UNITY Project – Tony Succar

Unity Project inspired by Michael Jackson

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Excerpt from Tony Succar speech:

“This is the Unity Project, a project I started …about 3 yrs ago I was inspired shortly after Michael Jackson passing ……

Always a a big fan-Michael influenced me so much –

He inspired all of us that’s why we’re here – Ninety musicians participate in this project.

We did this mainly to prove the world how important Michael still IS to all of us.

The musical influences but not only the influences in his music but his message of UNITY ..that’s why were here

To just teach the world how important it is to mesh to together the talent -the cultures.

I’m Peruvian, but I grew up here. My mom is Japanese ..that’s where I get this from (points to his eyes)

When people ask me where I am from.. I just tell them “Man all over the place”

We are here for one reason only-it’s to really UNITE.. that’s why I’m here.”

Please visit the Unity Project website for more details.

Facebook page – Unity:Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson

Twitter- @UnityTribute

Concert and Speech by Tony Succar

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1 Response to UNITY Project – Tony Succar

  1. UPDATE The first-ever Latin album salute to the King of Pop called “Unity: The Latin Tribute to Michael Jackson,” which is the brainchild of producer/multi-instrumentalist/arranger Tony Succar. http://vallieegirl67.com/2015/02/09/tony-succars-latin-mj-tribute-the-one-thing-that-stood-out-in-michaels-music-was-love/


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