Conrad Murray’s Appeal Must Be Denied

Conrad Murray’s appeal must be denied as he knowingly and irresponsibly conducted in- home “experiments” and malpractice that had 99.9% chance of killing his patient.

During Conrad Murray’s trail, in part of Dr. Steven Shafer’s testimony he rose from the witness stand and physically demonstrated how a Saline IV setup could be fashioned in a very rudimentary way, as a carrier to support a propofol drip.

When Dr. Shafer began to demonstrate how propofol might be infused by drip without a pump by using a simple Saline IV setup that uses only gravity,  Murray became terribly agitated.  We believe it’s exactly what Murray did, as no pump, which is a requirement when administering a lethal anesthetic such as propoful, was not found at the crime scene.

Plesse listen to this part of Dr. Steven Shafer’s testimony-

Starting around 7:10 


and 9:06 Shafer discusses the slit saline bag theory                                                    


Using Murray’s own words during his police interview will prove Dr. Shafer correct in his assessment regarding how Murray admininstered the propofol drips to Michael Jackson.  The link to Murray’s transcripted police interview is  sourced at the end of this post.  We are only posting certain pages and line numbers but do urge everyone to read it the full transcript thoroughly as you will be amazed at what is revealed.

It clearly demonstrate his lack of credibility and attempts to not only blame Michael, but also Dr. Adams – Please do also notice Chernoff’s “leading” assistance in helping Murray answer the LAPD detectives. Also, detectives don’t seem to ask Murray just how did he  give the anesthetic without a pump.

Pg 39 -Lines 13, 15-17, 19 Chernoff virtually tells Murray what to say- Murray then what Chernoff stated 14, 18, 20

Note: Line 22 Murray states He (MJ) handled to dose and the DRIP fine.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.34.59 AM

Michael is not here to refute Murray’s assertion that he called it milk but it commonly called “Milk” or “Milk of Amnesia”  among  residents in medical facilities who are trying to catch Power Naps. It is more likely that Murray brought that terminology to Michael and not the other way around.

Page  40- Line 20 -21  Murray again admitting he used an initial dose and then a propofol drip   See  “before starting the DRIP”

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.36.09 AM

Page 41, Line 24 and Page 42  Lines  6-8  Murray says he administered Propofol drip to Michael 30 days a month for 2 months, (minus Sundays) without the required infusion pump that is required for safe medical practice.

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.36.45 AM

Page 42-  Lines 11-13  Murray reiterates- Daily Propofol Drip except for 3 days leading to MJ’s death.

Page 42- Lines 16 Chernoff directing the line of questioning  AND  Lines 20-22 claiming Michael was already using propofol daily before Murray arrived in the scene.

Lines 23-25 Murray mimicing the assertions of Chernoff –

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.37.03 AM

Page 43- Lines 2-20 Murray claims Michael told him doctors on tours gave him Propofol and he knew he needed “anti-burn” when infused. Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.37.56 AM

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.38.32 AM

Page 44-   Line 1-10 Michael had full knowledge of how to infuse it himself and that other doctors allowed him to do so and  Line 16 – Murray claims it was all Michael’s idea

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 11.39.09 AM

Now we are going to skip down to page 62-

Page 62 Line 14 “small injection”  then Line 15 “try a DRIP slowly” Line 17 “so he continues to sleep”

Notice Again Chernoff Lines 19-23  “It’s LIKE an anesthetic” and “it’s what he’s been sleeping on for years”  (Notice not one doctor has ever testified they adminstered an IV Drip to Michael Jackson, either on tour or in his home  yet Chernoff purports it as fact in this interview)

Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 12.48.41 PM

We will post some of Murray’s assertions about Dr. Adams (all of which have been denied by Adam’s attorney )

Page 54, Lines 1-20 Murray claims that Dr. Adams used Propofol in Murray’s office to administer it to Michael Jackson to allow him to sleep in Las Vegas.

Pls notice the statement on Line 19 “But Dr. Adams did have and IV bag diluted with the agent …and he was.. Mr Jackson slept.”  Screen shot 2013-06-21 at 4.23.26 PM

Through his attorney, Dr. Adams denies this scenario ever took place –  but notice how Murray attempts to make the detectives believe that another physician would hang up a rudimentary propofol drip in a saline bag – just as Murray had done daily for 2 months.

Please see Adams attorney speak to Jane Velez Mitchell HLN transcript Oct7, 2011)

After reading just this bit of transcript several questions arise-

If we are to believe that Michael had been sleeping with this propofol BEFORE Murray came on the scene, as Murray claims and Michael had an addiction and his “own stash” –

Michael could not administer a continued infusion to himself. Where is the doctor that was administering it to Michael prior to April?

If Michael was being put on a Propofol trip by a physician -Why didn’t Michael just hire him/her to come on the trip? Why would he need to seek out a another medical professional for this purpose?

Also why the need to find Dr. Adams in Las Vegas for the emergency “sleep session” that Michael required, if Michael already was addicted and having daily infusions before Murray came onboard?

Why was Dr. Adam not subpoened to testify in Murray’s trial OR in the current action Katherine Jackson vs. AEG trial?

Why is the word of a liar is being taken as gospel against the very man’s whose testimony we can not hear because he is Murray’s victim of gross negligent and malpractice of medicine.

Shafer said of Murray- “He was responsible for every drop of Propofol” and everyone should agree on that statement.

Murray’s own admittance that he used a “drip” to administer propofol to Michael  Jackson DAILY for two months, without an infusion pump and or proper monitoring devices is egregious departure from standard care.  It is only by some miracle of God that Michael was not killed earlier than June 25th 2009.

Even a stronger, younger and more healthier man would have succumbed under this overdose of a deadly anesthetic given the same circumstances.

Murray APPEAL must be denied.

Source: EonlineConradMurrayPDF

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5 Responses to Conrad Murray’s Appeal Must Be Denied

  1. lynande51 says:

    It seems that it has taken four years for the public and media to come to terms with what I have been saying all along. Michael could not have been addicted to propofol and it was Murray and it is an educated guess that Thome was also in cahoots with this. Michael said to Cherilyn Lee ” My doctors have told me it was safe as long as there is someone to monitor me”. That indicates more than one doctor because he says doctors. Then absolutely everyone has overlooked the fact that Michael died believing what was not true: He died believing that Thome was a real doctor, an orthopedic surgeon. He is not but it was not until August of 2009 that anyone even knew he was misrepresenting himself to Michael, the media and the world. You have to look no farther than that to realize that Michael did not do this willingly from any kind of an informed decision. He was lied to by Murray and probably Thome.


    • ISAURA REID says:

      HOW IN THE WORLD a DR. can leave his patient specially under the conditions that MJ was and walked out of the room to call a friend or girlfriend or who ever he was calling Murray needs a bigger punishment


  2. Jane Taylor says:

    I strongly believe that Murray’s appeal should be denied. He is guilty of serious negligence and medical malpractice. Conrad Murray was fully aware that his actions would lead to Michael s. death. He was not correctly charged for the offence he has clearly committed premeditated murder ! The manner in which Michael s death was reported in the media was despicable and slanderous. Michael Jackson was not a drug addict and wanted to live . Michael Jackson’s murder obviously does not just involve Murray he appears to have been helped.


  3. ISAURA REID says:

    I strongly agreed that Murray need to serve more time I think 4 yrs were not enough for someone that killed someone else intentionally or not – sometimes sentences are inflected on others for less –


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