Artist Direct – Musicians from Bad Tour speak about Michael Jackson

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Please listen to this casual but beautiful discussion by the musicians who worked with Michael Jackson on the Bad tour. If you listen you will realize just how much Michael’s loving personality and spirit affected their lives and to this day 25 yrs later they still swim in his magic.


John Clark- rhythm guitar * Dorian Holly-vocalist *Greg Phillinganes music director/ keyboard *Ricki Lawson -drums * Jennifer Batten -guitar * Rory Kaplan -keyboards



7:52 When we came into that tour in 1987, Michael had been a star pretty much his whole life and he was working, like he was trying to become a star. He was working like he had something to prove.

8:44 ….and it was the joy of him having the say so, it wasn’t his brothers there was no committee, there weren’t five sets of lawyers and five sets of managers. It was this is my gig and this is how I want it to be.

12:00 That was Part of the magic ..part of the mission is to make it for everybody. It was for everybody it wasn’t for black, white, purple ,green … young, old it was for everybody and that’s the way it should be should never be just for this group or just for that group because then you start separating people and because we need all of us to make this thing work, the planet and if we can do that would be greater than it is.

Michael saw that .. and most of his music was about healing things and bringing us together .. He had 50 60 thousand people in there singing Man In the Mirror

He was just smart like that.

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5 Responses to Artist Direct – Musicians from Bad Tour speak about Michael Jackson

  1. ljmissmj says:

    i started to read and automatically tears came to my eyes. Michael Jackson forever shall he reign supreme. God Bless him and those blessed people that were able to bring his unigue vision to this world. I’ve seen the entire BAD 25 documentary twice, I’ve seen the BAD Wembely concert with fans which was so special. I have yet to watch the Wembely concert in the quiet of my own livingroom, it’s too soon to watch it alone. I will always and forever love and miss our dearest shining light.


  2. During and after watching Michael’s performance at Wembley alone in the privacy of my living room I cried many tears .. The sheer exuberance in his face . .. the joy in his dance … you can tell that he felt on top of the world . and HE WAS.. he owned it, at that moment in time on stage …he truly owned his world .. the love that comes at him from the audience must have been so intense and overwhelming for him and he just absorbed the brunt of that love.. . . My tears came with the knowledge that it would be very soon after that when the first false allegations come and his world is forever turned upside down. Another thing we must admire Michael for is that he NEvER let any health issue, any family member, any outsider, any inside adviser who had something ignoble to inflict upon his mind and heart to affect him .. Longterm HE was able to climb all of those obstacles.. he forgave offenses and moved on.. He was always moving forward. . . . and this is what drives me to do the same.. ..oh yes.. we must correct the past by continuing to expose the lies that have been told about him.. but we won’t get trapped in that negativity .. because we will balance it with looking forward, as he’s always done.. much love – Buds


  3. live4u4me says:

    I always seem to shed a few tears while watching Michael’s performances on video. Why? Because I know that this is it. There will never be any additions to the ones that we do have (thank God for these) and in my home they are revered as priceless treasures. When I watch Michael in the video ‘One More Chance” my heart breaks because only hours after rehearsing that video Neverland was raided. Here he was doing a video for a song called one more chance and they were raiding his home and trying to uncover anything they could to lynch him. He lived through so much and suffered it in silence. He never complained. God Bless Michael Jackson!


  4. Thank you for sharing this memory! There was one other member of the band not featured, who played synclavier and guitar on the tour, as well as on the BAD album. I am honoured to say this person is a part of my cover of “Thriller”, released in loving memory of the king of pop and the 25th anniversary of the album/tour. My cover was officially made available on the 1st Jan 2013 (you can hear it here :
    Yours most sincerely!


  5. MJ7108 says:

    Its Very Sad that the king of pop died MICHEAL JACKSON WILL always be in my heart
    Why can’t he stay alive Please God Make him alive Just please
    He is not going to be alive WHY Why
    Rip mj in Loveing of the Jackson5


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