Art & Soul: A Spiritual Tribute by Siren

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Interview with Siren on her new book: Art & Soul: A Spiritual Tribute

MJJJP:   We would like to welcome Siren, a wonderful artist who truly paints from her heart and soul and who now has become an author.  She has a brand new book out called Art & Soul:  A Spiritual Tribute -it is a beautiful book of her own poetry along with her lovely paintings of our beloved Michael Jackson.  Siren, your book is truly a work of art, much like your paintings, I felt they came from your soul.  Why did you decide to create this booSiren:  Thank you so much for inviting me. I truly appreciate the opportunity.

I didn’t really set out to create a book, actually. It just seemed to be a natural progression, although I do think I knew that eventually a book would be the result. Initially, I had expected it to be solely a collection of my artwork, but somehow a handful of my poems were interspersed. It’s a bit of a leap for me, because I don’t consider myself to be a poet. I have difficulty with the idea of using words to express myself because they can be very specific. It’s a challenge to convey something and have it remain interpretable – to invoke thought instead of offer an opinion. I want everyone to experience something different, something personal, because that’s what I believe art should do. It should reveal something to the viewer about themselves on a soul level.

My experience with Michael is deeply spiritual in nature, and it’s important to me that my poetry reflect that, but I also want to leave room for others to find their own journey within it. In other words… to share something with those who are having a similar experience that they can relate to and find comfort in, but ultimately, and even moreso, I hope to open the hearts and minds of those that had not considered the possibility of what there is to know about Michael as a spiritual teacher. His demonstration of the beauty of the human spirit is truly remarkable, and it’s what I strive constantly to become even a fraction of. Witnessing Michael’s example has been and continues to be the greatest gift of my life. I want so much to share it with others. I’m passionate about it. It has become my purpose.

MJJJP:   The poems and the artwork exude Michael’s aura and love.  How are you able to make this happen?

Siren:  You know, I really have no idea except to say that the purpose of art is to express emotion. How we do that in our everyday lives is by first connecting to that emotion. It’s no different with art. You have to connect with the energy of what you are creating… and by some miracle it translates onto the page. I don’t think about the lines I am creating as much as I do about the feel of them. They seem to just happen, for the most part. Honestly, I don’t feel my art really belongs to me. I take very little credit for it. It’s the same with my poems. They just fall from their source. Who could say they are responsible for the color of their eyes or the sound of their voice? We are just given what we are given. We are ALL artists… creators. It’s what the soul does. We just have to discover what it is that we have been given to create, and then let it out. Michael was an incredible example of that. He dedicated his life to honoring his soul by perfecting how he expressed it, and then sharing it with the world. Imagine what it would be like if we all did this. I want to follow his example by contributing of myself authentically. It’s what I think we are here for.

MJJJP:   While I went through this book I felt that both the poetry and the artwork placement were very much intertwined.  Obviously that was intentional but did you find it difficult to place one piece over the other alongside each poem?

Siren:  No, not at all difficult.  The book assembled itself, really.  Because I am so intimately connected to the content, I knew instinctively which artwork went well together, and which would accompany each poem.  It was interesting, because I had never thought to connect them before.  I wanted to create a flow that would lead someone naturally, so that the book itself became one work.

MJJJP:   I know your work is very personal to you and it must have taken a lot for you to publish this beautiful book.  Did you have to do a lot of soul searching before deciding to go forward?

Siren:  I tend to do things impulsively and then worry about it afterwards, so I think the soul searching for me is happening now.  All art is a bearing of the soul… art in any form… so yes, it’s difficult to put it out there.  One of the most beautiful things about art is that it is interpretable.  Everyone who views it has their own personal experience with it, and so as the vehicle for that experience, I feel vulnerable.  It is my intent to communicate Love, so I hope that translates.

MJJJP   Siren, the proceeds from your artwork go to charity.  Will this continue with your book as well?

Siren:   Yes, 100% of my proceeds go to children’s charities in Michael’s memory.  As I said, I don’t feel my art really belongs to me, so any benefit that comes from it is also not mine.  The Gift for me is in the joy of creating.  If I can help someone as a result of that, then I have been Gifted twice.  Michael’s example of giving is one of extraordinary proportion.  It is one of the things I admire most about him, and what inspires me to continue.  He was and is, in my opinion, one of the greatest examples of Universal Love ever.  I want to carry that forward in whatever way possible.

MJJJP:   I understand you will be going to California next week for an intimate showing of artwork created by the many talented people who love Michael.  The event is called MJ: Forever in Our Art

and the art being shown will include visual arts such as paintings and drawings, books, poetry, musical compositions. All art created in love is welcome and invited. This event is not just for professional artists! All art is welcome.  All of this beautiful art will be shown around the front gates of Neverland.  How did you become involved in this wonderful project?

Siren:  Yes, I am looking so forward to it!  The event is hosted by my dear friend, Jan Carlson (author of the book “Conversations”, for which I had the great pleasure of creating the cover art).  Jan has invited MJ artists and fans from around the globe to display their art as a tribute to Michael for this coming 4-year memorial.  The show will take place on Saturday, June 22 at the gates of Neverland, and will run all day.  Some of the art will be offered for sale, with all proceeds going to the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital.  I will be there with my art and my book, and I am so excited to meet everyone.

MJJJP:     We would like to thank you Siren for taking the time to interview with MJJ Justice Project and to share your thoughts and feelings about Art & Soul: A Spiritual Tribute and we wish you much success with it.  We would also encourage everyone to look at Siren’s artwork on her website and remember with every purchase you are helping children.  You are a wonderful soul Siren.

Michael Jackson Art By Siren Facebook Page

Siren:  Thank you so much for your time and your great questions, and for allowing me the opportunity to share my Love for Michael with you.

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