Jeannie Pritchard Creates A Very Special Michael

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Welcome to Jeannie Pritchard who does a very different type of artwork, she paints and repairs dolls and ceramics and has recently created a very beautiful and unique sculpture of Michael Jackson. She models clay by hand and she does a beautiful job, she is a very talented lady.  Thank you Jeannie for talking with us and sharing your beautiful artwork.

Firstly, I would like you to tell us a little about your art work and how you were able to come up with this beautiful and interesting art form of Michael?

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 5.07.35 PMJeannie:  As a child, I loved the Jackson 5.  I remember singing along to their music especially  Michael’s, I loved his music and his dance. He was so talented and so misunderstood.  When I heard Michael had died I felt a need to do something, and at the time I was at Southport College, I decided to make from clay, a sculpture of Michael. My thought was, like a tree, though it dies, it lives on like driftwood and like Michael’s music, so the idea was to sculpt a piece that looked like Michael made out of drift wood. I worked to make it look like he was alive in the tree with the drift wood feel, even carving out a part to look like the hollow of a tree with the inside having a heart with ‘Smile’ as it is one of Michael’ s favorite song.

Did you take art in school or are you self taught?

Jeannie: No I am self taught, I was off school most of my childhood due to bronchial Asthma, but I did love art and craft.

What inspires about you about Michael to sculpt the driftwood piece?

Jeannie:  Michael has given me so much pleasure throughout his musical career and life that when I lost someone that meant so much to me that I had to express my sorrow in this type of way.

You’ve had a very eventful and somewhat difficult life at times how have these difficulties assisted you in your creativity?

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 5.07.43 PMJeannie:  When I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE and feeling devastated, I just wanted to get back in the land of the living after having to take early retirement from The NHS and Social Service (I worked with disabled children) so I tried to find something that  I could manage without effecting my joints etc, I was determined not to let this illness take total control of my life. Through the help of my daughter, Shelly, I found something I loved, ceramic restoration, I went on a course to learn and after many years of practice I started working for the Museum of Lancashire Conservation Studios, in Preston and this is  where I restored my first doll, and now have a ceramic and dolls hospital.  I still have very bad days but I can stop and rest when I need to and I am proud to say that I now have a business doing this, against everyone’s advice, and it is now in it’s third year of operation.  I owe a lot to my daughter.

I know that you were born in Liverpool, where of course, the Beatles grew up, music must have been a big part of your life. How did Michael come into your life?

Jeannie: Well yes, I lived 5 minutes from Ringo Starr and I  visited his house and heard him play the drums.  My brother was a big fan and he had first heard them in the Cavern Club on Mathew St in Liverpool. Although I liked the Beatles, my Idols were the Jackson 5 and the Osmond’s, but I loved Michael, he was just magic to me and very cute.

Are you pieces for sale?  If they are, where can we purchase them?

Jeannie:  Yes they are, but the Michael Jackson Sculpture is “One” and there will not be another, as Michael said ”THIS IS IT”.  Since I live in England, overseas shipping could be costly but it is a wonderful piece and would be lovely in anyone’s home anywhere in the world also 20% of the sale price of my piece will go to a Michael Jackson’s Children Charity.  Please personal message me on my Facebook Page

Well you have had an extraordinary life and I admire you greatly for persevering and following your dream, it has been a pleasure to speak to you Jeannie and I hope you will be sharing some more of your work with us very soon. 

Jeannie:  It has been a pleasure, thank you very much.  xx

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