Inconvenient Truth: An Issue for Some Bloggers in the MJ Community

MJ Truth Now

Inconvenient Truth consists of facts that don’t fit someone’s version of reality, especially if that reality comes with an agenda. That’s because thinking can get rigid around an agenda, to the point where people who otherwise value clear thinking resist valid information that challenges their fixed ideas, or ideology.

A few bloggers within the MJ Community have developed an ideology that hurts their ability to write with objectivity, or even honesty, about Estate projects. Their agenda has been to discredit the Estate Michael Jackson put in place in his last Will and Testament, and to take issue with the Executors that he chose to administer it. Their ideology says The Michael Jackson Estate can do nothing right–ever.

For these bloggers and their followers, it’s not necessary to look at any Estate project on its merits. Rather, they find ways to bend or omit inconvenient facts to suit their conclusion that…

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