Joan Baez- I won’t turn my back on Syrian people- Amnesty International

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Who is bearing the brunt of the bloodshed in Syria? Children and families — that’s who.

I’m Joan Baez and I will not turn my back on Syrian families caught in the crossfire of violence. That’s why I’m reaffirming my commitment to Amnesty International and making a donation as part of their September Membership Drive. Please join me.

The situation in Syria and neighboring countries can be hell on earth for refugees trying to find food, safety and shelter amid utter chaos. Amnesty International is a voice for those families — Amnesty is making sure their stories get told and advocating on their behalf at the highest levels of government.

Your donation — from now until September 30 — will be matched dollar for dollar and will support Amnesty’s efforts helping Syrian refugees.              Donate now.

The conflict in Syria is escalating. In recent weeks videos have emerged showing scores of civilians apparently killed by chemical weapons.

The number of refugees has officially reached 2 million — and half of the refugees are children. Don’t gloss over that statistic. Behind every number is a human story — a story of someone who has experienced profound upheaval.

Amnesty is dedicating its efforts to ensure that the international community — including key countries like the U.S., France and Gulf states — provide critically needed aid to refugees.

To date, less than half of the financial support needed has been funded.

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