Victory! If We Raise our Voices as One, There’s Nothing That Can’t be Done!

June 25th has become a global day of mourning. One of Michael Jackson’s most famous quotes is “If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.” We are fiercely dealing with the in-between. On the our third annual Memorial of Michael Jackson, France was going to air “The Doctor and Michael Jackson: A Fatal Friendship”.  We could not let that happen!

Standing as one,, The MJ Children’s Foundation( representing France), Rev. Dr. Catherine Gross from The MJJJustice Project, (representing America), fought tooth and nail for the French television stations to cancel a repulsive interview of Conrad Murray which has been deemed a documentary. The problem is there are no documents or proof of anything that Conrad Murray says. If there are no documents there can be no documentary. In addition, the film had been repudiated by the Michael Jackson estate as well as the family.

‘As executors for Michael Jackson’s estate demanded that MSNBC refuse to air a documentary about Dr. Conrad Murray, the pop star’s family members are also weighing in. The family’s reaction came as executors for the estate sent a letter to MSNBC President Phil Griffin and the cable channel’s corporate overseers.

The letter called the documentary “reprehensible” and suggested that the network “exercise proper judgment” in canceling the scheduled show.’

Jacqueline Marie III and Martine Vaudon did two shows, One to make people aware, and the next to come together as the boycott took place .



France won their fight, through petitions, boycotts, the unification of countries that sent massive letters to all the stations, and by making others aware of what the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate said. More importantly, France and America were united in this fight for honesty and decency. United is the key word. If we raise our voices as one, there is nothing that can’t be done! France was able to show the film on one day, and that day was boycotted by most. Following is a post by Jacqueline Marie III, the CEO of MJ Children’s Foundation.


MJJ Justice Project ne cesse d’envoyer des tweets à MJ Children aujourd’hui ! Ils sont trop contents qu’on ait fait barrage au documentaire de Murray (même si ce n’était pas parfait, on s’est battus et on a partiellement réussi) et très fiers de leurs amis français. Je tiens à dire que moi aussi, je suis très fière de vous. On me remercie moi (et MJ Children) mais seul, on n’arrive jamais à rien ! Il y a dans ce groupe des gens qui se sont énormément investis, alors Félicitations de la part de MJJ Justice Project, du Rd Catherine Gross et de ma part, bien entendu !

MJJ Justice Project sent tweets to MJ Children today! They are too happy that the documentary of Murray (even if it was not perfect, it is beaten and partially successfully) and very proud of their French friends. I would like to say that I also am very proud of you too. Thank you from me (and MJ Children) but only, it is never for nothing! There are in this group of people who were greatly invested, so congratulations on the part of MJJ Justice Project, Dr Catherine Gross and my part, of course! (Translated by Bing)


1)      Jacqueline Marie III Je contacterai très rapidement le Rv Catherine Gross pour lui annoncer ce que nous faisons dans ce groupe ! Je sens qu’elle va être contente ! lol

2)      Marie-Laure Jackson Together for Michael ♥

Rev. Dr. Catherine M. Gross/MJJJP

The press has made up so much…God…awful, horrifying stories…it has made me realize the more often you hear a lie, I mean, you begin to believe it..
Michael Jackson

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3 Responses to Victory! If We Raise our Voices as One, There’s Nothing That Can’t be Done!

  1. It was with great joy that we worked hand in hand with MJChildren to fight against the DiscoveryUK Autopsy show and once AGAIN thrilled to support her and admire the leadership of Jacqueline. It is in this type of cooperation that MJ advocates from all over the world can UNITE … give voice to a cause and make that change. Throw the pebbles no matter where you live in this world.. make those ripples – much love Buds


  2. I’m so glad to feel you by our side every time Michael needs justice. MJJ Justice Project is a great inspiration now for French fans and we will unite now more than ever. Just because it’s too much now, Michael deserves peace ! Love you, dear friends, from the bottom of my heart ♥ Hand in hand… always !


  3. I want to give a special Thank you to Martine Vaudon. Martine worked incredibly hard on this project. She was incredible, and absolutely indispensable! Martine worked feverishly all through the night As for me, I could have done nothing without her. So, here’s to you Martine! Thank you so much…I love and appreciate you beyond words You are fierce!
    Rev. Cate


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