The Making of Thriller

Excerpt from Moonwalk

“ The year before I had seen An American Werewolf in London, and I knew that the man who made it, John Landis, would be perfect for Thriller, since our concept for the video featured the same kind of transformations that happened to his character.

So we contacted John Lndis and asked him to direct. He agreed and submitted his budget, and we went to work. The technical details of this film were so awesome and I soon got a call from John Branca, my attorney and one of my closes and most valued advisers. John had been working with me ever since the Off the Wall days.  In fact he even helped me out by donning many hats and functioning in several capacities when I had no manager after Thriller was released. He’s one of those extremely talented a, capable men who can do anything,

Anyway, John was in a panic because it had become obvious to him that the original budget for Thriller video was going to be double. I was paying for the project myself, so the money for the budget overruns was coming out of my pocket.

But at this point John came up with a great idea. He suggested we make a separate video, financed by somebody else, about the making of “Thriller” video. It seemed odd that no on had ever done this before. We felt sure it would be an interesting documentary, and at the same time it would help pay for our doubled budget.  It didn’t take John long to put this deal together. He got MTV and the Showtime cable network to put up the cash and Vestron released the video after Thriller aired.

The success of The Making of Thriller was a bit of a shock to all of us. In its cassette form it sold about a million copies by itself. Even now, it holds the record a the best selling music video of all time.

pg 222 – 224 Moonwalk

Michael Jackson Making Of Thriller

Part 2


Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


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