Russian Artist- Alena Galayko-MJ Portraits

Alena Galayko is a 30 year old professional artist from Moscow, Russia, and MJJJP is very grateful for her taking time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions. Alena’s work is breathtaking, she not only does Michael Jackson portraits but she does many celebrities. It was her lovely artwork, however of MJ that brought us to her FB page and we can say now we are hooked. Her portraits truly show Michael’s spirit and soul and are very uplifting.

MJJJP: Welcome Alena, we would like thank you for allowing us to spend some time with you and to find out a little more about yourself and your beautiful portraits. How long have you been painting and drawing and are you self taught or have you taken professional art lessons?

Alena: I have been drawing all my life, since childhood but my deep passion for drawing and painting started because of my love for Michael Jackson, I have been a fan since 1995 and he is the man who inspired me to paint portraits of not only him, but portraits of people in general. Since then I’ve been improving my skills and because of my love of art as a whole, I went to study Design at the Architectural University and received my Diploma.

MJJJP: That’s wonderful. So Michael was the person that influenced you over the years?

Alena: Yes, of course he did.

MJJJP: Is Michael your favorite celebrity to paint/draw and if so why? Alena: Yes, Michael is my favorite celebrity to paint because I’m a huge fan of his, and he has inspired me through my life, from my teenage years to the present.

MJJJP: When looking at all of your portraits the detail of the work is astounding and the likeness of each celebrity you draw, and there are many is so real. Do you select pictures and find one that you love and work from that or does it just come to you?

Alena: Sometimes what I want to paint comes into my mind, and other times I use a certain photo that inspires me to create the portrait.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 1.04.57 PM

MJJJP: Alena your artwork is incredible. You feel the aura and emotion of Michael and everyone you paint. Does that come from your own feelings or that of the person you are painting?

Alena: First of all, thank you very much for your compliments, it’s always such a tremendous pleasure to make people feel good when they see my art and yes, i think that comes from my own feelings, but also from the person I paint, it always comes together and goes hand in hand.

MJJJP: I noticed you said Michael has inspired specifically since 2005 was that during the trial? Is that where you saw his true emotion?
Alena: I mentioned 1995, thats the year I actually began to love Michael and his music, but yes, 2005 was the year which brought all the emotions and feelings out, and it also influenced me tremendously.

MJJJP: I know Alena there have been some copyright issues not only with you but with many other artists where other artists are copying your work, or changing it a bit and signing their names, how do you handle this, it must be frustrating for you?

Alena: Oh, no, it isn’t frustrating for me. I think there is nothing wrong in trying to paint like an artist you admire very much, it’s very complimentary, and thats why I don’t feel upset at all when I see someone is trying to copy my paintings. All artists were inspired by other masters of art, and taking something from mine to create their own is amazing, that’s the idea, i think artists need an inspiration from other artists, yet still create their own art.

MJJJP: With all the negative things you hear in the news, does your painting sustain your positivity and does it make you become a better artist and increase your enthusiasm?

Alena: I’m trying to block the negativity that comes from the media and thats what Michael taught us, concentrate more on love and positive things, so that’s what I am attempting to do as well. My painting, of course helps me to maintain the harmony and positivity, and I hope to bring this mood to the people who see my art. I am always trying to become a better artist, and positive thoughts helps me to succeed in this.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 1.09.45 PM

MJJJP: All of your portraits are just beautiful and you paint so many celebrities from Johnny Depp to Jim Morrison and so many more. What makes you choose the singers/celebrities that you paint?

Alena: All the singers/celebrities that I choose to paint I have very positive feelings toward and i think thats the main thing when i choose someone to paint, i need to feel sympathy for the person. Thats why i guess all of my paintings come out so well, because when i feel sympathy and respect for the individual, it comes out into the portrait.

MJJJP: What types of paint do you use in your artwork?
Alena: I use watercolors mainly, i think that is the type of paint i love for most. But also i paints with oil colors, graphite pencil, and sometimes using acrylic colors. But im trying and learning other mediums too, because there is no limits for creating art.

MJJJP: I have seen many of your paintings but one of your originals currently for sale is entitled “Bad” (50 x 40 cm or 19,6 x 15,7 inches) in fine oil colors, on canvas and it is absolutely beautiful, can I ask you how long that took you to paint this because I do know that is difficult to paint with oils and does take longer?

Alena: I’m very pleased people are enjoying my art! The time which I spend on my oil paintings on canvas can be different, depends on my mood and the time I have for it during the week but yes, oil paintings always takes longer to create, and sometimes it can take up to one or two months.

MJJJP: Alena, thank you for spending time with MJJJP and thank you for spreading your fantastic talent throughout the MJ community. You have a true gift and it is so wonderful that you use Michael as your canvas.

Alena: Oh, it is my pleasure to have an opportunity to speak with you! Thank you so much for your invitation and your compliments! I will keep spreading the Love of Michael through my paintings and creating new art to bring the positivity in to the World!

Alena’s facebook – 

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  1. corlista1 says:

    Absolutely exquisite. What a remarkable gift she has to capture Michael’s soul.

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