Bollywood Humanitarian Award for Michael Jackson1999

Michael Jackson – Bollywood Awards 1999

Emcee: Right now we have an award that is sure to go down in history as one that is closest to every human’s heart. The Humanitarian Award. An award that symbolizes goodwill, benevolence and peace. Let me show you all something that is about (00:34 – 02:07 He promised. He came. He cared. He performed. India thanks King of Pop, Michael Jackson – Video rolls with MJ performing, etc) Alright… Michael Jackson is in the stadium.

Emcee: Now for the recipient of this prestigious award. Ladies and gentlemen probably once in a millennium, comes an artist who rises above every other artist on earth and not only wins awards and accolades but also hearts, minds and souls. This millennium witnesses one such phenomenon, an artist whose fans can be found on ever square kilometer of this earth from Bhatinda to Belgrade, from California to Calcutta. His music not only becomes popular and leaves you asking for more but also makes you go out of the way to do something special for mankind, which is why he is what he is. Ladies and Gentlemen I am honored to share the stage with this incredible history-creating, thriller of an artist, please welcome the phenomenal Michael Jackson.

MJ: (Michael wearing traditional Indian costume) Thank you very much. Thank you very much for this honor you have awarded to me tonight. I have always believed that the real measure of celebrity success was not just how famous he becomes but what he does with that fame and fortune, especially in today’s technological and media advanced society. The attention and fortune showered on an individual celebrity is often times immensely disproportionate to his or her achievements. Today a person can literally become a celebrity overnight throughout the entire world and that kind of attention can become difficult for an individual to handle. I have also learned that such fame can also be an effective medium to focus attention and mobilize resources for a worthy cause.

I have been blessed with so much and have the opportunity to do what few others can but I believe it is more than just an opportunity but a duty. I feel to reap and enjoy the fruits of my talents for myself would be selfish, irresponsible and unconscionable. In these days of such abundance and advancement in what we can do, it pains me to think that we do so little for our children. In some ways I feel underserving to receive an award for something that is my duty.

I accept this award as a gesture of encouraging from the people of India, and a commission to do more for mankind. I love you very much (“This is the longest speech” laughing) … Mahatma Ghandi knew how important bringing the world’s attention was to gaining freedom for India without using any weapons. In some ways he was the first person to truly understand the importance and power of the public, he has always been an inspiration to me and it gives me even greater joy and pride to be recognized by his people.

I am here today.. Inspiration from M Hindujah. Mr. Hindujah and your lovely family (pointing to the crowd) I love you very much. We have the same mission to bring world peace. Kamout Handuna has created a great show, Monish – thank you for your wonderful costume, I appreciate it very much. I love you all, thank you!

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6 Responses to Bollywood Humanitarian Award for Michael Jackson1999

  1. Jude Ling says:

    I have watched this presentation many times and transcribed the speech as well. Thank you for bringing it to everyone’s attention. It is important for the world to know. I have felt for a very long time that Michael should be given the Nobel Peace Prize for his tireless work to heal the planet by saving the children and working to save the environment. It wasn’t something he did part time. He did it every minute of his life. I would hate to believe that the adolescent myth-making media and extortionists like Wade Robson could stop this from happening. It is time for Michael’s truth. I imagine a world where Paris, Prince and Blanket walk across a world stage to receive this award for their father. That is the world I want to live in.

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    • Darlene Woodhouse says:

      Wouldn’t that be a wonderful day in history for all of us who love and believe in Michael Jackson. The man had a loving, caring heart as big as the universe. I would give anything to see this honor bestowed upon our Michael. But even more, I live for the day that the whole world will realize the TRUTH about this wonderful, unfairly maligned soul; maybe then they will truly understand what their cruelty and lies cost us all. That is the world I want to live in also, Jude Ling. God bless sweet Michael.

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  2. You are so right. Michael Jackson was the World Ambassador for peace – everywhere he traversed he attempted to bridge the gaps that seperated people to make us whole as a people- Don’t worry Michael’s truth and true legacy will indeed live on and above any din of extortionists with their lies and allegation. His legacy will live on strong through his children and his fanbase.


  3. nasa1000 says:

    This emcee is so respectful which is as should be. He says MJ wins accolades, and minds, hearts and souls. So true. God bless India!!

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