Dresses from Neverland 2013

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.37.07 AMHow did the “Dresses for Neverland” Project begin?

SD: We wanted to do something special for children to commemorate Michael’s birthday and to explore a theme that connected the act of bringing joy to a child with the concept of Neverland. Discovering the Dress A Girl Around the World organization brought it all together for us.

Why and when did you and your sister Sheryl form 2300 Make a Pact?

SD: Please see the homepage, “Founders” and “Philosophy” pages on the 2300 Web site PDF: http://mariannesimmons.com/2300_site.pdf. We officially launched 2300 in March 2011.

I understand that you really didn’t anticipate having a dress campaign this year, but you had found a wonderful opportunity to work with Dress A Girl Around The World – Virginia to contribute dresses to supply their mission to Uganda in October? How did this happen?

SD: We reached out to Karen Mills-Thomas the ambassador for Dress A Girl Around the World – Virginia with the idea of continuing the project this year for Michael’s birthday. Karen and her team at DAG-Virginia were instrumental in helping us achieve our campaign’s inaugural goal of 500 dresses for girls in Appalachia in 2011. We asked Karen if they had a new mission in need that would fit our timeline and we were given the opportunity to contribute to their Uganda trip in October.

How successful has the Dresses for Neverland Project been and how many dresses have been sent to little girls around the world?

SD: Total impact for 2011 and 2012 campaigns: 669 dresses and $752.98 in donations for shipping/materials. This information and more is provided on our Dresses from Neverland Facebook Event page and the “Causes & Impact” and “Dresses from Neverland” pages of the 2300 Web site

Where, around the world have the dresses been sent?
SD: Appalachia USA (2011) and Sierra Leone, Africa (2012)

It must really be fulfilling and make your heart sing with joy with all that you have achieved and given wholeheartedly in Michael’s name. I always seem to go back to this question when I do interviews but I will ask it again. Why Michael? Why make 2300 Make an Impact in Michael’s honor?

SD: That is a great question! ☺ The “Founders” and “Philosophy” pages on the 2300 Web site will explain this –

Screen shot 2013-08-20 at 10.32.55 AM

The dresses that are needed for these sweet little girls are very easy dresses made out of pillowcases. How can we get involved and learn how to make these dresses?

SD: All the information that interested participants will need (including an online guide and video tutorial) is located on the Facebook event page:

I’ve also pasted it below:

2300 supporters have the opportunity to donate dresses to Dress a Girl Virginia to help supply their mission to Uganda in October! Karen Mills-Thomas and her team helped us reach our goal of 500 dresses for Appalachian girls in 2011, so we’re honored to be working with them again! It’s very exciting to remind everyone that 2300’s DRESSES FROM NEVERLAND project has collected 669 dresses and $752.98 (shipping/materials) for girls in Appalachia USA and Sierra Leone over the past two years!

DEADLINE: All packages must be mailed by August 29, 2013 and marked DRESSES FROM NEVERLAND. If you’re making a money donation via PayPal, please do so on or before August 29th.

DONATIONS: We are accepting pillowcase dresses, girls underwear size 10-14 and also money donations which will help defray shipping costs and help Karen purchase underwear and hygiene supplies for the girls. Be sure to mark your packages “Dresses from Neverland.” Please email Karen Mills-Thomas at DressAGirl@charlottesville.net with questions. Karen will email you and let you know when your package has been delivered.

Karen Mills-Thomas
3252 Red Hill Road
North Garden, VA 22959

MONEY DONATIONS: Donations are accepted via the PayPal account NeverlandDresses@gmail.com.

HOW TO MAKE A DRESS: Dress tutorial at http://www.dressagirlaroundtheworld.com. Two minute video demonstration at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypqNfk__qc8.

PHOTOS: Please post your photos or email them to us and we’ll include them in our campaign album!

If there are people that cannot sew how else can they help toward the Dresses for Neverland Project?
SD: They can help promote the project by sharing our Facebook event page with friends and family or by making a money donation directly to Dress A Girl Around the World. Karen has kindly set up a special Paypal account for our campaign. It is NeverlandDresses@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us and thank you for spreading Michael’s love with each project that you undertake.

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