MJEstate -Cease & Desist Letter to Conrad Murray

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19 Responses to MJEstate -Cease & Desist Letter to Conrad Murray

  1. SGAA says:

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    Michael Jackson Estate warns Mr. Murray – Cease & Desist


  2. Donna Brija says:

    thank God we were distraught begging, someone somehow shut him up! He s a LIAR!


  3. It seems Conrad Murray, has no scrupples as a personal doctor to the Late Michael Jackson,
    nor as a human being who claims to be MJ’s “friend”.


  4. Stormy7 says:

    Thank goodness this was finally done as Conrad Murray is only outraging everyone that loved Michael Jackson & this is so unfair to his children, family, & fans. Even Dr Patrick Treacy was highly upset with all the interviews Murray was giving stating that Michael himself did himself in & more. Total defamation of Michael’s character & an inappropriate for any doctor to act with a patients privacy. I was a medical assistant & was not allowed to discuss a thing. Kudos for the Estate & too bad Conrad Murray for going against every “ethic & oath” you took as a doctor.


  5. Nan says:

    This loser has been sitting in a jail cell , dreaming up explanations for his horrific care of MJ., ,and blaming the victim of his crime..He gets out and, not only, decides to extract revenge on his victims memory and his family, by trying to rewrite what he did to him , , making himself out like some hero., but he wants to be paid for the pleasure of trashing his victim all over again.
    This is precisely the reason Michael Is gone..He had no regard for him when he was alive and continues to put himself before his patient.
    Thank God the estate is playing hardball with this vile sociopath


  6. Gertrude says:

    GOOD! It’s about time!!! …. Is there a way to extend the reach of this CEASE and DEISIST and give applicable warning to every news agency that to interview him about anything other than his own personal matters is a deliberate invocation to breach of the dr/patient privilege? I mean… can someone send this somehow to the AP wire so that ALL news outlets will be informed that he’s been given this legal injunction? It might make them think twice about doing an interview and/or airing any prior recorded interview .


  7. Love U Sev says:

    Is it the right way to send this letter by Email ??


  8. So Glad the Estate did this. I knew he was ignoring his Oath as a Doctor, revealing PRIVATE Medical detail’s.. whether true or Fabricated. I was sure the Oath was in effect even beyond death. Im Just sorry that ANYONE was able to read his Garbage.. The headlines alone were enough for me to know I DIDNT want to read it.. God Bless Michael Jackson,and May the Lord please protect his privacy in Death, In a way That he was never afforded in Life.


  9. michellej59 says:

    While I applaud this move to stop further attempts by murray to cash in on his brief time with Michael, couldn’t the estate have done it sooner BEFORE so much garbage came out of murray’s mouth and he again sullied Michael’s name in the minds of the general public. Advertising for his first interview went on for weeks, people all over the world were aware of it, but nothing was done to stop it in the first place by the estate. A lot of damage has already been done – too little too late estate…


    • We are not attorneys – so we will put the question out there – Is there a legal way to preemptively stop someone from breaking private patient/dr privilege before the “Dr” in question even speaks on the matter ? The advertising for the first interview did not contain any private or personal information regarding the “medical care” that CM was giving Michael, it wasn’t until the interviews actually were uploaded online that many in US were allowed to see them. MJJJP for example, could not access the @60mins teasers or videos – untll they were uploaded to YouTube.


  10. Iris says:

    Yes yes yes, finally!
    They should have done this years ago…


    • Melanie says:

      The estate should have done this years ago??? HUH??? There needs to be an offense first , before a cease and desist letter can be issued. Especially for the objection to be viable in a court of law. And this is NOT the first time..the estate has warned Conrad about his exploits. Perhaps, one should take a look at the fact that the Jacksons have NOT said anything in objection to Murray’s latest LIES. And one should also consider that RESTIUTION would have removed Murray’s motivation to exploit Michael. The Jackson family decided against RESTIUTION ….and we are left with this mess.


  11. Coleen says:

    There’s no pleasing some folks. It’s not too late. Can’t write cease and desist until felon shows his cards. Once again Estate is standing with the fans in defending MJ!


  12. GazMJJC says:

    I applaud the Estate who are as it stands the only ones defending Michael, its shameful not even a statement condemning CM’s actions from the Jackson house, where are you now Randy when we need you, if that was my brother I would be straight to twitter or releasing an official statement saying how disgusted we are with him and what he is publicly saying about our loved one.


  13. Coleen says:

    Where is Jermaine? He said he was Michael’s backbone. He defended MJ in the months leading up to felon’s trial. Oh wait a minute, he was promoting his book! No projects to promote now so dead silence. Speaks volumes.


  14. Rachael says:

    I’m so glad something is being done about this. Even non-Michael Jackson fans are Disgusted by his actions !!


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