JOHN BRANCA and RANDY JACKSON. Two advisors, two outcomes for Michael Jackson’s finances

This is why we support Michael’s decision of executors in his Will(s) as both John Branca and John McClain have done a phenominal job of implementing the ideas of Michael and realizing the goals of his 5yr plan.

Vindicating Michael

The eve of Michael Jackson’s birthday is not the best moment for an article like this, but I still decided to post it before the birthday as after it would be even worse – let the time and our attention afterwards be spent on something better than this subject.

The information I am presenting here will start with a comment I made in reply to a screenshot taken by Shelly from the 2007 Prescient lawsuit against MJ :

Forget about the lawsuit itself for a moment – all we need from it now is the text which is retyped here:

  • “Since inception of Sony/ATV, which was originally valued at $930,000,000, the partners have agreed to acquire about $400,000,000 of additional music catalogs. The MJ Trust has borrowed a total of $272,500,000 to support the purchase of additional catalogs at Sony/ATV, and to support other various working capital needs. Sony…

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One Response to JOHN BRANCA and RANDY JACKSON. Two advisors, two outcomes for Michael Jackson’s finances

  1. MJTruthNow says:

    Very well researched piece on the history and relationship of Michael and Sony/ATV. Based on our research, MJTruthNow has reached the same conclusion that you describe here regarding the actions of Sony/ATV and the executors of the Michael Jackson Estate concerning the Sony/ATV song catalog. The media continues to discuss Michael’s debt with little mention of acquisition debt related to the thousands of song copyrights that are part of Sony/ATV. The Executors of the Estate seem to be making good business decisions about the debt of the estate and investments in the music publishing empire. This is the biggest financial and artistic legacy that Michael left to his children, especially as it includes the copyrights to Michael’s own songs. We look forward to the publication of book, “Michael Jackson, Inc.” by Forbes writer, Zach O’Malley Greenburg, due out in June 2014. Good factual information about the business acumen of Michael Jackson is much needed in the public domain.

    Thank you for continuing to fairly review the work of the Estate Executors. It is much needed to sweep away the emotional reactions so we can focus on facts.


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