The Truth in Marathons

Amen to this – The Michael Jackson Truth is a Pebble thrown in the ocean of lies — enough pebbles can disrupt the flow of falsehoods – Make your ripples MJGlobal family – make your ripples turn into MJ Truth Waves- A Tsnumami of Michael Jackson facts !!

All For Love

Sometimes it’s best to hang on to memories…the good memories of what Michael Jackson stood for, what he did, and who he was to us and the world at large culturally. He is no longer with us but always with us and if we remember things they way they were, not how the media wanted us to see it we are still reminded of the beauty of the natural talent of a family of inner city children who grew up to become a musical dynasty with more than one or two chart topping members but one that became the greatest that ever was!

Sometimes it’s best to look at the history, the background the work the joys and the real pains. We don’t need to rely on sensationalized tabloid gunk to keep Michael’s memory alive because most of us were there to remember the first time we heard a song…

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