Michael Jackson’s Lladro Figurine

Lladro Figurine in Honor of Michael Jackson

José Lladró acknowledges in his book: Michael Jackson was the ‘rarest’ person of those who visited the factory. Not unique. Tippi Hedren, Lauren Bacall and Michael Douglas were interested in the pieces. Several Nobel prizes have marched against the windows of Lladró. “These were people who didn’t need to go beyond the conventions imposed by courtesy. They didn’t have to take extra praise and yet they did. I know they were sincere.”

Michael visited the Lladró shop in Madrid in 1977, but he wanted to go to the factory. The reason for this visit was that “Michael received the first Lladró figurine when he was ten years old and then he became a collector,” said Juan Lladró.

During his visit he kissed one of the Tinkerbell statuettes.

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 9.14.59 AM

Before his performance in Spain on his Dangerous tour Michael requested as an “essential condition” to visit the Lladró factory.

On Saturday September 19, 1992, Michael Jackson went “incognito” and visited the City of Porcelain Lladró in the small town of Tavernes Blanques. The three Lladró brothers – Juan, José and Vicente – were expecting the arrival of the megastar at Valencia’s airport where he arrived in his private jet accompanied by an entourage of eight people and Brett Barnes. He appeared wearing a military jacket with epaulets, of confederate type, a wide-brimmed black hat and eye glasses “and apologized three times for not removing them.” He climbed into the car of José Lladró as a co-pilot and went to the factory. The singer walked in in utmost secrecy, lacking any press; the workshops were opened for this occasion and only a very small group of employees accompanied the Lladró family during the visit. A one hour video was recorded of the three that Michael spent there.

Everyone noted that he was like a child or a teenager, always playing with Brett Barnes who was pushing and jumping on their backs, but his smile, wide and ironic at times, which, together with the uninhibited gestures, showed his impressive personality.

“Now, he talked a little, only with the child. He explained everything to him.”

He applauded when he saw something he liked. The King of Pop was “excited” by a piece representing Martin Luther King and “particularly excited” by a small figurine of Tinker Bell; he took her in his hands and gave her a kiss on her little nose …”

He asked for a notebook and pencils and started drawing.”

“The Michael Jackson I knew was a good person solely guided by noble feelings. I am convinced that he loved Lladró. He was an absolutely normal person, absurdly mythologized,” recalls José Lladró, one of three brothers who founded the firm that for decades was considered one of the leading exponents in the manufacture and distribution of luxury porcelain pieces. “Jackson really was a human being whose sweetness pierced his flamboyant aura. Like Peter Pan, he behaved like a child who refuses to grow. He spoke timidly, was reserved and seemed to live in an apart world.”

After watching the selection of porcelain figurines the singer arranged a private meeting with the owners of Lladró to propose a collaboration: to create a piece for a fund-raise to alleviate the problems of children around the world. “It was Michael who, when sealing the deal, suggested to join all hands, one above another, forming a mountain.” He then signed the guestbook of the company.

The Lladró piece represents Michael walking near a dozen children of different races; behind him sits a globe on a tree topped by several white doves, all colored and mounted on a wooden stand.

Only one figure was ever made and it was meant for Michael. It has never been distributed due to the first potential scandal about the singer’s child molestation. He kept this unique piece until 2009 when it was auctioned together with 300 other Lladró pieces that were part of Michael’s Lladró collection. (Julien’s Auction Catalog)

Courtesy of MJJUnderground

PLEASE NOTE:  This figurine can be seen in the background behind Oprah whilst she was interviewing Paris Jackson and seems to have found it’s way home to Michael rightful heirs. –  

This image was most graciously contributed by @TrueNewsZone on Twitter.

Picture for the Article, Video  & Additional Infor from – Michael Jackson Fan of Southern California Facebook

Many have already seen these pictures, but maybe not everyone is aware of the history that accompanies the view of Michael Jackson’s famous Lladró porcelain factory in Valencia, Spain.

YT vid info:

This is a brief summary, which I did, that day from the same José Lladró told in his book “Lights and Shadows of the family business.”

OTHER DETAILS:-it is said that Michael has received his first porcelain figurine at the age of ten years …. and it became an avid collector.

-It was a Saturday, the day before Michael had made his first concert in Spain. -Michael wanted to pay for some figurines that were liked (including the Tinkerbell) José Lladró not accepted and offered as gifts over the figures a book with pictures and history of the company Lladró. Michael invited the whole family to return for his second concert on Monday 21, and took many pictures with them. -The family was almost full because he had married the daughter of one of the three Lladró brothers. -Jose said she would never have allowed a testimonial as Michael, who was for PEPSI. For him it was wonderful to have her friendship already. -It was in April 2009, his last visit to the store in Beverly Hills Lladró.  There was little to translate because the audio is very noisy. Special thanks to Lu, my sweet friend, who did the review of the subtitles – Betty Byrnes  –

For More Information on the exquisite Llandro Figurines – http://www.squidoo.com/lladro-figurines-history

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    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It breaks my heart though that Michael’s things are continuously auctioned off. It would have been so much more wonderful to keep everything and establish a museum documenting his amazing life and what he stood for most – L.O.V.E.


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  4. thanks for having translated into English, this beautiful story – L.O.V.E


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    Questo video è stupendo! Grazie Mary, e grazie a mjjjusticeproject per lo splendido articolo!
    This video is amazing, Thank you Mary, and thanks to mjjjusticeproject for yours beautiful and accurate news! Forever in love!


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    I’m from Spain and I knew Michael loves Lladró, but I haven’t seen this video…Thanks!!!
    By the way, even I’m not really sure,I think the Lladró factory is closed since one or two years ago… 😦


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    So nice to see that figurine in the children’s home. It is a spectacular piece that would have had a place in my home had I the opportunity to purchase one! Great information. Thanks for all you do in keeping Mj’s legacy alive MJJP!


  8. Great article. I love lladro.


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