Michael Jackson Japanese Fan’s Warning

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We have been approached by several Japanese fans through our twitter account regarding a Japanese Fan Club that is misrepresenting itself as “Official” and “Representatives of Japan Sony and Michael Jackson Estate” – They are not.  There is NO Michael Jackson fanclub to represent MJEstate anywhere in the world.  We have offered our wordpress and requested Japanese fans to voice their complaints for fair warning to others and to stop this representation.

When initially contacted by twitlonger from Maruko on twitter we immediately contacted MJOnline team for complete verification that Michael Jackson Estate is NOT connected in any official capacity to MJJapanfanclub or ANY other fanclub in the world.

The Michael Jackson Estate answered – 

“The Estate does NOT authorize, endorse or sanction ANY third party fan club. This includes not authorizing ANYONE to refer to themselves as “official”. Any fan wishing to join a fan club or purchase anything related to Michael that is not directly provided by The Estate through an authorized partner (Sony Music, Bravado, Cirque du Soleil, etc.) does so at his or her own risk. 

While the MJ Online Team communicates with many fan clubs and communities around the world on behalf of the Estate, the Estate is NOT partnered nor otherwise involved with any of them.

The Official Online Team of The Michael Jackson Estate™”


These are main complaints brought to our attention via emails beginning with  Saori-

Hello. For Michael always thank you for a fan.「日本公式ファンクラブ」という名前を使用し、Sony music Japanまたは、エステートから公認・支援を

されているファンクラブだと、自らの団体を紹介していた【日本公式ファンクラブ・MJJFANCLUB JAPAN @MJJFANCLUB_JP 】

http://www.mjjfancubu.jp は長年、日本のファン、または世界のファンに対し不誠実な、不透明な活動をしてきたことが判明いたしました。

私は会員ではないですが、この団体について調べていました。Michael Jacksonを利用し金銭を徴収、ファンクラブのプロフィールが嘘だった為、ファンを会員が返金や説明を求めていますが回答もしっかりしていない状況で、活動を続けています。先日、エステートが公認、公式ファンクラブについて否定したコメントを出していただき、Sony music Japanも関係を完全に否定しました。





 日本のファンでも今回の騒動で、この団体の実態を知った人々がたくさんいました。mjjjusticeprojectの場所をお借りして【日本公式ファンクラブ・MJJFANCLUB JAPAN @MJJFANCLUB_JP】がどんな団体か、世界のMichael Jackson fanにも知っていただきたいと思います。

 Michaelを利用しファンを欺く行為はあってはならないと思います。 どうか世界のMichael Jackson fanの皆さま、このメッセージを1人でも多くのファンにお伝え下さい。

 We thank for love of mjjjusticeproject.From Japanese Michael Jackson fan heartily. I love you- From SAORI @sao1230

 The following emails support the request of Maruko and Saori to notify the world of the misdealing of the JapanFanClub and to request the cease and desist of any more fraudelent claims of  being “Official” or partnered with Michael Jackson Estate.  that harm the Japanese fans of Michael Jackson –

Email #1                                                                                                                                          初めまして。私は日本人のファンです。

私のtwitter account は”ORANGE8955“です。

そのwebサイトには、日本語で”official fan club”そして”Member of the MJFC’s family”と書いています。
私はそれがあなたのブログの右側にある”MJFC- Germany JAM”and”MJFC- Italy”でリンクを見つけました。


web site : http://mjjfanclub.jp/info
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/MJJFANCLUBjp#!/MJJFANCLUBjp/
twitter : @MJJFANCLUB_JP

Google Translation How do you do? I am a fan of Japanese.
It is a “ORANGE8955” is my twitter account.
We are protesting against the illegal operation of the “MJJFANCLUB-JAPAN” We currently.

“MJJFANCLUB-JAPAN” to recruit members today, the annual fee is about $ 80.

In this web site, I am writing a “Member of the MJFC’s family” and “official fan club” in Japanese.
But they are false.
I found a link on the right side of your blog “MJFC-Germany JAM” and “MJFC-Italy” it.

“MJJFANCLUB-JAPAN” is ignoring strong protests from us.
We will continue to protest in the future.
And the cooperation of you gave me the chance to tell this, I am grateful.

web site: http://mjjfanclub.jp/info
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MJJFANCLUBjp#!/MJJFANCLUBjp/
twitter: @ MJJFANCLUB_JP

The same contents, I tried in English.
I’m sorry if wrong.

Email #2

日本公式ファンクラブと称する、MJを利用する団体に抗議します!エステート、ソニーが公式でないと全面否定しているにも関わらず、何の説明もなく、会費の使い道も不透明で、抗議しても未だに改善がありません!Michaelの尊厳を守る為、私達日本のファンも1つになって抗議します!海外のMichaelファンの力添え、ありがとうございます。Michael familyは国境がありません!力強いです。今回の実態が明るみに出た以上、これ
Google Translation – email #2
The protest in the organization to take advantage referred to as the Japan official fan club, the MJ! In spite of being entirely negative Estate, Sony is not the official, without any explanation, use for fee also opaque, there is no improvement still when you protest! Order to protect the dignity of Michael, and protest our fans Japan also become one! Help of Michael overseas fans, thank you. There is no border Michael family! Is strong. The protest also for more than reality of this came to light, does not emit any more damage!

Email #3                                                                                                                                            また公式と名乗るMichaelファンクラブがファンを利用しているようですね。
わたしもとても偉そうなことは言えませんが、こういう不正にいち早く気付きそのことを発信してくださるので 真のMichaelファンである彼女から状報を頂いてます。持つべきものは真のMichaelファン=友です。これからもどんどん本物の情報をしりたいと思います。それで初めてMichaelの意志を少しでも継ぐことができると思いますから…

Google Translation of Email #3                                                                                                      The Michael fan club claiming the official is it seems to use the fan. It is the shame of Japan really. You can not say that I am also very bossy, but you have received the information from the shape she is a fan of Michael true because He will originate that the noticed quickly to such fraud. What you should have is a Michael fan = true friend. We would like to know the real information rapidly in the future. Because I think that I can be so to succeed even a little will of Michael for the first time …

I really appreciate it.
It does not forgive character of “fraud” by related to Michael anyway!

Email #4

いきなりですが、Michaelの名を利用した詐欺行為を、直ちに止めて下さい。Michaelもファンも、望んでいません!Michael Jacksonの功績を汚さないでくださいこのメールで抗議します。

Google translation –  It is suddenly, but please stop immediately, the fraud using the name of Michael.Michael also fans, we do not want!Please do not pollute the achievements of Michael JacksonI will protest in this email.

Email from Maruko today –

マイケルは、小学生・中学生・高校生にも、大変人気があります。最近、「 IMMORTAL」が日本に来て、更に、また新たな若いファンが増えました。喜ばしい事です。
サイトやFacebook に、写真も載せています。
☆ 「ブランカと一緒に」
http://mjjfanclub.jp/2011/09/マイケル・ジャクソン-the-immortal-world-ツアー%e3%80%80リハーサル/#respond この記事の下にある「No Comments」をクリックしてください。
☆ 「ONEドレスリハーサル」世界中にシェアされた写真
☆ エステートからのメッセージもあります。
親愛なる同士達へ    MARUKO @maruko00829 より
June 25, 2013
I worry about children being deceived by this fan club very much.The child can easily look at the site of the fan club, too. Japanese children use the Internet well.
Michael is very popular with a primary schoolchild, a junior high student, high school students. “IMMORTAL” came to in Japan, and new young fans increased again more recently. It is a happy thing.Surely they will find the site of that fan club if they want to know more Michael and check it

The site says it so that a fan club is connected with Estate. Much Michael fans believe it with Estate official recognition. This is because it is crafty and is written skillfully.The person who looked at the site can watch a photograph there.
☆ ”With Branca”
☆ ”ONE Dress rehearsal” The photo that is shared around the world.
 In a red T-shirt, a woman raising the right arm is the representative of the fan club with the lie. It is a very good thing that she gets along well with overseas fans. However, everybody, please understand what she is doing in Japan.And why did the Estate invite her?
☆ There is a message from the estate.
She uses these to let you trust it with an official fan club. Many people will be deceived even in adults. The child is more easily deceived. An adult takes responsibility for protecting children.
The representative of the fan club introduces itself as the member of the MJFC family. Does the MJFC family know what she does in Japan?
I am very sad as a Japanese if she deceives an overseas fan.Many people come to be able to know this fact and hope that nobody is deceived.I thank for your kindness that gave an opportunity to write it here. Thank you very much.

To dear fellows    From MARUKO @maruko00829


 We request any other fans who have complaints against the practices of  MJJapanFanClub to please comment on this article and also please to share this post in all social networking sites that are available to you. Also do please contact the MJJapanfanclub and express your concerns and request for them complete transparency.
Google trnaslation-
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5 Responses to Michael Jackson Japanese Fan’s Warning

  1. We need to ur help. Michael Jackson Fan club in Japan is said to lie for the Japan fans.

    They collect $ 80 from the Japan fans for fee. some of Fans want/need to refund to their money.

    But they do not respond to it.
    They claim that Sony Music Japan is certified. but Sony has denied it.

    Fan club has claimed that Estate approved them. But I doubt it.

    Most of Japanese fans do not understand English. I am so, too. There is no place to ask. We do not know the way to check the truth.

    There are a lot of fans who I give it up, and cry.

    I introduce myself as an official fan club. She said. It is recognized officially in the Estate. So I trusted all.

    But the fan club only sends one time of MJFC pack. There is no activity that a fan performs really. It is only one year on expiration date of fee $ 80.

    There are never a meeting and the event that fans gather for. There is never it after a fan club is established.

    I want to support Michael. I want to cooperate with charity. Fans who hoped for them are discouraged.

    We want to know the truth. Is the fan club really official? Did Estate recognize it
    officially? But there is not the person whom anyone relies on. Your help is necessary. Please.

    It is the sentence that is not right because English is not possible. I’m sorry. I thank for your having read till the last. Thank you very much.

    To dear fellows from MARUKO@maruko00829 

    http://tl.gd/n_1rkq5pn · Reply


  2. I have you listen to the voice of the Japanese fan this time and thank for having provided such a place heartily.

    I sent the e-mail, but want to borrow this place once again.
    I do administration to deserve trust and do not give it off for such a situation if it is the fan club which is loved from other fans.
    It is the fan club which cannot disclose the location of the organization and the name of the person in charge to a member either.
    A formula and self-introduction are active now now.
    I think that such a thing must not happen simply because it is Michael who took good care of a fan.
    I hope that people feeling sad no longer increase.

    I appreciate a sense of justice and love of you very much.
    Thank you.


  3. MARUKO@maruko00829 says:

    @MJJJusticePrjct Thank you for the rewrite of the Japanese fanclub fee. I hope that MJFC Italy reads. They should notice her real nature.

    The MJFC pack sending comes only once from MJFC Italy. MJFC Italy supports her who is with a lie.
    She introduces herself as a member of MJFC usa.

    MJFC Italy, MJFC usa, Do you know this reality? The Japanese fan club sells one MJFC pack for $ 80. The activity is only it.

    This is the shop. It is not a fan club. Besides, the $ 80 fee is very more expensive than the Items of the pack.

    One of the fans paid fee $ 80 in paypal. A recipient “MJJ Investments Co., Ltd.”.
    Fan club is a non profit organization. “MJJ Investments Co., Ltd.” is the company which does business to earn money.

    Japanese fans do not think that the fanclub which Estate recognized officially makes money.

    The Japanese fan was deceived. It is fraud. The Japanese fanclub with the lie yet changes nothing.


  4. MARUKO @maruko00829 says:

    This fan club was invited to Listening Party in LA.
    The person who participated is not a representative of the fan club. I do not say about her. Probably she knows nothing.
    The fan club up the article of a report invited to Listening. By this invitation, the fan will be deceived again.
    What does Estate think about it? Because fans deceived than fans buying a CD are few, do you not have any problem?

    Please Estate confirm to Japanese lawyer Kensuke Ambe.
    If Estate guarantees this fan club, I stop warning to Japanese fans.
    Estate, please have the responsibility if somebody is deceived.

    Thank you MJJJusticeProject


    • As we have been told by MJEstate previously they do not endorse ANY Michael Jackson fanclub website, forum, chat, foundation, charity- etc. . Any claiming to be “official” connected to MJEstate are speaking falsely. What affliation is Kensuke Ambe claiming to have with MJEstate?


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