The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is finished!

827ca8d4b68c53fc3137b8c62d9baba0We thank David Ilan for doing a new thing in the creation of world unity. The Michael JacksonTribute Portrait is finished! The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait represents an extraordinary effort in healing and hope. The celebrated pointillist artist David Ilan worked tirelessly, no doubt energized by love, to complete this historic work of art. It is indeed incredible. The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait brought more than 180 countries together one dot at a time. The portrait is described as;

Hand-drawn dots coming together to make The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait – each dot represents a person who wants to unite in an interactive work of art with others who are inspired to change the world through arts and music.”

Michael Jackson was more than a song and dance man. He was the greatest humanitarian these generations will ever know. Michael Jackson gave millions of dollars to help the poor and the sick. His efforts saved many thousands of children and he is in the Guinness book of records twice. Michael Jackson was acknowledged as the recording artist who sustained more charities than ever before. More importantly, he taught the world to love through the universal language of music. When Michael Jackson made his transition, he left a huge hole in the atmosphere. We knew instantly that something was missing from our very being.

To understand the importance of the portrait being finished, it is well to understand the importance of how it began. Who can forget the global pain that flooded the world on June 25th, 2009? Instantly there were shattered dreams, crushed hope, and even fear. It was so painful that people walked the streets in tears, and the world actually stood still. There was an immense need for healing, and unity.

We must thank Jerry Biederman, Co-founder and Executive Producer of the Tribute. He recognized this incredible wave of pain, and immediately went to David Ilan for support in bringing about a change. It was critical to Jerry that this portrait be created. David Ilan readily agreed and the portrait was then begun. Jerry Biederman had worked with David Ilan in the past, and knew the power of his work. The portrait can only promote inner peace.

Jerry Bierderman, the organizer and the executive producer of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait had worked with Pointillist artist David Ilan on previous occasions. He shares how it all began;

“When Michael Jackson passed away, I was one of the millions of fans worldwide who was affected. Michael and I were one year apart in age and we grew up in the same neighborhood. At one point, my brother did some work for Michael. My sister had rubbed shoulders with him too; she worked at Big Ben Records on Ventura Boulevard where he was a customer.

‘Upon hearing the shocking and sad news of his passing, I contacted David Ilan immediately and asked if he would be interested in creating a work of art for Michael’s fans, where everyone could get a dot in the portrait in their name and attach a personal message. It is a way for people to be part of his life’s story and play an important role in the making of a most unique work of art that pays tribute to a true legend. It gives fans something positive to do at this difficult time.”

David Ilan is also a humanitarian. Here is only an excerpt from all that he has done:
“David works with some of the biggest names in entertainment. He creates drawings using only hand-drawn dots. David always uses his art to motivate awareness, activism and change. His drawings unite communities with common purpose, using art as a vehicle to ignite a movement. Hundreds of thousands of people, from over 180 countries, have dots placed in their honor in David’s “1 Dot = 1 Person” portraits.

Some of the celebrities that have posed for David or have participated in his projects include Jerry Seinfeld, Dr. Maya Angelou, Scarlett Johansson, Danny DeVito, David Beckham, Adam Lambert, Diana Ross, and Vanessa Williams, just to name a few.”
David Ilan’s Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait was a gift to the world. There was no price except the expression of one’s heart. Fan’s flocked to gain a dot, and to be represented in this wonderful project that made them one love, one hope, and one body in the legacy of Michael Jackson. Now, THE MICHAEL JACKSON TRIBUTE PORTRAIT IS FINISHED.

Other celebrities who have dots are;
Maya Angelou: Poet/Playwright/Author/Activist Regarding how she feels Michael Jackson would react to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait: “I think he would be delighted. I think he would feel humbled….I think he would be humbly over the moon.

Michael Bearden: Michael Jackson’s Musical Director “MJ was not just my boss, he was my friend. His legacy of music and L.O.V.E. will live forever in my heart and in the hearts and souls of the universe.”

Travis Payne: Choreographer/Director/Producer “It is a Blessing and an honor to have worked so closely with The King Of Pop for nearly 18 years. It’s through all the wonderful years working with Michael Jackson that I have had the privilege of gaining immense artistic and business knowledge from a true genius and visionary. My Friend, Michael is and will always be one of the most important forces in my life.”

Anthony Jackson: Actor/Singer-Songwriter Cousin “I’m honored to be a part of The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait, because bringing people together in a creative endeavor is what Michael was all about.”

François Glorieux: Pianist/Composer/Conductor “The five hours I spent with Michael Jackson in Los Angeles will certainly be the most emotional of my musical career. It was fantastic to discover so many common points: passion for music (without limits), for peace and freedom, love for animals and nature. In one word: for humanity!

George Lopez: Comedian/Actor/Talk Show Host “Michael Jackson is a timeless performer, transcending music, who embraced humanity and is loved as a global icon.”

Jermaine Jackson: Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Producer “We are asking Michael’s fans all around the world to get involved because [The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait] is important.”

Jonathan Moffett: Michael Jackson’s longtime drummer “Just as Michael was but one of a great many that makes up the whole of humanity, I was grateful and motivated in being a part of the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait. Though as but a singularity of the whole in the portrait, to me, that’s what Michael represented.

LaVelle Smith Jr.: Choreographer “Michael Jackson was a great friend and an incredible talent, and the portrait project is a great way to celebrate his life
Diana Ross: Singer, Record Producer, and Actress “I Love You.”

There were so many more, that this article could never contain such a huge list of names. All of these loved Michael. The final dots were for a pair of sweet children in Ireland. Millie and Gavin, two kids who were dear to Michael, received the last dots in person. Fans raised $1,500 dollars for David to travel to Ireland ,where they had a fantastic ceremony. Yes, The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is finished, bet we have just begun. Thank you David Ilan for bringing global healing and wholeness. We are witnesses, for we watched you change the world!

The Final Dots in the Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait (PRESS RELEASE)

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is proud to announce that Michael’s portrait is finished! We want to extend our utmost gratitude to fans all over the world who are now a permanent part of Michael’s legacy by being a dot in his portrait. If you don’t already have a dot in the portrait, you can still sign up HERE and claim one of the dots already drawn.

We will be placing a small handful of special dots in Michael’s heart as a ceremonial completion. The last two dots will be given to Millie and Gavin Murray. They are two amazing kids who went through an unspeakable tragedy years ago when the car they were riding in was firebombed after their mother, Sheila Murray, refused a group of teenagers a ride to the local courthouse. As a result, a petrol bomb was thrown into the back seat of her car, where her children were sitting. Both kids endured horrific burns. Gavin lost his left ear as it melted from the heat. (You can read more about their story HERE.)

We were made aware of this family by Dr. Patrick Treacy. They live in Ireland. Michael really wanted to visit them when he was there but he wasn’t able to and it broke his heart. Now we are trying to bring Michael to them so that they may get dots in his heart.

They are the perfect people to get the last dots in Michael’s portrait because not only are we finally connecting these particular kids with him (which we’re certain Michael would have wanted) but we’re also bringing some joy and our collective love and strength to these kids.

We believe Michael would have wanted children who are sick, underprivileged, or have gone through major struggles, to get the final dots. Therefore, this ceremonial completion inherently promotes Michael’s humanitarian legacy.

Millie and Gavin are very excited to be honored with the last dots and they wish to receive them in person. Therefore, we need your help to make that happen. We need to raise at least $1500.00 for travel expenses to get the artist, David Ilan, and the portrait to Ireland.

We are asking fans across the world to help us raise the funds to honor these children with the final dots in Michael’s portrait. 100% of the donated money will be used to fund the effort to bring Michael to Millie and Gavin. All donations will be used specifically for travel expenses.

Who better to get the final dots in Michael’s portrait than children he himself wanted to help?

“My mission is healing, pure and simple.” – Michael Jackson

Rev. Catherine M. Gross, Ed.D, CPLC/MJJJP

“Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation.”    Michael Jackson 


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2 Responses to The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait is finished!

  1. ISAURA REID says:

    Unconditional Love for Mother Earth, and every human being in it, his mission from above, giving to us without hesitation, a rare and abundant LOVE for all leaving creatures – a dream for a better world that has teached many of us that WE – together can change the world like He said, one good deed at a time, one child at a time, every day is a gift – stand up and make a change – L.O.V.E


  2. cawobeth3 says:

    Beautifuly said Isa. ♥
    TY for telling us Buds. 🙂 ♥
    Congrats going out to David Ian.
    Always with love & light in Michael’s light of love.
    ♪ ♥ ♪♪


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