Michael Jackson Exhibit in Rosa Parks Museum-

Michael Jackson in Blues Terms- Amalia Amaki

In interview with Black publication Ebony in 1984 Michael Jackson is asked how he could communicate his political beliefs and feelings in public without publicly discussing them. Jackson responds with “I try to write, put it in song. Put it in dance. Put it in my art to teach the world. If politicians can’t do it, I want to do it. We have to do it. Artists, put it in paintings. Poets, put it in poems, novels. That’s what we have to do. And I think it’s so important to save the world.” *

“While a part of his intent was obviously to entertain, there is a culturally intelligent and politically astute side of Michael Jackson that has not been seriously explored,” said Georgette Norman, director of the Rosa Parks Museum. “Amaki’s body of work introduces a few basic concepts that will be elaborated on and more fully developed in subsequent artwork and a book in progress of the same title.”

Listen to Amalia Amaki discuss Michael Jackson on A Place In Your Heart Radio 11/23/12   Click To read Edited Transcript of show.

Lifting the Veil

Sources- http://www.positivelymichael.com/forums/showthread.php?36666-Rosa-Parks-Museum-to-host-exhibit-exploring-life-legacy-of-Michael-Jackson&p=369773#post369773



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1 Response to Michael Jackson Exhibit in Rosa Parks Museum-

  1. cawobeth3 says:

    I’m so glad that you sighted this event . Amalia is very special & so dedicated to art, culture and uplifting Michael’s legacy to one of true honor. I am very proud to know her.


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