Stacy Mcmahan Brown’s Lies; Michael Jackson; New York Post; Man Behind The Mask; Bob Jones

Et Tu, Brutus?

Stacy Brown positions himself as a “Jackson family friend”; a “Jackson insider”; and someone with definitive gripping knowledge of the inner workings of Michael Jackson’s life, especially pertaining to anything allegedly strange and deviant, which unsurprisingly, he ensures he gets paid to speak about.

The reality is very different. Stacy Brown was either a relative or friend of Rebbie Jackson’s husband, Nathaniel Brown. Through Nathaniel, Stacy was able to meet the Jacksons a few times, and only able to see Michael from a distance once or twice.

To begin with, Stacy had nothing but positive things to say about the Jacksons. But, ever a vulture, he would use his tenuous connection to Michael to scour Michael Jackson internet forums in the late 90s where he would try to pick up young female fans. He would tell them things like the fact that Michael and Lisa Marie Presley were still having…

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