cyber stalking others and exploiting people, even minors.

Despite successful lawsuits against anonymous persons abusing others through the Topix forums; despite a disingenuous agreement between Topix CEO, Chris Tolles and over 30 Attorney Generals to clean up their forums; despite the ever growing, very public denouncement of’s toxic forums; despite testimony from victims of, some who have had members of their family tormented to the point of suicide; some who have lost their jobs; some who have been forced to move or had significant relationships end because of the negative lies spread in the Topix forums — despite all of the many people who have had their lives destroyed because of the non-existent moderation of the forums, for Topix it continues to be business as usual.

It is business as usual for Topix because Topix only cares about their success, the traffic to their site and the money that is generated from advertising dollars.

So, therefore, we the people (whom Topix claims to be the voice of), are petitioning the advertisers of to end their association with such an unethical, irreputable organization and voicing our intention to boycott their businesses if they do not.

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I have noticed advertising for your business on the website,

Unfortunately, Topix is not a reputable site that reflects well upon your product. Topix has been on the receiving end of extreme negative backlash for years due to the abusive and illegal activities ongoing in their forums. As I write this your product is associated with a business that allows drugs sales, weapons & sex trafficking, bullying and exploitation on a daily basis. The forums on Topix are full of defamatory, vulgar and libelous attacks by anonymous people.

In all honesty, your advertising dollars would be better spent elsewhere and basically I have no interest in doing business with a company that does business with Topix. I feel the only choice I have is to boycott your business and I will tell all of my friends and associates to do so as well.

I would rather tell them that you have taken a stance against Topix and their unethical policies! 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ADVERTISERS To CONTACT ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Alaska Airlines Customer Comment Form

A&E Submit Feedback Page

AMC Feedback Page

Aflac Contact Customer Service

AT&T Contact Page

Blackberry Support Page

Blekko Headquarters: 100 Marine Parkway, #275 Redwood City, ca 94065

Best Western Customer Care  Form

Burger King Feedback Page

Cephalon, Inc.  41 Moores Road Frazer, PA 19355* 610-344-0200

Cadillac Customer Assistance Center P. O. Box 33169 Detroit, MI 48232-5169


Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. Orlando Operations Center P.O. Box 628291
Orlando, FL 32862-8291

Charter Media Contact Page

Chitika, Inc.1800 West Park Drive Westborough, MA 01581 USA

Phone: 508.449.3870 Toll Free: 866.441.7203 Fax: 508.366.5789

Covergirl ASK US page

Delta Complaint Center

Eset Customer Care

ESPN Contact Us Page

Deere & Company World Headquarters  Deere & Company World Headquarters One John Deere Place  Moline, Illinois 61265

Disney Corporate Communications

Dish Network Media Sales

Dish Chat Page

Ford Contact Page


Greyhound Customer Assistance Request Page

Google Adsense FEEDBACK PAGE:

HP Executive Team CONTACT PAGE


Head Quarters: 555 West 18th Street New York, NY

Communications Office 212.314.7251

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews P.O. Box 96105 Washington, D.C., 20090-6105 Phone:  (800) 486-8844

Intel Contact Page

John Deere Insurance CONTACT PAGE

Kaiser Permanente CONTACT PAGE

Kraft Foods Contact Form

Linder’s Garden Center 270 West Larpenteur Ave St. Paul, MN 55113 – Mandy Ginsberg, President

Amy Canaday Associate Manager, Marketing & Public Relations 214.576.9416


Monster.Inc FEEDBACK PAGE    Monster Worldwide
5, Clock Tower Place,  Suite 500, Maynard, MA 01754 (978) 823-2002

National Right to Work, Legal Defense Foundation FEEDBACK PAGE


OpenX Technologies FEEDBACK PAGE, Inc. 20 East Del Mar Boulevard Pasadena, California 91105   Tel: 1.626.204.0811 F: 1.626.405.1599


Pep Boys Issue Tracking System

RedBull Feedback Page


SanDisk Support Team

SeatGeek  57 E 11th, Floor 8A, New York, NY


Tmobile NewsRoom



Trane Parent Company – Ingersoll & Rand Contact Us Page


University of Phoenix Feedback   866.766.0766

WeightWatchers CONTACT PAGE


~~~~~~~~~MORE INFORMATION- Contact TOPIX executives~~~~~~~~

Topix is 75% owned by Gannett, McClatchy and Tribune.

Gannet, McClatchy and Tribune Facebook page:

 Gannett Co., Inc. 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA 22107-0150

PRESS CONTACT Corporate Communications
Gannett Co., Inc. 7950 Jones Branch Drive McLean, VA 22107-0150

Tell you are going to contact all of their advertisers and advise them not to do business with unless they change the policies governing their forums:

Topix LLC 1001 Elwell Ct Palo Alto, CA 94303 US 
650-461-8300, 650-691-1100 engages in a business practice that condones the usury and abuse of people’s names, their businesses and their reputations in order to amass wealth for themselves and the businesses who advertise on Topix are condoning this behavior.

~~~~~~~~~~~MORE INFORMATION- CONTACT Attorney General~~~~~~~~~

Whether you’ve been victimized by or you know someone who has been, let your representatives know that we have had enough. Contact your Attorney General and file a complaint.

California Attorney General:  Kamala Harris

Email & Contact Information for ALL  Attorney Generals

 Sabine Faustin story of harassment on Topix –


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6 Responses to Contact Topix Advertisers

  1. lynande51 says:

    I have contacted the California Attorney General myself months ago. I also reported Topix to The Better Business Bureau. Thank you for this list of Topix Advertisers because the one that is of the most interest to me is Sony. I believe I, along with other Michael Jackson fans, Supporters and Advocates will have a very good chance with them. I will also contact the others but the most outspoken and the ones that have been hurt like Sabine and me are going to have to ask why a company that Michael Jackson is such a large part of would advertise on site like Topix that turns Michael and his fans into victims of online harassment. I think I will email them copies of screen shots on Topix where they admit to harassing Michael Jackson’s children. Do you think that will get their attention, considering it is now his children that are such a large part of Sony?
    I have not been advised by the Authorities not to post on a blog about my experience with Topix and the origin of my case otherwise what I would be able to show you would definitely scare everyone.


  2. lynande51 says:

    I have not been advised by the Authorities not to post on a blog about my experience with Topix and the origin of my case otherwise what I would be able to show you would definitely scare everyone.
    I meant I have been advised by the Authorities not to post on a blog. Sorry for the typo.


  3. We think you’ve raised a very good point. We should be contacting ALL of the sponsors and especially Sony … Since the authorities have advised you NOT to post your experience, does this mean that they are investigating your situation?


  4. Shae says:

    HI MJJP 🙂

    It is indeed sad that this kind of garbage goes on practically constantly. 😦

    One thing of note is that a lot of the ads we see on the Internet, are placed by Internet advertising firms, not necessarily the companies that are being advertised. Companies like Commission Junction place the ads. Some are ‘innocent’, some are nefarious…as in click it and your computer gets infected with lots of nasties. :-/ Anyway, it’s pretty complicated. There’s a TON of money made in what computer techs call “Adware/Malware” Or my fave. term, “Stinkware” 😉

    Anyway, thanks for sharing, and petition signed. 🙂


  5. I want to make a public statement of thanks that you have re-posted the contents of my petition. I have been weighing in my mind whether I would speak out publicly or stay silent.

    Why would I remain silent?

    It has personally been very distressing and upsetting for me to notice how many people are prepared say and do nothing in the face of the abuse and bullying of others that has taken place on Topix and in other forums, as long as this bullying and abuse didn’t personally affect them. To fight for Michael is worthy, but all human beings deserve to be respected and treated well. How others could stand by and not defend or denounce the bashing of someone because they admired Michael Jackson I could not comprehend.

    The lack of support was very disheartening, and something that I know Michael himself would greatly disprove of. In the face of such apathy, I felt, what can I say or do?

    It took HOURS to gather the information for the advertisers, but it was worth it and it is good to see others stepping out and stepping up for this very worthy cause.

    I know if I created a petition to defend Michael Jackson or his children, I would have thousand of signatures within a matter of days. I am hoping that the fan community for Michael and others will see that this, too, is just as worthy a cause. Thanks again for this post and to all who have signed the petition.


    • You are very much welcome. It is important to support and promote petitions and campaigns that address injustice. Michael Jackson was bullied, harassed and demonized for most of his adult life and as advocates for him we would be hypocrites if we didn’t stand with you to fight Topix’s obvious and egregious acivities. The cesspool that is the comments section that focuses on Michael Jackson is a clear demonstration of what you detail in your petition. When we attempted to have conversations or to bring links regarding Michael’s innocence, we were met with name-calling and degrading comments. After a years observation, it was clear that Topix bias regarding Michael allowed the bullies to run rampant and that no matter how valuable the information submitted, by MJJJP, budsgirl, you or anyone else, whose ideas ran counter to the MJhaters, it was like casting pearls to swine. There are many avenues to traverse to bring about Michael’s truth and due to its built in bias against Michael Jackson, Topix is not one of them. It is unfortunate that rather than be a beacon where injustice could be corrected they have chosen the opposite as their mode of operation.

      Thank you for taking the time to create the petition and to spur others on – We must be the change that we want to see in this world.


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