Rock Hall Anniversary: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Short Film


Source: Examiner – By Ryan Davis


In 1983, Michael Jackson helped revolutionized the music video, thanks to number one singles “Billie Jean” and “Beat It”. By year’s end, he would take it even further.

In December, Jackson would release the video for the song “Thriller”. It stood at thirteen minutes long, and was directed by John Landis. Along with Jackson himself, the video also starred former Playboy centerfold Ola Ray as his girlfriend. It would began with Jackson and Ray in a 1950s setting running out or gas, and walking in the woods, where at the presence of a full moon, Jackson becomes a werecat, and Ray runs away. The scene later cuts into a movie theater, and after leaving it Jackson goes into singing verses of “Thriller” to Ray while walking through a foggy street, where they later encounter zombies (which Michael himself becomes). And of course, this would be followed…

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