MJHellas- Letter to Media-Pls “No Autopsy Pix of Michael Jackson”


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The Michael Jackson fan group MJHellas  from Greece is organizing a letter and petition campaign to ALL MEDIA-  We encourage all MJ Fan clubs, forums, Advocacy groups and individuals within the MJGlobal family, to participate in this endeavor. We must remember that only in  our UNITY do we have power to make change.

To add your name to this Open Letter to Media or to ask for more information –

Contact MJHellas  facebook page or email them at  mjhellas@gmail.com

Pls do share these links in any social medium engine at your disposal MJHellas Letter To the Media   and Petition

Michael Jackson deserves respect as a man of great principles he lived his life of service to humanity.  For 25 yrs the public has been mislead and misinformed in may aspects of his life as he held the correct notion that his privacy should be upheld no matter how internationally famous he became. Unfortunately, within a information vacuum erroneous information was substituted and most often times by malicious eager reporters wishing to ride his meteoric coattails to the top of their respective “journalistic” careers. It mattered not to them whether a story was true, merely that it was salacious and sensational.

 “If you hear a lie enough times, it begins to sound like the truth”

and “Good news doesn’t sell”   Michael Jackson

– With these two idioms firm in his mind he knew that if had a bit of wine, like millions of others do around the world,  it would be reported “he had a drinking problem”- When he had cosmetic surgery, as many millions do around the world it was reported he had “body dismorphic disorder” – If he was seen in a casino, he’d have a “gambling addiction”  No matter what Michael would never have the same allowances to live freely, with the liberty and the ability to pursue happiness as any other free individual without his everyday common activities being distorted in the press.

In the wake of his death – We, as his MJGlobal family should feel empathetic enough to challenge the media’s need to inflict more emotional pain upon his children.

We understand that the Katherine Jackson vs. AEG case is fodder for news agencies all over the world  and that it is necessary that it be reported but we are asking for a small amount of mercy.  A few days back, the National Enquirer tabloid magazine, posted Michael Jackson’s semi-nude autopsy picture on their front page and then used this graphically disturbing visage as its background on the National Enquirer, Twitter account.

This is why we have agreed to assist MJHellas in this most righteous endeavor in contacting major media groups to refrain from using this autopsy picture while reporting on AEG trial or any other story on Michael Jackson.

We know that is within their legal right to do so but is it ethical or morally right?

We don’t think so.

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3 Responses to MJHellas- Letter to Media-Pls “No Autopsy Pix of Michael Jackson”

  1. Anything for a dollar! It appears that morals and ethics take a back seat to hard cold cash. There are evil people who miss Michael even more that we do. For us Michael is ever present. For the tabloid writers, he only lives in events of pain.Without him they are simply nothing… They need him as an object of hate, as they know nothing of love. So, we will deal with them, dust them off like lint on an old jacket. We are not amused, we are simply united in our love for Michael. It is with that love that we move to dissolve their initiative of ghastly lies.

    We can no longer be referred to as “Crazy Michael Jackson Fans”. We are a strong global voice that simply says what we will and wont accept. We do this with the humility Michael taught us about, We support The effort of MJHellas. I ask everyone to keep a check on their emotions throughout it all. There is nothing sensational to those who are not tantalized by a supposedly “sensational” message. Let us do what we need to do about the re-emergence of Michael’s autopsy,but with level heads. Remember, this is old news…we’ve been there before, and that which we have already endured has indeed made us stronger. Michael taught the world to love, and LOVE never fails…

    “Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it”.
    Martin Luther King Jr.


  2. We will not put up with such disrespect for Michael Jackson. We will fight for what is just and that everytime they the media tries and pull this kind of thing is so horrible. I wonder if it was one of their family member ever died and some people wants to bring up your family member’s death pic. They are so sick and I hope we all can fight for to keep this from happening. I’ve heard of some pretty nasty things but this takes it all.


  3. I loved Michael Jackson the superstar entertainer, but I love the man with the huge loving heart and sweet giving spirit even more. To see what continues to be done to him even now re-breaks my already broken heart. Michael deserves to rest in peace with dignity, and pictures such as that one in the mentioned tabloid will forever inhibit that. I wanted to burn every copy I saw. I can’t believe they’re going to drag him through the mud yet again! I hope we can somehow right the wrongs that continue to be done to this gentle soul. Michael deserves all we can do. No one should have to continue being debased even after departing this cruel world….and certainly not someone as loving & caring as my Michael.


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