Michael Jackson NABOB Lifetime Achievement Award 1992

National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters (NABOB) honors Michael at the organization’s eighth annual Communications Awards Dinner, at the Sheraton Washington Hotel in Washington D.C. Rev. Jesse Jackson and NABOB Chairman Pierre Sutton presented him this award which honors Michael’s ‘contributions to pop music, culture, fashion and philanthropy’.

NABOB represents African-American radio and television station owners; a month before awarding the singer with the mentioned honor, the organization resolved a boycott against Sony Music Entertainment, citing discriminatory distribution and promotion of Jackson’s Epic album, “Dangerous”. Michael Jackson, himself, would cite similar issues with regard to the company 10 years later. Stevie Wonder, boxing heavyweights Muhammad Ali and Leon Spinks, Spike Lee, and Al Jarreau were among the 900 guests, who turn out to see the man who revolutionized and dominated contemporary music, dance, video and fashion.

At the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters Eighth Annual Communications Awards Dinner it was Michael Jackson’s show. To prove it, some 900 guests turned out in black-tie affair wear to see – and possibly exchange a few words with-the man who was to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from the trade association, which represents the interests of the nearly 200 Black owned radio and television stations across the country.

Screen shot 2013-02-05 at 12.10.56 PMMichael, dressed in black pants, black jacket and red shirt, had them all spellbound. They didn’t care that there would be no singing or dancing by the man who NABOB Chairman Pierre Sutton described as having “revolutionized and dominated contemporary music, dance, video and fashion”. They just wanted to be in the place. Squeezing into the packed reception entrance hall-exchanging how-to-do’s with one another-in the nation’s capital were a legion of celebrities in their own right.

Rev, Jesse Jackson came with his youngest daughter Jacqueline, who is a self-described ultimate fan” of Michael Jackson. Entertainers Stevie Wonder, Al Jarreau, and Stacey Lattisaw, boxing heavyweights Muhammad Ali, and Leon Spinks (along with promoter Butch Lewis), as well as movie heavyweights Spike Lee, and Robert Townsend rubbed elbows with other NABOB honorees Motown President Jheril Busby, BET President Robert Johnson, Sen, Bill Bradley (D., NJ.) and Rep, Bill Richardson (D., N.M.). In accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award, Michael thanked Black Sony/Epic music executive Hank Caldwell, recognized the other honorees who were not present and NABOB for supporting his musical career.

” This award is great,” said Michael, holding the plaque. “You (NABOB) were there from the beginning and I feel in my heart that you’ll always be there.” And with Michael as the drawing card, the association had the rare opportunity of mass media appeal.

Thanks to Mira Milivojevic


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  1. Tameria Diane Jones says:

    Micheal Jackson is the sexiest and the most meekiest man I have ever took noticed of I love so very much and how he show great humanitarian in the Ivory coast and towards the children in Africa and claiming in Black race only in Africa, Egypt and other most African countries in the entire world. I love Michael and will always love him. I wish if Jesus could do one thing for me is to turn back time and send me back to the time machine so that I could spend the most time with Michael Jackson in Egypt and Africa.

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