BOGUS – DNA proves Brandon Howard to be Michael Jackson’s Son

Michael Jackson paternity claim for Brandon Howard shown false: report

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.17.26 PM

Rodney Jerkins tweet:Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 11.27.11 PM

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Early in the PST am of March 7th, 2014 -TMZ posted a “Shocker”. They realized that their own story revealing DNA evidence that Brandon Howard is Michael Jackson’s biological son was BOGUS.

No big surprise there, as we and many other dedicated researchers in the MJGlobal family were highly skeptical of the way the whole reveal was handled publicly. Twitter was a buzz with discussion regarding the credibility of such a test being performed on a “30 yr old dental impression” and Brandon Howard’s half-assed denial that he knew nothing about comparing his DNA to Michael Jackson.

It was clearly a PR stunt gone horribly awry and with little conscientious thought to how it would affect Michael Jackson’s three children.

But Who can we credit for this false story going round the world in five minutes ?

TMZ, Alki David, Corey Feldman, Dr. Johnny Goodman  AND Brandon Howard

We can expect that Harvey Levin has really no interest in fact finding as his show is premised on finding dirt within Thirty Miles Zone of celebrity and most of it is based on stalking celebrities and then shoving microphone in their faces for surprise interviews. Later, Harvey and his minions sit around in casual atmosphere, humiliating them by showing the video and the discussing the inability of the celebrity to think quick on their feet.

Alki David is a billionaire mogul who wants to get his Film@onTv venture off the ground in a big way and Corey Feldman, who claims to have been a friend to Michael Jackson is also pimping himself to be a talk show host on Film@onTV.   Dr. Johnny Goodman, we supposed was strategically placed to authenticate this “reveal” as medically sound, concrete and undeniable.

But let’s repeat- TMZ has already said it was all BOGUS ..

What role does Brandon Howard play in this fake drama?  Plenty

While he will deny it vehemently, for several years, Brandon Howard has effectively attempted to present himself as the reincarnation of Michael Jackson.  His speech, mannerisms, dress and sunglasses are enough but also his video “Dancefloor” incorporated bits from “Thriller” and “Rock With You”  that are undeniable.

During the infamous youtube interview with PearlJr, Brandon made a point of sipping a cup of hot tea ala King of Pop style. Note the button down collar shirt and the exact same shaped shades to complete the look.Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 10.37.17 AM

A plethora of subtle and not so subtle images are posted on Brandon Howard’s facebook that scream – “I am Michael Jackson’s son….”  but he is very careful never to say the words outloud – He let’s the insinuation of the pictures do the talking for him.

brandon howard trying too damned hard

Probably most troubling is the way he allows others to say he is Michael’s son, either directly or with captions under photographs, without making much effort to correct this misconception. Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.07.15 AM

Notice the caption on the photo reads –

 michael jackson son “brandon” visits sabit nyc office today”


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.12.44 AM

Caption reads “Michael Jackson’s son- Brandon Howard” 

That is allowing inferences to state his case without him actually making assertions that he is the son of Michael Jackson, so that he can later say “I never self-proclaimed myself as Michael Jackson’s son”  This is duplicity.

Also the latest most obvious act of duplicity is the interview of Corey Feldman on Sway Shade Radio – please listen to both Corey Feldman’s assertions that Brandon Howard IS “a Jackson” and then BHoward’s casual responses.  Starting 1:22 through 3:45

excerpts of the interview are transcripted:

Corey Feldman:  1:24 (pointing at Brandon Howard) Right behind you, part of Rock n Roll, R&B, music royalty right there, is in this room.  Go look it up people. Do you know who that fool is? Let me tell you first of all, he’s part of the Jackson family.

Corey Feldman: 1:57 and he’s part of that family too, you know what I’m saying.

Corey Feldman: 2:27 He’s gonna be on the new LaToya show, right? and the reason now that the family is letting it be known he is family cuz this guy is so talented you can’t keep him down.

Brandon sits in the back and at no time does he come to the microphone and deny any that his friend Corey Feldman is saying –  At one point in the video, a woman off camera asks point blank “Who’s your daddy? We’re confused”  but Brandon does NOT clarify that August Johnson is his father. split screen augie

By remaining quiet and not answering the question “Who is your daddy?” Brandon Howard is complicit in the story that Corey Feldman is weaving.

Please do note that this video by MJMedia09Returns has a whole series on trying to prove Brandon Howard and Omar Bhatti are Michasel Jackson’s sons. The use of her video should in no way be construed that MJJJP supports her theories – as we wholeheartedly do not.

Back in August of last year, MJJJP got involved in a twitter conversation where a few people tweeted that BHoward was claiming to be Michael’s son and MJJJP tweeted a comment that “It had to stop”  Brandon contacted us in DM and said he’d been maligned and he felt slandered by what people were tweeting. He DMed “I beg you”  (screenshots are availabe) He then presented  this link of a 2011 interview     Please do Listen at 1:49 thru 3:44

Host: Is Michael Jackson your father?

Brandon: “I am saying this publicly – I am a family friend, let it be, and it’s not the first time I’ve said it publicly”

After we recieved these DMs an watched the ustream link we shared it on our twitter account as we felt compassion for him and wanted to give Brandon the benefit of the doubt.  We feel as if he has abused our trust by condoning Corey Feldman’s Sway Shade interview and participating in this latest LiveonTV sham of a reveal.

Brandon posted on his facebook a video that we will not link up because we refuse to give his facebook any more hits than this story has already produced. We believe that was part the goal of this whole Bogus BS DNA story from the get go. Please read a statement through his manager – Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.39.37 AM

Any rational person would immediately ask – Why would Brandon Howard give his DNA if he didn’t know how it would be used ?  And, now his statement only begs more questions but BHoward didn’t elaborate –

What Documentary?   In what manner did he expect his DNA to be used then?

He has no intention of pursuing the family’s estate because he knows he is NOT Michael Jackson’s son.

We don’t want to be used and as MJAdvocates, we most assuredly do not want Michael to be used and his children to suffer for the unethical duplicity of others.

In a recent interview with DailyMail yesterday March 6, 2014, August Johnson is quoted as saying some interesting things about his son, Brandon. 

‘They have these pictures with Michael and Branda on looking alike, but how can you compare my son and Michael. Michael don’t look like that – that’s not his original look.”

“Brandon just happens to be one of those kids – the wannabe Michael kids – his whole life. He loved Michael Jackson so much.”

‘He wanted to look more like him and  he had a little success in Japan, that’s where this whole thing started. It became this mystery that he would never answer.”

‘It’s been a plan for a long time, he wants to help his career, that’s what I believe.”

“Any kind of controversy that gets out there in the world, right now, helps.”

“Everybody has their own thing – I don’t let that worry me. Brandon’s mine and Miki’s son, so I don’t worry too much. He knows I’m his dad.”

“First of all – Brandon don’t look nothing like Michael, Michael had all that surgery to make him look that way, anyone can look like that if you have your face lifted – don’t get it twisted.”

The last time Augie spoke to Brandon was yesterday and he said: ‘He keeps saying it’s not him…he sounded distraught and said ‘I don’t know why people are saying this! These people want me to be Michael!’                                                                                                 

“But my son’s a good actor….I say ‘Brandon do what you gotta do’. Today’s world is so crazy I’m just glad he’s not in a sex video!”

Also, Miki Howard has never made any claims that her son Brandon was a Jackson either in any video, or interview prior to June 2009 or thereafter. She has alwasy asserted that August Johnson is Brandon’s father.  Please read her own words about her life, marraiges, children and hardships.

Miki Howard: The Ultimate ‘Unsung’ Star Tells Her Tale


“Augie Johnson,” said Howard as if making a grand announcement. “He held on to me until I was 25 and he wasn’t righteous in terms of being a man, but he was a fantastic mentor in terms of show business.”

“Doesn’t everybody take advantage of people that don’t know anything and they have the upper hand? Even if you don’t mean to, sometimes you just do,” said Howard. “I don’t want to put anything bad on anybody. We all pay the same wages, the wages of sin are death. I’m still here, I got two great kids out of the relationship with Augie, a great career and it was not anybody’s fault. It just happened!”

Pic of Brandon Howard & a pic of his father, August Johnson

Pic of Brandon Howard & a pic of his father, August Johnson

So August Johnson and Mikki Johnson have always acknowledged their parenthood of Brandon Howard – It never was a mystery until the ambigous interviews of BHoward over the years and the involvement of unscrupulous people like Corey Feldman, Alki David and Harvey Levin presented this bogus DNA theory.

These sensational stories that the tabloid propagate go around the world in five minutes or less.  They are repeated and copy pasted by media outlets who do NO fact checking for themselves because they are lazy and have no concern about whether or not they are repeating baseless, factless stories. As they say- You can’t unring a bell- so pulling the story back with a retraction as TMZ has attempted to do will fail. The corrective story will never have the swift feet of its predecessor.

The repercussions of these actions and false stories affect other people: innocent people like Michael’s children.  Immediately following this “DNA reveal” on TMZ – DJ’s around the country started making jokes using the lyrics “the kid is not my son” and playing Michael Jackson’s song “Billie Jean” claiming that the only biological child of MJ’s has finally stepped forward.  Articles online soon started to infer that Miki Howard was the Billie Jean Michael sung about. Michael Jackson has stated many times, it’s a amalgamation of “groupies” who followed the Jackson 5 around and that many tried to claim paternity against his brothers.

Not ONE adult on the panel who sat and made these DNA allegation has one worry or thought about Michael’s real childern – Not one.

TMZ and Alki David we would expect no allegiance but Corey Feldman claims to have been a friend to Michael Jackson. Are his actions and behavior that of a friend or of a manipulator and shameless self-promotor of his career?

Brandon Howard is no better. His mother credits the Jackson family with helping her while she struggled to get her career started and be self-sufficient. She said publicly they treated her son as if he were a Jackson.  So Brandon Howard,  after living off the largess of the Jackson family who by all assessments open their hearts and doors to many who are struggling, behaves in such an ungracious manner as to exceed all bounds of decency and honor.

We find it very curious that “Be loyal” is on on BHoward’s facebook – and we must wonder -Does he understand the definition of the word loyal?


Big Shout out to the MJAdvocates on Lipstick Alley  – always a great source for Michael Jackson information with receipts. 

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10 Responses to BOGUS – DNA proves Brandon Howard to be Michael Jackson’s Son

  1. Judith Mason says:

    Thank you for this post. Any Deception needs two players — The Deceivers and the Willingly Deceived.

    The Deceivers are trash media (TMZ and its fellow tabloid proctologists and foot soldiers) and the entertainment whores and wannabes looking for attention at any price (B Howard who wants a career boost; the deeply fragmented and resentful Corey Feldman currently at war with himself, his family, and his past; and LiveOnTV, purveyor of a smarmy documentary about B Howard’s paternity — complete with sham DNA ‘evidence’.)

    The Willingly Deceived are the Public — We the People who permit trash media to insert a ring in our nose and lead us down a road of seemingly irresistible speculation, mystery sources, fakery, unsubstantiated rumor, and manufactured reality. We fall for it every time. The media and entertainment whores get our attention, our Tweets, Facebook posts, site hits and comments, then laugh while filling their pockets with gold. We get angry every time for being fooled, — yet line up every time to get fooled again.

    It’s time for the Willingly Deceived to take its share of responsibility for the Deception, stop being tools of the Deceivers, and totally reject Media Terrorism that stalks individuals like prey, destroys their lives and then smugly exonerates itself by saying, “We only give the People what they want.”


  2. Doris says:

    I was just reading the article on my computer, Thank You for clarifying ,I was saying to myself This Can not be . Michael will they ever let You Rest In Peace ❤


  3. Brandon Howard looks very little like his ‘father’, August Johnson, and does resemble Michael a bit; but it is more than likely that Joseph Jackson is his father, as someone else has suggested.


    • We have to disagree with your statement. Our collective thought here at MJJJP is that Brandon Howard looks nothing like pre-vitiligo pre-surgery Michael Jackson … look at pictures of Miki Howard and August Johnson and you will see that he does indeed look like a child of that couple.


  4. Miki says: I love and support my son and the Jackson family. The Jacksons – who are dear, long-time friends of mine – are beautiful people and have always been loving and supportive of me and my career. As to this claim – at this time I am not at liberty to discuss this as it is common practice in our business that celebrities have non-disclosure agreements. And, we are NOT suing anyone! By the way…I am NOT ‘Billie Jean!

    Read more:

    What does a non-disclosure agreement have to do with clearly stating who the real father is of your child is? That’s a matter of public record. I would hate to think that she is on this shameful scheme or has something deeper to hide about who the real father is, but it sure ain’t Michael Jackson! Michael would never secretly father a child and pretend that he didn’t. Michael wanted children for years and wouldn’t deny love to any child, especially his own. He would love and provide for his child as he has for PPB. He is not that type of man. I don’t understand why some fans are believing this or even wondering if it could be true.

    The sin of omission (meaning a failure to do something one can and ought to do to clear this up) is the main problem with this whole drama. It should have been done a long time ago.

    I am personally fed up with this whole thing. It’s all over the news everywhere you look. If talent is not enough to be successful in the entertainment business, then get out of the game.


    • We agree with you. If Brandon Howard had concerns about his paternity then the first place to go would have been to the man who claims to be his father and the man who Miki Howard has always claimed was the father – August Johnson. This “private” matter should have been handled privately between these three individuals.. IF the paternity test had proven that August was not his father THEN he could have gone about trying to discover his true parentage. However, the way it was handled with Corey Feldman in attendance it became a non-private matter and sensationalized for a reason. Also in the NYDaily News Article, August Johnson says that Brandon called him days before the TMZ story broke to alert him and let him know not to worry and said “you are my dad” …. Now this belies the assertion of Brandon in his facebook video where by he states emphatically that he had NO idea that his DNA would be used in comparison to Michael Jackson’s. There are more inconsistencies over the past two years and ambiguious answers and behavior of Brandon Howard, that pre-empted this “live DNA reveal” with liveontv Logo plastered behind the panel table. August Johnsaon said he will do a legitimate paternity test so we hope TMZ, Corey Feldman, Alki David, and Brandon Howard will have the cameras rolling on that event, but we highly doubt it.


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