The Spiritual Lessons Of Michael Jackson’s Life


Source: The Examiner – By Adele Ryan McDowell (Published July 14, 2009)


It felt like the world stopped. People were stunned, saddened, and a few, even, angry at why the King of Pop garnered such attention given the rumors and mysteries swirling around his personal life. Yet, Michael Jackson was a shining star in the firmament of the Zeitgeist. He defined and redefined pop culture for over four decades. He stretched us with his resonant music, bigger-than-life videos, iconic moon walks, and unique style. Before his death, Michael Jackson had sold over 750 million records. He was a stand-out, and some might, even, say a stand-alone entertainer. 

Michael Jackson’s unexpected death at the age of 50 was like a raging fire through the Internet. His death catapulted the broadcast world into a frenzy; there were hours of television programming devoted to his iconoclastic life. Magazines raced to the newsstands with his…

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