Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Short Film Turns 30

Thriller Short Film Turns 30 .. Yep Yep .. and it will continue to keep on keepin ON.


Source: The Inquisir 


There’s a moment in everyone’s music education where one is able to recall the first time they experienced Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller.” For most, the single is synonymous with the short video Jackson created. For the first time, Jackson took what was seen as a bonus vanity for a song, and expanded it to show that different meanings, thematic elements, and short stories could be produced from a song and transferred into the medium of film. Jackson would follow this formula for other prestigious videos like “Bad”, and “Smooth Criminal”, but “Thriller” stood the test of time. It also rocketed Michael Jackson to a new level of fame as a superstar.

At the time it was the most expensive video of its kind, costing a half a million dollars. The funding for the budget happened when MTV and Showtime paid a whopping $250,000 each for a 25-minute The…

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