Shariq Parvez – MJ Lives On- Indian Art Series

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MJJJP would like to welcome Shariq Parvez. He is a painter and musician from India (Rajasthan) city Udaipur. He come from a family of talented and respected painters and has a Masters degree in drawing and painting.

As a long-time admirer of Michael Jackson’s music and in particular his robotic style of dancing, Shariq wanted to celebrate his genius through his art work. In this series of Michael Jackson drawings based on the geometric shapes used in Rajasthani folk art and his own style as well, he has imagined Michael in an Indian setting interacting with the culture and everyday life. In portraying Michael himself he has imagined the type of machinery that might be involved in creating his flexible and mechanical movements. He is looking forward to do another series….

MJJJP Where are you from Shariq?

Shariq: I am from India (Rajasthan), A beautiful city Udaipur. City of lakes, beautiful gardens and so many things that are full of art and culture. This is a wonderful place.

MJJJP: How or why did you became a painter?

Shariq: Because my place Udaipur is very colorful with art and music, there are many colorful festivals, nice landscapes and lots of places to visit. Tourists come from all around the world to visit India and my city as well. We have a good reputation for art in Udaipur so what is seen around the city, I like to bring it out with colors. My father is a painter and my whole family are artists. So there has been art and creativity in my family since my childhood so I don’t remember how and when I became a painter,. I believe it is in my blood. I am post graduate (masters in drawing and painting) from Udaipur art collage and now I have an art gallery “ART O CRAFT “in my city Udaipur.

MJJJP: What types of paintings you do?

Shariq: Usually I do Indian contemporary art. My paintings have many layers of soft colors. My subjects are related with fantasy, love, nature, my Indian culture and with much romantic fantasy feel. I always I like to do something different on canvas which brings a beautiful smile to me and my the people who view and buy my work. Pen drawings are a big part of my style, I love to do pen drawings a lot.

MJJJP: Why you have done an art series on Michael Jackson? Why not any other person?

Shariq: This is a very important question that I love to answer proudly. It is very easy to say that I like Michael Jackson, I love him and I am a big fan of MJ. MJ is the only celebrity who is famous all around the world in every street and every heart of people. He is the most popular musician, dancer and a superstar. He is very talented and brilliant. For example if I ask anybody about any big big superstar, I ask, “do you have one”? Some will say yes and some will say no or I am not sure, but when I talk ask about MJ, he is every where in the world, in every street, house and heart. Every one knows MJ. Even kids who were born after MJ died. They are crazy for him. To me it is unbelievable the fame that he has. He is very great singer and great dancer. He is the best moon walker. People copy his style of dance, singing, hair, looks, everything, but not in one country, but every street in the world. This is mad mad mad…. So I want say “THE LOVING MJ IS THE MOST POPULAR STAR IN THIS WORLD.

MJJJP: When did you start the MJ art work series and how did you get the idea for this fantastic series?

Shariq: I am a big fan of MJ dance. I love his flexible unbelievable movements in his dance. Particularly his fantastic ROBOT DANCE….. WAWW. I can’t believe the way he moves and I am a big fan of this particular dance. One day I thought that I wanted to draw Michael Jackson, but not a human figure. I wanted to draw a ROBOT MJ. I think this idea was in 2011. I don’t know the day and month. I thought how will I draw this? I don’t know about machines. It was very difficult for me to get an idea on how I was going to start these drawings of him. After a few days I got an idea of why don’t I welcome MJ in India? I decided to do an art series of MJ. I named this series “ MJ LIVES ONNNNNNN IN INDIA” .which is a fusion of Indian culture and MJ.

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MJJJP: I can see that you really have a great connection with Michael, can you elaborate?

Shariq: Yes I do like MJ and not only like, I am crazy for his dancing, songs and his music. I like him because he is not only “King of Pop” but he is also the “King of Kings” as well. He wins the hearts of his fans. In his live show videos, I have seen the huge mad crowds. People love him. Everyone loves Michael in their heart and soul and I love him too.

MJJJP: What would you want to project to art lovers by this MJ series?

Shariq: With this series “MJ LIVES ONNNNN” I want to project that people are fans of him, not only in few countries….but all around the world, in every street of the world. So I am an Indian and I also want to say MJ LIVES ON IN INDIA too. He is alive in our hearts forever in India. Indian fans love him a lot like I do.

MJJJP: I feel you believe Michael is alive in your heart, is this true?

Shariq: Positively MJ is alive. He is alive forever. He can’t die. His legacy will live forever.

MJJJP: Why have you named MJ series MJ LIVES ON IN INDIA?

Shariq: MJ is accepted all around the world. THere are many fans of Michael in India. People copy MJ style, his dance and not only professional musicians but small children as well. They all love MJ like I do. So as an artist I welcomed Michael in my art so that people can see he also liked Indian dance, music, daily life in streets and I wanted to show that in my art work. This is the reason I named this series “MJ LIVES ON IN INDIA”.

MJJJP: What kind of subjects have you selected for this series and how many pieces are in this series?

Shariq: MJ is alive in India. This is what I want to say in my series. India is very wealthy in art and culture. It has many colorful festivals and music too. In this series of 25 works I have incorporated MJ into Indian folk (traditional) dances, Indian musical instruments, life with animals, village life, daily life, and the beautiful relationships and fun with Indian culture. You can see some art works in my face book page – MJLivesOnIndia

MJJJP: Why is Michael a robot in your series?

Shariq: Because I am a big fan of his break dance and fantastic Robot dance. I am very much impressed with his unbelievable flexibility in his dancing style so I wanted to draw MJ as a Robot and I wanted a new MJ in India with a new look as well.

MJJJP: What kind of medium did you for this series?

Shariq: Mostly I love to do pen drawings in my art works. So this series is done with black, sliver and golden pen. The drawings themselves are executed on old ledgers, accounts or stamp paper adorned with Hindi script which provides an underlying cultural text and, where necessary, I write Hindi script by myself, papers have been joined and some time I repair the damage parts of old papers for my drawings. The metallic nature of the machines is emphasized through.

MJJJP: Why did you do this series on old ledgers and accounts papers?

Shariq: If I want to welcome Michael in my art then I believed the paper should be from India. This was my promise for this series and these special papers give my series an Indian impression. I love to recycle these old papers.

MJJJP: You live in India. How do you share your Michael series and your art around the world?

Shariq: I have an art gallery in my city Udaipur. This city is filled with tourists and they come in my gallery from all around the world and I always I talk with them about my series. Face book is a very great source to share my work. FB profile: and . I have my website . Internationally people like my page . So I would love to share with everyone
About MJ LIVES ON IN INDIA all around the world.

MJJJP: If MJ came to your gallery…What would you like him to do or what would say to him?

Shariq: If MJ walked into my art gallery…WAWW!!! First I would give him a very long and big hug. I would definitely show him “MJ LIVES ON IN INDIA”. I would tell him that all of India and the world loves hims and you are alive in our heart and soul.

MJJJP: Did you ever meet Michael?

Shariq: MJ is every where in the world and his fans miss him a lot and love him very much. He is everywhere in people’s hearts and soul. He can’t die…He is alive. MJ LIVES ON. To answer your question Yes!!! I meet him very often….I miss him. He comes to me and we dance ,sing and drink tea together because he lives on in my heart… he lives on in my art. If I miss him then I just take my pen and draw him. He appears with my every line and we keep talking and dancing together….

MJJJP: What kind of world do you dream of?

Shariq: The world is so huge. We have all became quite selfish. We just think about ourselves. Governments are in trouble all around the world. This is not a world which I dream of. I dream of a world that Michael dreamed. We all are human beings. Please love each other. Please respect all religions. Please love animals and help them. love nature and save nature. This was Michael’s dream …This is my dream…This is our dream… Make ONE WORLD. We must make a haven on this earth. MJ is a ONE WORLD man. He is alive forever in our hearts and soul. MJ LIVES ON.

Shariq Parvez
Mobile: +91 9829155629
Phone: 0091 294 2524916 (Gallery)
0091 294 2431046 (Home)

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3 Responses to Shariq Parvez – MJ Lives On- Indian Art Series

  1. Jude Ling says:

    What an amazing interview…it really reinforces what we already know about Michael…he is universal. There truly has never been anyone like him…and, I agree, there never will be. During this difficult time, when AEG and others are trying to destroy all that Michael has done…all he was…it is so very important to hear Shariq and see the beautiful work. It gives Fans a chance to feel the positives. I feel better knowing that Michael Jackson is alive everywhere on this planet. Of course, I knew this, but, I needed to hear it once again. Thank you, MJJJustice Project for researching and introducing Sharq Parvez and the beautiful work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “This is for Respect and Honor MJ “<3 ❤ <3. Please like and Share.
    A Wish is to keep MJ Alive in every one Heart and soul ♥ ♥ ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bieng as Indian,this makes me happy<3


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