Exposing Media Bias in “The Trials of Michael Jackson”

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From the inception of Evan Chandler well planned scheme to extort money from Michael Jackson til the culmination and proven innocence of Michael in the 2005 * trumped up case fabricated by Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon, one thing has been clear –

The media has never been about reporting the TRUTH-

Regarding 1993- Frontline’s Ben Cramer highlighted the tabloid feeding frenzy and the how piranahs like Diane Dimond, Enquirer and Mirror operated and perpetuated salacious reports to sway public opinion- It’s a disturbing yet necessary look at how it all began – watch the it now on MJTruthNow

Fast Foward to Santa Maria, 2005, and yet another documentary has been made – SAME topic  – exact SAME Modes Operandi of the media.

Nothing changed.

What can we do to make a change?

OneRose4MJJ is spearheading a campaign to spread the word about this little known documentary not only within the MJGlobal family but to the world.  We support this endeavor wholeheartedly.

Dana Gedrick, one of the filmmakers behind the documentary, “The Trials of Michael Jackson” in which she and her partner Barry Shaw turn their cameras on the media during Michael Jackson’s 2005 trial has just stated on their Trials of Michael Jackson Facebook Page that she will put their website back up if they can get 50 DVDs sold!

In June, Wade Robson’s lies are expected to be heard in court and the media circus that will ensue will be nothing short of what we saw in 2005. This documentary shows exactly how dubious and malicious the media was in 2005 and the public should be reminded of the lies, half-truths and manipulations the media is capable in the name of ‘breaking news’!

It is my belief we can do this buy launching a positive campaign to purchase this documentary and then perhaps petition to have it aired on network television. This documentary has already been broadcasted on the documentary channel once, we should be able to persuade other TV networks to do the same!

This documentary is the truth behind the headlines of 2005. As Dana and Barry put it, when you purchase this film, you’re supporting the truth!”  OneRose4MJJ

Review Tweets from OneRose4MJJ

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OneRose4MJJ nudges us to remember this is not the first time anyone raised concerns regarding the skewed and presumptuous media coverage of the 2005 trial of Michael Jackson. Charles Thomson’s, “One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History” Huffington Post piece is a must read, and should be shared and translated throughout the world.

Also, please visit VindicateMJ and read the transcripts of Matt Drudge who was one of the very few journalist at the time of trial who reported that the media was NOT telling the public the truth of what was going down in the Santa Maria courthouse in 20o5.




Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s words:

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”

If you want to make a change – BE THE CHANGE

Order the Trials of Michael Jackson Documentary on Ebay – let’s get the website up and begin a campaign and hold media accountable for their fabrications, this should be important to all people not just the Michael Jackson’s global fanbase.

We started a PETITION in 2010 on this very matter, using Charles Thomson’s article as our impetus and with very little promotion by us it has circumabulated the world a few times. Share this petition too and let’s make a change.

It has to start with US- It has to start with YOU-


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*Tom Mesereau regarding the media coverage and fraudelent case of 2005 & subsequent trial of Michael Jackson at 6:12

Follow Twitter  TheTrialsOfMJ 

Information in PORTUGUESE-

#MJFam #CAMPANHA The Trials of Michael Jackson

Este ano, o juiz decidirá se Wade Robson poderá seguir com seu caso contra o Espólio ou não. Preparem-se para manchetes e comentários muito maldosos.

Por isso, fãs de todo o mundo estão se unindo em um esforço para divulgar o documentário “The Trials of Michael Jackson” para que ele vá ao ar em diversas emissoras. Aqui no Brasil, ele é transmitido todo ano em Junho, no canal Multishow, sob o título “Os Fãs de Michael Jackson”.

Esse documentário mostra, além do imenso amor e cumplicidade entre Michael e seus fãs, a manipulação da mídia em torno do julgamento de 2005. Por isso, é importante que fãs que ainda não o conhecem o assistam. E mais importante ainda é chamarmos a atenção de pessoas comuns para esse documentário.

Assistam a “The Trials of Michael Jackson” (sob outro título) aqui: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVIxbUYcnVg

De acordo com o grupo @OneRose4MJJ, os produtores do documentário ainda possuem algumas cópias do mesmo para venda na página oficial ($10): https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Trials-of-Michael-Jackson/108933902488090?fref=ts

Por favor, curtam a página do documentário (link acima) e divulguem o link do Youtube (acima).

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2 Responses to Exposing Media Bias in “The Trials of Michael Jackson”

  1. Barbra Raica says:

    Thank you so much, for everything you do with honesty, love for truth to honor the divine ♥ Michael JJ! God’s bless us! God’s blessings, His Holy Spirit be upon all humans! ♥

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  2. Barbra Raica says:

    Our dearest Michael JJ, I’m so happy when I constantly every day so much love for you, for all your masterpiece! And, as usual, you’ve added other a big award in your unrivaled track record at the ‘ Most Famous Person Awards – Michael Jackson is absolut winner of 2013 year “Most Famous Person Awards” – http://mostfamousperson.net/#ixzz2qhVH8gxb
    ♥ Michael JJ, absolutely, you fully deserve this award! Heartiest congratulations! ♥
    My ♥ Michael, honestly loving You so True! Michael, You miss the humans so much!!! >3

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