Clinark Dill – Reggae Tribute to Michael Jackson

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“As far as music of all genres is concerned, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley remain the best artists who have ever lived. The shoes of these two great music icons will hardly ever be worn by any artist of this generation and beyond.”   Aloysius Agendia

Clinark Dill honors Michael Jackson in the style of another amazing legend: Bob Marley –   Join – Facebook Event February 26th : Release of  Music Video They Don’t Really Care About Us

Solo artist Clinark, launched his  album “TRIBUTE TO MICHAEL JACKSON A LEGEND AND A WARRIOR” on 28th November 2010 . It is available in mp3 on iTunes and CD Formats. from CD and Many of the songs on this 18 track album reflect Clinark’s Reggae influences as well as R&B. Some of the songs are acoustic tracks. Jackson’s classic “I’ll Be There” is already a favoured track amongst Clinark’s fans which features Adele Harley 

Favoured tracks that reflect Clinark’s vocal talent are “Heal the World”, the classic song, “We’re Almost There,” is given a new Reggae twist. Tracks “Lady In My Life” and “You Were There” are presented in an acoustic style.

Clinark says, “I am totally honoured by the support I have received on this work. The Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson were a major musical influence and inspiration to me as I grew up. Later, my influences were the late Reggae legend Bob Marley, and UK Reggae band, Aswad amongst others.”

Read full press release.

“Another great satisfaction was doing my most recent album, “A Tribute to Michael Jackson: A Legend and a Warrior”, ‘cause Michael and the Jackson Five were a major influence on me even before reggae, ever since I can remember. So when I did “I’ll Be There” in May 2009 and received positive feedback, it was awesome. Of course, he sadly passed away on June 25, 2009. I released it as a tribute to his great musical legacy, which was well received. It was a real honour to do it.”  March 21, 2011 Bermudian:

For more information please watch The Making of Tribute to Michael Jackson

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June 21, 2009

June 28, 2009

August 2, 2009

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June 25, 2010

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